Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bedroom Remodel Catch Up

To catch you up I will start with the painted beadboard wall. The paint did not cure. With any scrape or bump to the wall the paint nicked and peeled. The paint was peeled off just like painters tape. The wall was sanded and

repainted. Next up is the change to the TV cabinet plan. The platrack recycle was not really the look I was going for so using the scrap board ends from the window trimming and a few other supplies I came up with a hanging fireplace. To hide the TV I plan on a spark screen with draw chains. I planned on painting it antique white over brown but I think I will see what plain brown looks like against the brown bead board first. Which color do you think? There is still some work to be done to the window trimming. Curtains will need to be made, window blinds and a ceiling fan will need ordered. A search for bed stands and lamps is in the future. There was a switch of a dresser and desk from Sam's room to mine and a dresser and desk of mine to Sam's room. We're both liking it better. The rocking chair weaving and cross stitching is going slow but still in progress. Of course there is plenty of that white magic covering the homestead grounds.