Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Giveaway Winner

Is everyone ready to find out just who the winner is of my giveaway? Well lets get on to finding out. Here we go!

The names of those who entered were put into a bowl just a bit ago.

Sam got the honor of pulling a winner from the bowl of entries.

The winner is Michelle from Michelles Cozy Cottage. To visit her blog click on the Giveaway Winner in my side bar. Congrats Michelle!!! Drop me an email with your snail mail address & I will get it sent out to you.
Be sure & let us see just what you do with the cloth block after receiving it.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Giveaway Update

As you all know I am having a giveaway. I have gained 20 new followers since it started. I am so happy about this. I would like to welcome all of you new followers at this time. A Great Big WELCOME to you all. I would like to also thank all you who have followed my blog for some time. Thank you to all of you who have added the giveaway to your side bar to help me gain new followers.

Well the update is that I have decided to announce the winner tonight. Why drag it out any longer? Well guess what while cleaning & reorganizing my craft projects I seemed to misplace the stitchery square. You see I do every thing in a hurry & my memories is a bit short at this time. So many things going on her at the homestead. After much looking & digging I found it. So I figured I should just end the giveaway early before I misplace it again. I was thinking no one would mind. So stay tuned for the announcement of the winner some time tonight. Good luck to you all.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain "Bowls"

Just a little walk round the homestead today to see what bowls I have stashed among my displays.

To join in & see more of Tuesdays Display Chain visit Misi the host.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Primitive Stubby Little Bubby Doll Offering

My newest offering is what I have named my Primitive Stubby Little Bubby Doll. Her body is made from an old kitchen towel. She has a stitched sleeping face. She is wearing a blue with very small flower print bonnet. She is wrapped in her blankey. Her blankey fabric is blue stripes on one side & flower print on the other. She is Aprox 11" long & has been coffee stained for the old prim look. If you would like to purchase her you can leave a comment & email $35.00 includes shipping & insurance. I Only ship with in the USA & I accept Pay Pal Only. Thanks for stopping by & looking at my newest offering.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Primitive Easter Egg Ornies

Six piece set of cloth Easter egg ornies. Coffee satined. Cheese cloth rag garland ties & rusty pin & bell embellishments. Gray with black striped homespun fabric. Aprox. 3X2 1/2. $18.00 shipping & insurance included. Ship with in the USA Only. Pay Pal Only. To purchase you can leave a comment you will be emailing your request to purchase the Primitive Easter Egg Ornies.
Six egg ornies only. Bowl & coverlet not included.

Sew glad you stopped by & took a gander at my newest offering!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tabletop Brooder

I found the plans to make a tabletop brooder in one of the chicken books I have been reading. We picked up the supplies last week to make it. The past two nights the boys & I have been working on it.

We measured the rabbit wire & Sam is cutting a piece to fit in the indented area of the storage tub lid.

Sam is holding the plastic piece Mom is cutting out of the storage tub lid so we can see our chicks & let fresh air in to them.

Lucas is cutting one inch wide strips of wood to make a frame to staple the rabbit wire to.

Sam is drilling holes through the wood frame with the stapled rabbit wire & the the storage tub lid.

Sam is assembling the nuts & bolts to secure the wood frame with rabbit wire to the storage tub lid.

Our tabletop brooder is in the workshop just waiting for us to add the heat lamp, pine shavings, waterer, feeder & baby chicks. We were told the baby chicks will not arrive until the first week of March. We are hoping they will have all the colors in the silkie breed so we can have a colorful flock. The book said the baby chicks can live in the tabletop brooder up to eight weeks. So that gives us about ten weeks to have a coop ready for them to move in to. We are now looking for & gathering building materials to build the chicken coop.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Primitive Mouse Pin Keep Offering

Todays offering is this handmade primitive pin keep & primitive little mouse to watch over your pins. Made from ticking & flannel. Coffee stained for the old tyme grungy look. Aprox. size 3X5. To purchase email me at I only ship within the USA. I accept Pay Pal only $18.00 Shipping & Insurance included. Thanks for visiting!

Blessings Til Next Time!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cackling Ducks

Today I went out to let our seven year old drake & three eight year old hens out of the duck house for their daily roam of the homestead. There was a fourth hen I named Lily. She was such an extra sweet duck. All of the little flock follows me around where I go but Lily would jump or fly up on the lawn chase & sit in the sun with me or stay by mt side in the garden. I was sad when she passed. I was told ducks only live around five years. I figure I have been lucky to be blessed with so many years. Today I had some stale biscuits for the ducks. It was funny to watch drake slide down the hill on his belle while trying to nibble a bite as the biscuit slid down the hill in front of this little yellow beak.

After a fast swim no one is roaming far. Just huddling with their little web feet tucked under them. Time to give them some TLC. I hold them each & stroke their feathers as I talk to them. They just cackle cackle & cackle.

After being out & about today I tucked the ducks into the bunny hutch with warm fresh water & cracked corn before dark. Can you see the drake is standing in the opening of the straw sleeping area. Looks like he wants to be sure & get the best spot in the sleeping area. It is to be even colder tonight so they will be warmer in the small bunny hutch bedded down in the straw sleeping area.

You may see that while the feeding frenzy continues they lose much of the cracked corn they fill there beaks with. They have little manners. Not to mention they cackle while eating.

All beaks but one gobbling. She just had something to cackle about. When done eating I closed the solid wood door & put a tarp over the top & sides of the bunny hutch. Now my little feathered friends will be shielded from the cold winds tonight. They are spoiled.

Today was shopping day a the school store. Each elementary student can earn school cash by helping the teacher clean the classroom, doing homework & good test scores. Well Sam spent $25.00 on this little football & $5.00 for each pack of gum $4.00 on packs of nerds he ate on the bus. At those prices it don't take long to use up the school cash. My sweet boy gave me my very own pack of gum.

Sam wanted his favorite chicken tonight. Crispy Chicken! This is something I came up with & he eats well when I make it. Sam is a picky eater. So when I find something he will eat it is so worth the time to make it. Chunk 4 skinless boneless chicken breasts, Mix in a 9X13 cake pan 1/4 cup of flour - 3/4 cups of instant tatter flakes - 1 teaspoon of baking powder - 1/4 teaspoon each of salt pepper basil & garlic powder. Roll each piece of chunked chicken in the dry mixture & fry in about an inch hot cooking oil until golden. Chicken will need turned a few times to cook even. I make a honey mustard sauce to dip the crispy chicken in. Equal parts each of honey & brown mustard. We had southern string beans to.

A little salad & dressing!

My sewing basket is full of projects I am working on. A little prim doll I call my Stubby Little Bubby. I drew her out on news paper then cut her out of an old t-towel. She is my work in progress. The little mice & pin cushion I have rescued from the waiting to finish sewing basket. I put the little doll dress into the waiting to be finished sewing basket. Later to be rescued. I am trying to dry a pineapple too.

This is the wood project I have Lucas working on. I used a picture in a Country Sampler Magazine to help Lucas see what I had in mind.

The angles have been cut & fitted. Stay tuned for the next step. Much studying to help Sam with tonight.

Of late I have had little time to read the many blogs I enjoy. If time allows tonight I will be able to catch up with you all & do some more chicken research. Oh Nen. Your in put on the chicken breeds were very thoughtful. Thanks & if you have anymore info it will be welcomed.

A thought to ponder: To have a good friend you must be a good friend first...

Blessings Til Next Time!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chicken Coop & Every Day Life

Our four ducks are enjoying a walk in the snow. They are left out of the duck house to roam the homestead each day. Later in the day they are put back in the duck house for the night. They are pretty well trained to go back into the duck house. When they hear their cracked corn being shaken in the feed bucket they come waddling as fast as they can to eat cracked corn & drink their warm water before being bedded down for the night. As you know I have been reading all I can about raising a small flock of chickens. I checked out some chicken coops that are built & delivered around here. I was shocked at the prices. I tryed to add a photo of one like I was considering from a web site. Of course it would not load. The chicken coops were even higher priced there. Well the price has stopped that idea. But I found plans for a nice chicken coop in the Backyard Poultry Magazine. Dec.2010/Jan.2011 Volume 5. If I am going to have chickens they will have to have a homemade chicken coop. I checked at the nearest Tractor Supply store this past weekend to see when they would be getting the baby chicks. That will be the first week in March. For now I found plans to make a small cage called a table top brooder. This will house the baby chicks for 6 to 8 weeks in the barn. By then I hope to have a fine little chicken coop for them to live in. Oh they were not to become pets. They were to be for eggs & meat. But Sam was so excited about the news of chicks arriving in March he already has decided he must pick a few for his very own pets & give them names. Hubby informed me I should just go be Amish & told me I would end up naming them all & not have the heart to use them for meat as he laughed & started naming off the names he believed I would name the flock. Oh what can I say. Maybe the neighbors would like to buy fresh eggs each week.

I bought this green icing in a can because it is Sams favorite color & I thought he would have fun with it. He sure did. Right before the super bowl game was about to air he wanted a treat to eat during the game. So I suggested mini cupcakes & he could put the icing on. It turned out perfect for him to have green icing. He said they could be Green Bay Packer cupcakes.

Sams finished Green Bay Packer cupcakes! I am not into football so I watched a movie while Sam & his Dad watched the game. Sam was happy his team won.

I found these sugar cookies on a stick decorated like puppies at the butcher shop. I thought it would be fun to take them home for Sam. Yes he was excited. Sam & I each had fun eating our cookie. I might just have to try baking some myself. We have Popsicle sticks I have saved. I have been keeping busy making soups. All the extra has been put in to the little jars for later.

Beef barley soup!

Chicken noodle soup!

And Beef Noodle Soup!

I put the doll dress a side for now. Getting on my nerves. I started a new doll & I am trying to dry a pineapple. Lucas is doing a wood project. I will share them soon.
Be sure & sign up for my giveaway. The entry post is dated January 31st & titled 200th Follower Giveaway.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Using fabric left over after cutting a doll dress out I am making some little ditty bags for Easter. The doll dress has been a bit of a challenge. I drew my own pattern on news paper & cut it out. Now I am working on getting the it right.

It has been very cold here with snow fall & rain fall. Lots of wind blowing. After about 6 inches of water & slush in the homestead garden we now have a ice patch. To bad I have no ice skates. It has been quite a challenge getting out. The road was covered with snow & now such a thick sheet of ice. We have never had school bus service here. For 15 years I have driven my kids to a near by bus stop. This is getting old. Six more years to go until the youngest is finished with school. So were out & about early each day to catch the school bus. More trips in & out to take my daughter to work & pick her up. A Mothers work is never done.

Oh dont forget to sign up for my giveaway. The post to enter is a few posts back on this blog. I see I have gained 5 new followers. Welcome to you all.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesdays Display Chain ~Displayed Sentiments~

Misi's Tuesday Display Chain if such fun. If you would like to join in & see other posts others have posted you can find them a

Todays display chain Displayed Sentiments. I have so many things I could share. Years ago I started to fill my home with things that were from family members. Most every thing here at the homestead has a story behind it. As family members passed on I tryed to buy an item at there public sales. Many are from the old home I grew up in. They hold memories of warmth love & safety. They really hold no meaning to any one but me. How sad I may just be the last generation to hold on to these many treasures & stories. Unless my kids find a love for them before I someday pass.

Great grams butter churn & butter press. Bought by pap at the sale. Later given to me by Pap just a few days before he passed. Oh to only have the old butter bowl. It was sold at Paps brothers sale. Little did I know. Maybe some day it will find its way to me. I have the butter paddle too. To wish upon a star.

The old highchair from Gram & Paps house. Used by my Mom & Aunt. Later by all the many Grands & later used by all but three Great Grands & one Great Great Grand.

Pap & Grams old radio they went to house keeping with. Still waiting for me to to refinish it. An old jar with a dozen dried red roses. The only ones ever sent to my Gram. By me on her last Birthday. She saved them. A note I added to the jar after she passed. Keep & give to Lara. After Pap passed they came to me. An old sewing box my FIL picked up at a yard sale that was given to me by my MIL after he passed.

Old stacked bowls. Chipped or cracked no matter. Most from family members. The Taylor Smith Taylor oven ware dish on the scales was from my oldest Son. Found at a yard sale & bought for Mom. A call to check if I was home & a visit to give it to me. I played with these scales as a child for years. One birthday Gram left a box for me in my car at work. Another Birthday gift. Inside was the scales.

An old creamer can bought from a friend at her yard sale. She made sure I knew there was a hole in the bottom. Not wanting me to think I was ripped off. I chuckle As I type. I loved the can hole & all. The roaster Gram bought at an auction I commented on liking it. Later it became my birthday gift.

Grams french fry cutter. So many good old fries cut & cooked in her kitchen for us to enjoy. It no longer cuts fries. I have no idea how to sharpen it so it hangs with honor in my kitchen. Before Hubby was my Hubby he came home once after he attended an auction with boxes full. How I love to dig in those boxes. To find a treasure like this the oil can. My first to collect

A simple little lantern sitting on the kitchen counter when I went to visit Pap one night. With the question asked "is that what you wanted"? My answer Yes. Pap found it on one of his many adventures of visiting yard sales. He remembered I wanted one. The joy it has given me.

My first piece of gray granite ware that started my collection. What a coffee pot. Found at a yard sale along the road the day Hubby & I were on our way to the JP to marry.

A simple little penny that my Hubby put into a machine to press & put the Lords Prayer on it. I carry it in my pocket always. So many years ago he gave this to me. Not any expensive gift but one I treasure.

My childhood dolly. She has no beauty to her. But she holds so many memories of cuddling her & loving her. Her hair is long gone & her eyes have no sparkle to them. Her simple dress was sewn by my Gram. She & the red tricycle in my garden are the only toys I have from long ago.

I recently got this piggy cutting board. I had to have it. It remined me of a childhood book I loved. Yes Charlottes Web. The little pig Wilbur. Who could not love any runt in a litter. Who would not want to save a runt.

Things we hold dear to our heart hold the best memories. Why not decorate our homesteads with them.

Blessings Til Next Time!