Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall is Approaching the Homestead

It has been some time since I  have wrote a post to my blog. The past 14 month's have been over whelming for me. I thank you all for your prayer's, kind word's & for the special surprise package I received & I hope to post about soon. Fall is approaching the homestead for sure. The garden will soon once again sleep for the winter season. I am ready for it this year again. My emotional and physical health need to sleep as my garden will. I am not sure about where my future post's will lead. My life has changed so much and I face life minute by minute most of the time. I am pretty sure that my son's death has been buried with him or should I say buried with what was left of him. There have been meeting's with the police, coroner, fire chief, funeral director, lawyer's, doctor's, shrink & other's. Even family member's. The common response for them is what difference will it make the end result is your son is dead. What difference dose it make if all his body was recovered or if it was buried with him or not. For me it matter's. I love my child. Why dose it not matter my 17 year old son is dead He was killed buried & forgotten as he never mattered. No justice.I have been shocked by the unreal treatment from some. I was told early on that you have to be forgiving of thing's some will say not thinking. I learned this fast. How ever along this journey of grief I encountered some who I want karma to visit them in my sight. I'll leave you all with hopes of returning soon. Lara