Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feeling Like A Pin Cushion

I went to the hospital today for my kidney ultra sound & more blood work. I really like my primitive pin cushion but I sure dont like feeling like one. Now I am waiting for the results of the 24 hour kidney test from last week & the results from these two I had done today. I have two doctors appointments over the next two weeks then it will go from there. I am thankful the pain in my kidney is not as bad as it was before & right after the surgery. I will be very thankful when the pain all goes away. I pray that is sooner than later. I have been adding my primitive dolls to my side bar & reading you alls blogs tonight. The weather is getting colder here & the wind is getting up. Sam & I are waiting for Lucas to come home & Laken to get off work. When every one is home I think we will light the fireplace & some scented candles while we watch a movie & I work on a smaller pin cushion that is in the makings.

Just a little something to share & ponder on.

Kind Words Spoken Will Echo Kind reactions.

We may never know just how much a kind word to someone will make a difference in their life just as they need it. Kind words can make a frown turn upside down into a smile.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sam Made A Moon Box

Sam had a school assignment to make a box of the moon.

Man walking on the moon.


The big bright yellow sun.

The planet Saturn with the ring around it. Glitter in the backgroud for his twilkeling stars.

I am amazed how Sam went about designing & making this himself. I am proud of you!

Blessings Til Next Time!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Scarecrow Makeover

The scarecrows makeover is finished! He got some new clothes & his head glued back on his body. I cut up a pair of old jeans to make his new pants & found the flannel paisley at walmart for his sleeves. I got him new buttons from my button jar. I have saved buttons from old clothing & I even have some of my Grams buttons in the jar. I added some yellow weeds & sweet ann to his straw hat.

I can say I am happy with how he turned out & so is Sam. I asked myself why did I not do this much sooner? Well he is back in the fall display with Ozzy in the dining room for now.
Blessings Til next Time!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Cabin Was Open Today

We took a drive today & the place that we found & stopped at days ago was opened today. I just had to see inside this cabin. I asked if I could take some photos & was told it would be ok. The lady was a very nice lady & I enjoyed talking to her. She then went back to the office & left Sam & I to explore & do our own photo shoot to share with you all.

How nice it would be to rock in the rocking chairs on the porch & listen to the waterfall. But remember I want a deep fish pond in front of the waterfall.

You enter into the open floor plan being the kitchen & living room. The furniture dose not come with it. But the lady said she wanted to make it cozy for customers when they enter in. it worked for us.

A stove in the corner of the living room. The lady said she will be getting her husband to hook up the stove so it will also be warm when customers enter this winter. How nice of her.

Lots of windows to let the beautiful sun lite in.

A small loft on the end you enter the cabin. Sam mentioned it would be big enough for his room & climbed the ladder.

The other end has a larger loft.& another ladder up to it. Sam has already put Lucas in this loft for his bed room. The door on the right pens to a small bath room. The other door opens to the down stairs bed room.

Another view of the loft.

I climbed the loft ladder to see upstairs myself.

This is the bath room. Very small. I missed getting the stand up shower in the photo.

A look into the master bed room. A very small closet with the hot water heater in it.

This time I got a photo of the outhouse to be used for garden tools.

On the other side of the lot was this gazebo. It was on sale. I would love to have another one to close in for a summer kitchen / potting shed.

Sam & I had fun looking around & spending time in the cabin. Believe it or not it only takes them 4 to 6 weeks to build this cabin from the time you place the order. They are built in Lancaster PA then shipped to you building site. They arrive ready to be moved into once your electric - water & sewer are hooked up. Not a lot of room for antique furniture. I love all the wood inside & outside. The lady was a little surprised because she thought most people would like to have some drywall inside. Not me. I was dreaming of how beautiful this would be on the ground my Gam & Pap gave me.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post & Show Off My Favorite Items For Tammys A Primitive Place Giveaway

Tammy over at A Primitive Place is having a giveaway. Tammy made this beautiful primitive doll & a very luck winner will receive her soon. I love the doll myself & sure hope I am the lucky winner to give her doll a home. You can use the link in my side bar to enter Tammys giveaway & see photos of her beautiful home & visit her website to.

This is my favorite doll. After I finished making her I just could not offer her on my selling blog. I had to keep her for myself.

I am so proud of this doll I made that I almost decided not to offer her but she is my November Offering. She is waiting to be adopted by a primitive doll lover.

This is my favorite antique. It was the second antique I purchased & added to my collection. I found this beauty in the top of a barn at a local orchard. It had straw & a mouse nest in it but I loved it & I had to have it.

This is my favorite Non- Decorative item that is used by me only. I wear these almost 24 hours a day. I do have to take them off so they do not get wet. I sure want them to last a very long time. I love the warm old look brown leather - raw hide & pewter give. I guess I am prim to the core.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bless Sams Heart

Bless my Sams heart. That sweet child seen the tops of some corn stalks that had blown into the homestead field when he was walking home last night. When Sam came thru the door he handed them to me. I asked were did you get these. As he told me he said you wanted some of these to put in a crock. Oh boy the sweet child heard & remembered me saying that as we drove by a corn field days ago. There were not enough to fill a crock but I put them in a fall display I had on Paps pine chest in front of the electric fireplace. I love them & my Sam.

Today I tryed to busy myself by uncovering the sewing machine to sit down & do a little crafting as I looked out on the garden. There are still a few flowers blooming to enjoy for a very short time. Our area is calling for a frost in the next few days.

I have been wanting to re do the scarecrow by adding some more primitive clothing & buttons so this is what I am working on today.

The scarecrows head was already off & just needed glued. He has been that was for years. I need to get a glue gun soon. Off came his arms & legs & those ugly bright colored buttons. Now to look for some fabric that will give him the look I am after.

Before I go I wanted to share this old mill Sam & I visited. I think it is just beautiful. Years ago the water wheel was attached & provided the power to turn the grinding stone. I would imagine they are using more updated ways now. We purchased a bag of fresh ground buckwheat flour. Sam really likes the buckwheat cakes with syrup for breakfast. I dont like them myself but they are healthy & it is hard to find things he likes to eat other than sugar filled foods. I think what a beautiful home this old mill could be made into. Rock flower beds would be beautiful around the water area & ducks swimming on the water. A wonderful gazebo to have family picnics. Just letting my mind drift & dream a little bit. I had my days mixed up yesterday & thought I was to start the 24 hr kidney test on Thursday but it was today so I am following the instructions & getting it done as the day passes.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Country Drive & Yard Work

We enjoyed a ride in the country. The leaves are now changing color really fast. This beautiful view is not far from the homestead. The large body of water really stands out surrounded by all the fall colors.

We stopped at a place that makes storage buildings. We just found this place while driving. It was not open but we looked around. This beautiful cabin was locked but we could see in the windows some what. All we seen was beautiful. Wood floors & kitchen cupboards. A wood stove in the little living room corner. There was even two outhouses & a waterfall with shrubs & flowers planted around it. I missed getting the full size outhouse in the pic. Gram & Pap gave me some land almost 20 years ago & after they both passed they willed me more land that joined what I already had. I am very thankful for their loving gift. It seems so wasteful to have land you do not use thow. I keep it in case I will need a place to go later & for my kids. It is getting harder to find & purchase land in this area. This cabin & waterfall would be so lovely there. I am in dream land now. Sam was excited about the outhouses. He knows I would like to have one to keep my garden tools & bird food in.

I loved this waterfall & the sound of the running water. I would want a pond at the end of it for some fish. Sam & I enjoy the fish pond we have at the homestead so looking around the cabin & waterfall was fun for us.

These are the other weeds I gathered. They are bunched & ready to hang for drying. I want to use these to decorate the homestead Christmas tree this year.

To my surprise I noticed the lilac bush has started to bloom again this year. Not normal for it to bloom in the fall. The bush is a off spring of Grams lilac bush. We had twin baby goats that ate it to the ground when Sam was a toddler. It has taken that many years to grow back. This past spring was the first it bloomed & it only had one bloom. It now has three. It really smells good.

After the drive in the country Sam decided he would do the yard work. Just finishing up trimming around all the rock flower beds. He likes to help with the flower garden & yard. I am so glad. He wants a farm of his own when he grows up.

Sam finished the trimming & mowed the yard maybe for the last time this season. I need to find something else for him to do in the coming months. Sam gets a little cash for all his hard work & likes to do a little shopping of his own when we go out. Maybe he will be shoveling snow before we know it. I sure hope it holds off. It has snowed here before at this time of year. I am not ready for the cold. I want to take in all Gods beautiful fall colors for weeks to come.
Lucas went to the doctor today & got medicine. Already he has tonsillitis. Laken is at work tonight. No big meal planned for tonight. Sam & I will just eat some left overs. At the doctor office I asked to have a recipe copied from their Taste Of Home magazine Oct./Nov.issue. They just gave me the magazine. It has so many recipes that look yummy. The issue was one I would have bought because of all the recipes in this issue. They saved me some money. I am very grateful. When I least expected it I received a gift of kindness today.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ozzy All Done Up For Fall

Ozzy is finished & has a bow around his neck. He needed a little color. For now I put Ozzy in my huge gray granite ware basin. The basin has been hanging on the dinning room wall since I got it back in July. You may remember seeing it in a post before. I found this wonderful pumpkin at Walmart that I have been looking at each week we go there for groceries. They only had one left so I just could not wait for it to go on sale. It is pumpkin season now. I used the flowers & cattails I already had. I got the scarecrow at an auction a long time ago for only 50 cents. He will soon be getting a redo in the days to come. I never liked his clothes. I want to dress him a bit prim. His head needs glued on to. Well I believe I will wait & glue it after he gets new clothes. I hope to get to it this week. I thought it was really neat to just look around the homestead for things I already had to put together & use to make Ozzy for a fall display on the dining room table. All I needed was a pumpkin. I love the saying carved into it. Give Thanks! A wonderful reminder I have so much to be thankful for.

Blessing Til next Time!

The Cat Gets A Tail

The old cat got a tail nice & long.

Time to stuff the old cat now. Perfect I have wool scraps from the pennies I cut. This worked really well nice & firm. The best thing was I already had every thing here at the homestead to make this old cat. I decided to name the old cat Ozzy & I think I have found the perfect place for Ozzy. Ozzy will be put with a new pumpkin I found at Walmart today as soon as Ozzy gets his bottom stitched. My huge gray graniteware basin will get to be used for a fall display. You will have to wait & see it all together. Happy Fall Ya All!

Blessings Til Next Time!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Face Stitching & Pod Gathering

The cat has some personality now that it has a stitched face.

More work to be done. The old cat needs a tail too & a back side!

It was a bit windy here today but the sun was shinning & warm outside. I ventured outside & down the dirt lane looking for trees I saw weeks ago with large deep red pods hanging from it. I wanted to cut some off before the frost hits.

I cut a shopping bag full of these & bunched them together to be hung & dried. For now I will hang them from my peg board. I thought they would be beautiful stuck in amongst the homestead Christmas tree branches this year. I have no idea what they are called. I am hoping Rocky can take me out this weekend to cut these yellow weeds I saw last weekend. I think they would look great amongst the homestead Christmas tree branches with the deep red pods.

I had forgot this was the night the Marianna hoagies would come home from school. This was a great surprise when Lucas came in the door after school tonight. I did not have to cook. Good thing because I did not have a clue what we were having. Rocky took Laken to work on his way to work so she will eat at work tonight. Laken will not eat a hoagie. I packed Rocky a meal with the hand cut fried french fries chicken & apple crisp I made last night. No dishes tonight. Ya! Sam has got to finish his leaf collection tonight. It has got to be turned in tomorrow. He only has the table of contents left to do. I am sure Lucas wants the computer & we must get started on the leaf collection so I will say bye for now.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Golden Day

After putting my pics on the computer I discovered most of the things I did Wednesday looked a bit golden in color. Truly it was not planned that way. How funny! Maybe even a bit dull.

This little guy has been keeping me company for the last week. He lives at the barn during the warm summer months & inside the homestead during the cold winter months. He had a warm sudsy bath when Rocky brought him down to the homestead. He was a little cold that day so he enjoyed the warm water. He like to sleep in the old clothes basket near us. We all move the basket around from room to room. At bedtime he sleeps in Sams bedroom. He & Sam are happy together.

I have been seeing so many black cats on so many blogs these days. I thought I would make one for myself. So I grabbed my paper pencil & scissors and got started. I was thinking of the best piece of fabric I would use. Yes the dark gray with black stripes spaced far apart. This was a yard piece I got this summer. I dug & dug in my stash of fabric. The draws the baskets & boxes. More than once I looked. Well I dont know where I put it now. I decided on another piece of fabric. But when I find the other fabric I will make another cat out of it. That really bugged me.

On to the next thing I wanted to do today. I wanted to try a new recipe for apple crisp. Still plenty of apples in Grams old yellow ware bowl. All ingredients were in the baking dish & ready for the oven. Sam Lucas & I worked on the leaf collections while it baked. Will we ever get them done? Will they be done on time?

The oven timer went off letting me know it was done. I had to taste it while it was nice & hot. I like it best then. Sure was yummy to! Letting it to cool while we ate chicken from the slower cooker & hand cut fried french fries. Oh no I did not get a pic of that. Hey they were even the same golden color. I got the recipe from the busybee09-busybee blog spot Last Of September post. You may have some apples & want to try her recipe yourself.

The last coverlet I got was in a shopping bag waithing to be used. I put it on the back off the couch to see how it would look. I liked it there so it will stay for now. I got it for my bedroom redo but who knows when that will happen. It seemed sad to leave such a beautiful coverlet in a shopping bag & not enjoy it.

A little chill in the air here in the homestead living room tonight so we turned on the electric fireplace again tonight & had some hot chocolate before Sam went off to bed tonight.

Well this is the fabric I settled for for now. It kind of looks like fur dont you think? I hope to get some more done to it Thursday before Laken goes off to work. I have a vision in my head of how I want it to look. I hope to share it with all of you soon. So you see what I mean about a golden day? Lucas & Laken are headed off to bed now so I will to.

Blessings Til Next Time!