Friday, November 15, 2013

Spice Shelf Make Over

I decided to paint the spice shelf. I am continuing to paint some of my black pieces a lighter color to brighten the homestead up a bit.

I am really liking the lighter color and I am considering painting the paper towel holder and sugar bucket.
Sunny warm days have come to a close as winter is setting in. This was one of those sunny days when Topaz enjoyed her play in the gardens. Topaz has grown and is quiet a companion to our family. She hates to see Sam go off to school but she gets so excited when the bus comes and Sam is at the door. She must hear the bus stopping because she jumps on the chair to watch out the window til Sam comes in the door. Lucas picked such a fine pup when he picked her. I wish he were here to enjoy her.
I framed my favorite pictures of Lucas and hung them here. The light shines in his memory.
My oldest son has been bringing my Grand Girls to visit once a week. They are such a delight. Laken is working at both her jobs still.  She will soon have enough saved for a down payment on a vehicle. I pray this vehicle will not end in tragedy. Her very first car she had one day shy of 2 months when Lucas and her boyfriend were killed in it.

We are still working on the bedroom remodels. Sam's room needs just a few more things yet and I will show you all.
Thanks for stopping by to visit our homestead.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On Going Homestead Projects

Kitchen projects: This shelf Lucas and I were working on and  I decided to finish it. I added some of my Grams old jars she had given me.
The canned goods cupboard before I added the pewter dishes and after adding them.

Next to come is a make over for the spice shelf.
I wanted let you all know I have started to reply to each comment on my posts. The previous post was the first. So by chance you left a comment you might want to revisit and read my reply to your comment.
This week has been frustrating. We met dead ends in all our visits and calls inquiring of the car crash Lucas was killed in. We need an attorney just to find out who attended our son at the crash. The 911 call  was erased at one of the ambulance services. We have not found out about another ambulance services yet. The original 911 call that dispatched three fire companies we need an attorney to listen to it. As yet no one can tell us where our sons left leg and foot and his right foot are for sure. The funeral director had denied his left leg and foot were not delivered with the rest of his body when I had my meeting in June then tried to convince me I didn't see what I saw when I lifted the blanket before the first service. He then told me they would have been preserved and put in with my son but could not remember where. Hours after Lucas was killed when my husband went to identify Lucas the funeral director told him he had to send the fire company back out to find Lucas leg and foot. Weeks ago we went to talk to the PSP commander asking about Lucas leg and foot. We were told they would have been sent away and cremated. No one can give us a straight answer as to where his leg and foot were found or who retrieved it. Really I don't think that is something someone would forget. When I viewed the crash photos there were not photos of his leg and foot. I was showed a photo of a car part and told it was under there. I seen all the other graphic photos of my son in the car. Why was there not a photo of his leg and foot? I'll never forget those images. If we were just told the truth I would have never looked at them.  My child was in pieces and we get what will it matter, he is dead and won't need them. It matters to me. I love him and he deserved better treatment of his body. He was a person. He was my son. I miss him.
The so called girlfriend continues to tell me she has no memory right hand on the Bible swear to God. She has told others she is never going to tell me. There has been way to many people she has told for this to be a lie. This week she had my son's name tattooed on her with a cross and angel wings and forever free with the crash date. My son is not forever free. My son is forever dead. Her X boyfriend let it be known he and his mother are coming after me for money. He had the nerve to say he didn't care Lucas was dead and he didn't like him anyway. I made the comment my son was good enough for you when you had to have a ride that night. His mother said she contacted the police and threatened if his name was used or comments about him she was going to take action and this was her warning and she only gives one warning. This unbelievable nightmare never ends. I just want my son back.