Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Son My Friend

I'm not myself, I'll never be me, Without you here, And me not there, The pain makes me tear, The fear makes me sear, No answers to WHY, As my time ticks by, Memories are dear, But I need you near, That dream I did see, Eats me to my core, Where I fall to the darkness, Consumed in all the bleakness, Never NO REST, Like a prisoner, I'm trapped in my mind, Your frozen in time, I'm not that strong, You gave me strength, I can't hold on, All of my days I'm left with a curse, No life for you to build, No lavender fields, It just can't be real. My son, My friend, The darkest deepest side of life begins, No way did I know your end was so near, The whistle sounds, Prayer began, No text your ok, Unanswered call, Voice mail full, Silence fell, Broken by the ring, Those cries echo, More praying, So long a ride there, Over the bridge flashing red lights, As I ran I was grabbed, Held back from you I was, Spoken words, He is dead, He is dead, He is dead, Skipping like an old record, My gravity did fall, Crushing my heart, Screaming rang out in the night air, No escape, Torture began, Agony and pain, Never so alone have I felt, Those words do repeat, You Always Come, I Knew You Would Come, Oh I did come my son, I pray you do know, My heart and soul holds our love, So much more I have to give, Oceans I do cry, Never to surface from under the waves, A season begins, Depression sets in, Never to end to my end.