Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moving Day For The Bunnies

Today was moving day for the bunnies. I think they will be much happier in the new garden area. I can talk to them as I work in the garden expansion & later tend the newly planted seedlings. No neighbors dog kennels right behind their hutch with dogs barking for hours on end each day into the night any more. Less stress for the little critters.

After school today my boys Lucas & Sam loaded the bunny hutch on Lucas's truck & moved it to the new garden area across from the outhouse tool shed.

This is the view into the lower garden from the bunny hutch door. They will get to enjoy the fires in the outdoor fireplace by the gazebo & picnics this summer.

I like to sit & swing as I ponder just what next to do in the gardens. Well the chicken coop needs moved & the enclosure built. More rock beds to build. Another trip to the mountains for more rocks. So many ideas I have marked in garden magazines to. My ideas come faster than they can happen.

The little flock has been put in for the night. See the girls looking out the window? They will not go to roost until I go inside. Now to move the chicken coop into the new garden area. Not sure how this will be done. The day we brought it home I backed the truck into a bank & Laken Lucas Sam & I slid it off the truck bed on to their old little tikes wagon & pulled it into the trees. Well the wagon was well used over the many years of play & all the kids taking turns riding in it down the hill. Yes even me a few times. There were some spills & crying kids back then. As I was saying the wagon was well used & the back tire rod bent & then a wheel fell off. We need a new plan. It will come to me I am sure.

This week I have finished reading this book. It is a wonderful book. You may want to read it yourself. Tasha Tudor was an amazing woman. If only I could have met her.

Night has fallen & all is warm & cozy inside as the temps drop outside. The candles light the windows to welcome all home. I liked it better when my kids were just riding the wagon down the hill. Now there out driving vehicles instead. Well thats why I pray. So glad you stopped in to visit & listen to me chat tonight.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Oh Lara - what a wonderful visit! Your yard and gardens are exquisite! What lucky little critters you have with their sweet houses and beautiful views! (Wanna come transform our yard??) ;o) Had to enlarge the photo of the "girls" waiting to roost - how sweet is that?! Also played a little catch-up - love your new bookcase! And yeah for the kids getting in some good hours at work. That, in itself, can be a blessing these days....Holding you close in thought and prayer ~ Robin

  2. Hi Lara, what a beautiful yard you have,those bunnies are lucky to live there. Your home is so comfy,cozy to, love it. Blessings Francine.

  3. Your home ,yard and gardens are beautiful friend. I love to work in the garden. I miss my children being little too. I pray through out the day for them too.
    Oh and what precious bunnies.
    Hugs & JOY

  4. Lara~ you just relaxed me~ I needed this at this moment~ crazy day today( giggles)
    so thank you my friend, everything is looking beautiful at your homestead~

  5. I fell in love with Tasha Tudor this winter. That book was an amazing read. I am glad you discovered her too:) Hope the bunny's love thier new home. -Steph-

  6. I Lara,I so enjoy our chats. :-) Your garden area is looking so beautiful and sounds so peaceful. My ideas seem to be in high gear and my progress in low gear.:-)
    Have a great day!!

  7. Hi Lara.
    I love your bunnies. They are so sweet. Your gardens are looking great.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Ahh Lara, you're an inspiration giver yourself. Let's see... I'd love to have chickens and a chicken coop, a back yard swing, and a gazebo. Yeah, that will do for now... lol. You see, you've inspired me! Keep livin' the sweet life my friend :o)

  9. You have a lovely home Lara. It inspires me to do more around my house! :)

    We purchased a half a block of land in our small town that we plan to build on. But the closer we get to building, the more I am leaning towards moving to a more rural setting. Time will tell, I guess. ;)

  10. Beautiful gardens Lara!
    The bunnies are lucky to have such a wonderful place ~ the chickens too!!!
    Your living area looks so comfy!
    I don't think we ever stop praying for our children.
    Prim Blessings

  11. I like the shot of the "girls" looking out their window...silly gals!

  12. I'm sure the bunnies will love their new home! Your place is gorgeous Lara! You have put so much time, energy, and love into it and it definitely shows! My ideas come faster than they can happen around here also, hehe.

    This Tasha Tudor book is on my list to get. I love your candles in the windows, so warm and inviting. =]

  13. I love Tasha Tudor also. She is one of my favorite American artists. Her gardens are beautiful and so was her life. I, too, wish I could have met her. But it looks like you're creating a similar one for you and your family! God Bless.