Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thank You White Sheep Farm

This week I received this package containing the giveaway I won from White Sheep Farm. When I opened the box a wonderful scent I smelled. As I unfolded the purple tissue paper it appeared. A nest woven as if a bird made it its self. Pretty blue eggs in a bag tied with a pretty blue ribbon. Attached was a sweet card from Teri. Just check out those sweet farm animals. A packet of Sweet Annie seeds from her 2011 crop that I will be planting soon. THANK YOU TERI!

For now the nest & eggs are in one of my gray granite ware basins that covers a five gallon crock filled with household cleaners. A wonderful site to see when it is time to clean. That is oh so often. Teri has a Spring Nest Tutorial on her blog. She has put together many in the makings photos with detailed instructions to create the nest. Stop in & visit her. I have a link in my side bar under giveaways to her blog.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jaylins Surprise Birthday Party

I baked a bear cake & cupcakes for Jaylins birthday yesterday. This turned out to be the black bear in the sunflower field. Atlee & his girlfriend Samantha were bringing the girls to visit. We ate diner & I surprised Jaylin with a birthday party. Both my grand babies were surprised & tickled. We enjoyed the cake & cupcakes then opened gifts. Both girls got a gift to open & I gave Samantha a gift card to get Jaylin something she needs. After playing in the yard & visiting all the creatures Atlee & his little family headed home. Lucas & a friend came right after. The boys moved the outhouse tool shed to the new area for me with plans to move the bunny hutch Friday night. Things are coming together for the creatures to be moved to the new location that will allow space for an enclosure for the chickens & more rock beds to plant Veggies & herbs in.

Jaylin the birthday girl making a wish & blowing out the candle.

I could not let Madison out. As you can see she was feeling left out & sad. She got her turn to blow out the candle to. That just made all well & happy. Just small simple acts can make a child happy as pie.
Today I opened the scented wax that was included in the package of hearts from White Sheep Farm. They smell so good. Thanks Janice.

I just could not put the hearts away that I won from White Sheep Farm. I have not had them very long. They are now pinned to a piece of burlap hanging on the Jelly cupboard. These photos were taken in the game room. Laken has been gone for eight months. She takes more of her things with her each time she comes home. Sams things have been moved into her room little by little. I have been doing some work in the game room making it more prim & making a space for my sewing machine. A place to set up & work without having to keep moving it around. This was just a peek at what is to come. I got an order from the shop for more bonnets so I will be getting back to working on them.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eggs * Heart Giveaway * Seedlings

I ventured into the duck house to see how many eggs were in the nest momma duck had made. I counted eleven pretty blue eggs neatly arranged & snug against each other with a soft layer or feathers under them. I can not wait to see the ducklings hatch. My brooder is ready for some little ones.

Momma duck is now setting on her nest keeping those pretty blue eggs warm. Momma duck is nine years old & still laying eggs.

I won the heart giveaway from Prims By The Water. I have them in the gathering room in a wood bowl where I can see them all day. Thank you for the sweet hearts Janice. You can use my link in my side bar to visit Janice at Prims By The Water.

I sat on the porch sipping Arizona tea while playing in the dirt. I have started planting my seeds this week. So far red & green peppers. Tomatoes & sunflowers. I was wondering if it might be a bit early to start the basil & oregano. What do you think? I was surprised there were only 14 pepper seeds in one packet & 22pepper seeds in the other. I will need to pick some more of those seeds up.

I moved the greenhouse from Lakens room to Sams game room today then started adding trays of seedlings. Laken has been gone for seven months now & says she is not moving back home. Her work is picking up & she really wants to move from her friends into her own apartment. I kept all her furniture in place but added Sams dresser & turtle tank. I washed & made the bed up with Sams John Deer bedding. Laken had already taken all her bedding with her. If she changes her mind & wants to move back home Sam will just move back into the game room. Or I guess she will take her dressers & desk to her own apartment & Sam will have more room.

The bunnies were happy to have their hutch cleaned today. When I got the bunnies I was told I had two females. You can see the black bunnies is getting a large mass of fur under her chin. I thought they only got that for pulling out to make a nest when expecting a litter. Is that so? I have seen so many cute bunnies here & there on your blogs that you have all made. I had started one before the doctor changed my medication but I have not finished it as yet. I would have thought by now all of the side effects would have went away but the sores in my mouth turned into blisters & continued down my throat. I seen a commercial for Cymbalta warning mouth blisters can accrue while taking it this week. I know I will never take it again. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Barren Grounds

It was warm outside & I was feeling better. I am still weak & need to rest often. I ended up with more side effects to the medication that did not agree with me. Sores in my nose & mouth. Looking out the dinning room windows today I decided it was time to get with it & put a plan together for the barren grounds that were my view.

Outside entering into the gardens. Come along with me.

These are the seeds I have purchased so far & I hope to start planting some to put in the mini greenhouse next week.

The gazebo looks empty without all the hanging baskets of boston ferns & flowers over flowing from the railing baskets.

I took a little swing while looking around & pondering my thoughts about the gardens.

The ducks took a dip in the garden pond while I looked for any sign of tulips breaking through the soil. Sure enough they are breaking through. Back to the duck house I heard ed the ducks.

the dianthaus have started to sprout green shoots in this rock bed.

Last year this wooded area was cleared & I had big plans for more rock beds to plant veggies in & a potting shed. My plans have changed a bit. That tree in the center will need to be cut before I can get started. The plan is to have the chicken house moved to this area & build an enclosure around it. They will be free to come in & out of the chicken house all day long with no more chasing them down to shut them in for the night. I will still shut them in the chicken house at night due to the dangers of other creatures roaming about in the night. The outhouse tool shed will be relocated again to this area & the bunny hutch to. Now I still want to make rock beds in this area with paths to pull my little brown wagon through. It may take me all summer but it is what I love doing no matter where I have lived over the years. Believe it or not more than once I moved my rocks right along with me.

The tubs are hung back on the outhouse tool shed after cleaning the bunny hutch & spreading the new fertilizer in the gardens today.

The hens have been out and about scratching in the leaves in the woods. Festus is in the chicken run. the hens stay close by to him. When he is out and about I have been having trouble getting the hens back in the chicken house for the night. They act like wild chickens when he is out. Catching Festus has gotten to be a 45 minute to an hour chore when he is out.

The hens are laying & I have a nice supply of fresh eggs.

Festus has recovered nicely after his bout with the frost bite burn. The points of his comb are rounded now rather than pointed. The points turned black & dried out then fell off. He can be heard loud & clear often.

So this was my day roaming about the barren grounds putting together my plans for life to begin a new in the gardens.

Blessings Til Next Time!
P.S. When I previewed this post it was not layed out as always but life happens & no time to redo.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I have so much to catch up with. My creations have gone untouched. The house work has gone undone. I have been a bit under the weather so to speak. I went in for a normal visit with my doctor right before my last post. While there he told me he had been doing some research on a medication & thought I would benefit from it more than the medication I have been on. I was to try it for a month & see how things went. I started the medication & quickly became lightheaded & sick to my stomach with a headache. These were considered normal side effects. Tiredness over took me & I slept the most part of three days only to wake for the next dose. I realized it was getting hard to swallow & I had trouble breathing when not being propped up on a pile of pillows. I called the doctors office only to hear the recording that he was out. I stopped taking the medication. By this time I realized my face was swollen also & my vision & hearing were not so good. The next day I called the doctors office again. I was told I had an allergic reaction to the medication & it was good I had stopped taking it. Over the years I have found I am allergic to bees & five medications. Other than being really weak the other side effects have left. I have been told it will take a few days to make sure all the medication is out of my system before starting my normal medication again. I have another doctors appointment on Wednesday then I hope to be back to my normal. I only have two weeks to have some spring creations ready for one of the shops open house. I have seeds to get planted & lots of dust bunnies to vacuum up.

Blessings Til Next Time!