Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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A Primitive Homestead on fb. Read all about fall planting in the gardens and see how to get a chance to win a pumpkin from the sewing room. Be sure and like my page to follow.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

She Could Be Yours Winner

I apologize I have not announced the winner of my giveaway on time. I am still having trouble with blogger and we had a storm last week that blew two transformers causing a power surge to three homes including mine. Power outage fryed myTV and fire through outlets in my neighbors homes that burnt the wood floor in one of my neighbors home.
The winner is Lecia of Farmhouse Prims. Congrats! Please contact me to confirm your address.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


u who I managed a pic!
I wanted you to see
 how Hannah's body is made. There is still time to enter and get a donation in. To enter click Hannaha's picture in my side bar. Good luck!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Homestead Happenings 5

I will be moving my blog to Facebook due to issues with loading my pictures. Since my last post I have continued to try and post but no luck. I hope you will like and continue to follow me on Facebook. I will continue to check on my comments. In 29 days Hanna will know who will adopt her. You can continue to comment on my  "She Could Be Yours" to get your chance or go to my Facebook Blog.
I can be found on Facebook under A Primitive Homestead.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Homestead Happenings 4

I have enjoyed having Hannah to help share my posts with you. But she will be going to her new home this June when the qualified entry will be drew. So I have decided I will need a doll for future posts. Emma has been in my sewing basket a very long time. So she has come out of the sewing basket and will be getting prim dresses to show off in those future posts. There is still time for you to have a chance to be the one to give Hannah her new home. Just click on her in my right side bar picture of Hannah to find out the details.
Hannah and I got our things together for sowing our seeds for the hanging garden since we last blogged.
Some are growing at a much more speed than others.
Scrap boards from the window framing were used to build this shelf to fit my sewing baskets. 
We visited a tractor show and flea market this past weekend. I found an amber bowl to match the one I broke. Now I have a complete set once again.  I had to take a picture of this  fine creature  in the barn yard before we left. 
It has been raining and a bit cold so there is not much to do in the garden's. The ducks enjoy the rain and puddles. However the chickens like their nice dry house these rainy days. For Topaz and I we like curling up under a warm coverlet watching  movies and napping while Sam is at school.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Homestead Happenings 3

The gazebo has been swept out of left over leaves from last fall. The chickens are roaming the gardens enjoying what sunny days we have been blessed to have lately.Our potatoe beds are ready for planting. I have decided to also plant bell peppers along side of our potatoes.As yet we have not been able to continue the rock sidewalk around the gardens. Still waiting for a response to a request for unwanted tin roofing. 
Topaz is enjoying the outdoors more these days. The old skid has been removed and the rocks have been put in place. As for our old porch it will have to continue to serve us for now. Many years ago we reclaimed this old wood porch from a near by neighbor who removed it from a building on their property. I have hopes to spruce it up a bit with some porch paint. That can be a project for Sam when school let's out for summer. My plans for the out house tool shed have been put on hold for now. 

Hannah has received two confirmed entries for her new home. Hannah and I would like to thank you at this time. If you are reading my blog for the first time in awhile you will have some catching up to do to find out about how you may qualify to have a chance to give her a new home this June. Just click her pitchure in my right side bar to read all about it and enter if you like. I am very much looking forward to get more under way at my summer therapy in the gardens. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Homestead Happenings 2

Hannah and I were so excited to receive our first donation in the mailbox today and this lovely card with such thoughtful kind word . Thank you Lecia so much. She asked will this be my new address? Well you know we have to wait for the drawing to know your new address. Don't Forget She Could Be Yours. Information is a click away in my right sidebar. 
The weather was nice enough to clean both feathered friends houses today. Can you believe Hannah wanted no parts of this. She stayed inside and took a herself a nap.

I found this is a great way to hide the modern dog kennel and provide shade for the furry friends. So here is my hanging garden on the dog kennel I mentioned to you. With zip ties the shoe organizers are attached to the frame. I am cutting the bottoms out of plastic soda bottles to put in the pockets before putting the soil in. The pockets dry out fast in the sun so I thought by adding the plastic bottoms some water will not escape. The wood platform was a wood skid with a piece of thick wood added to it. It is a recycle item to. This is the start of a second outhouse for garden tools. The one you have seen in past garden posts is not tall enough for tools so it is used for creature food storage.
These wash tubs will serve as my planting station. I am mixing soil and sand to fill the pockets of the hanging garden. The ground will be covered with more rocks. This is our little dog Chicho under foot. 
Topaz had her hoody on waiting for me to hurry up. She was getting tired and wanted to go in and take her afternoon nap. After all celebrated  her second birthday this week and needed her catch up sleep. So off we went to cuddle. Til Next Time Blessings!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Homestead Happenings 1

Hannah has been keeping a watch over our new ducklings since we added them to our homestead.
Hannah thought we might do some baking using our fresh eggs gathered from the chicken coop.
Out side the grown ducks have found the garden pond once again this spring. No fear of them eating the fish this year. This has been the coldest winter we have had since Lucas put our pond in and when it thawed out our fish and frogs were dead.
Bagging up all the cans for recycling. This will provide the funds to buy new feeder fish and  some plants.
Sidewalks are still in progress as weather permits. However this is the last of the tin roofing we have for mow. We are searching our local area for used tin. It is the time of year some are replacing their roofs. Wish me luck finding some fast. Also looking for grandchildren to take a bucket each and gather more rocks to lay on the tin and my grown kidos to find the large rocks to outline and hold the little rocks in. The sidewalks will surround the out side of the garden beds and hopeful in the future a wood rail fence will be put up. This will allow the dogs a nice size area to roam about and be in the gardens with me.
Last year I scarfed these scalloped bricks. We had enough to do half the length of this garden bed and we are scouring locally for more to finish. Between the rock boarder and the scalloped bricks we will be planting tatters if weather allows for Sam to dig the dirt up soon.

As you may have guessed by now we try and find things for free that are used that others gladly give away for clean up. So between give away material, material from mother nature, recycling and the donations from Hannah this is the plans for adding to my dream garden. Thankfully Sam and the grandkids work for very very cheap wages. So don't forget Hannah Could Be Yours. Click on her in my right sidebar to read all about how. All this is helping me to continue on with the garden as Lucas and I did. I do miss him working along side me and all the fun we had together. My therapist suggested that I find something I enjoyed once and that Lucas and I did together to give me the comfort of him. I hope to soon show you all the hanging garden and dog kennel area with seed planting area. Til next time blessings to you all.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Working On My Creating Area

I am working on my area to create once again. Oh did you see Hannha? Yes she is watching all the tweaking I have been up to. Don't`t forget she could be yours.Details in my previous post. So I am asking for your opinion for panels to go with my new valances. Which fabric looks best?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

She Could Be Yours

She could be yours if you live within the 48 US, donate and post.

She is one of my Colonial Homestead Dolls. Her name is Hannah. She has jointed arms and legs which will allow for moving. She is rag stuffed for that lumpy bumpy heavy feel. She is for displaying not for small children's play. I am asking for $3.oo cash donation's and for you to post in your sidebar until after the drawing. To qualify you must
do both. Upon receiving your donation your name will be entered into a drawing that will end June 25, 2014. On June 26, 2014 I will post the name of the lucky new owner and send her to her new home. So please comment yes if you will donate and post to your side bar. After I check your side bar and receive your cash donation I will respond received to your comment. View my complete profile to request my mailing address by email.  Good luck!

Your donations will be being used to further my dream garden and put a smile on my face as I think of all who donated when I spend my time in my dream garden. Looking forward to my summer time therapy. Thank you.
I have decided to add mailing address to save any confusion or unrecieved emails. L.Lara Gracey
P.O. Box 493
Hustontown, PA 17229

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bedroom Remodel Catch Up

To catch you up I will start with the painted beadboard wall. The paint did not cure. With any scrape or bump to the wall the paint nicked and peeled. The paint was peeled off just like painters tape. The wall was sanded and

repainted. Next up is the change to the TV cabinet plan. The platrack recycle was not really the look I was going for so using the scrap board ends from the window trimming and a few other supplies I came up with a hanging fireplace. To hide the TV I plan on a spark screen with draw chains. I planned on painting it antique white over brown but I think I will see what plain brown looks like against the brown bead board first. Which color do you think? There is still some work to be done to the window trimming. Curtains will need to be made, window blinds and a ceiling fan will need ordered. A search for bed stands and lamps is in the future. There was a switch of a dresser and desk from Sam's room to mine and a dresser and desk of mine to Sam's room. We're both liking it better. The rocking chair weaving and cross stitching is going slow but still in progress. Of course there is plenty of that white magic covering the homestead grounds.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rockingchair Restore

I was given this oak rockingchair frame when my Luca's was just a babe. I had such high hopes of rocking him in it. However with work and raising my kids time never allowed.
I am now weaving the back and bottom using jute. I am liking how it look's very much. The quilt top I bought at a yardsale last fall. It needs some patch repair and a backing. That will be another future project.
My cross stitch project is going slow. I purchased a large piece of woven jute and sewed the edges. I planned to start stitching today but Topaz found it and chewed a hole in the center last night. I should have known. While weaving the rockingchair Topaz chewed on my ball of jute. I am not sure why she likes jute so much but I need another piece to stitch on and I will have to find a safe place for all jute. Her nose is a good sniffer.

Monday, January 13, 2014

First Try Cross Stitching

I have admired such beautiful samplers her on the blog. I have wanted to try my hand at it. At the urging of my therapist I dove in. Help I ran out of fabric before stitches were completed in heigth.

Happy New Year All