Monday, January 31, 2011

~ A 200TH Follower Giveaway ~

On this cold winters night while working on the Easter offerings I spoke of in my last post I was digging in my stitching basket. I came across this piece I had stitched. I was trying to decide just what I wanted to do with it. Frame it? Make it into a quilt patch? Make it into a pillow? Then came the idea of offering it as a small giveaway. You are all so creative. I am sure the winner will put there imagination to work & come up some unique finished project for all of us to see. I decided the winner would be picked when I reach 200 followers. So will you help me reach that goal? To enter I ask that you be a follower of this blog or become one. Please leave a comment on this post you would like to be entered in the giveaway & add my giveaway to your side bar. As you all know I do not ship outside the USA. Good luck to you all & thanks for stopping in.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Piggy Cutting Board & Candy

I saw this piggy cutting board two weeks ago at a shop I visited for the first time. I wanted to take it home with me that day. For me I thought it was way over priced. I left the shop & continued to think about this simple cutting board. It reminded me so much of Wilbur the pig in the story book Charlottes Web. Well I went back to that shop with hopes the cutting board would still be there & that the owner would be willing to lower the price. The owner was willing to lower the price but it was not the price I had in mind but I really wanted the simple piggy cutting board. Asking again if he could lower he accepted the the amount offered. Yah! I saw another piece & he said he could go lower on it to. Well I will have to wait until I sell a few more of my prim crafts. The owner even told me if I come back & would like the other piece or any other pieces I could put a small amount down & he would hold it as I pay for it. How nice. Yes I want to go back again.
I made these little melt-a-way candy cups. I included the simple steps to make them in case you would like to try them for your self.

The candy is really simple to make. You will need one pound each of candy melting wafers. One pound of chocolate & one pound of white chocolate. A 18 oz. jar of peanut butter. A bag of mini paper cup holders. A large glass bowl & spatula. Small measuring cup. Mini muffin pans. Enough for 4 dozen candy paper cups.

Add half of the white wafers & half of the chocolate wafers to the glass bowl. Add half the jar of peanut butter to the glass bowl. Heat it on high in the microwave oven for 1 minute. Remove & stir. Add the rest of both kinds of candy wafers & the rest of the jar of the peanut butter. Heat on high in the microwave oven for 1 minute. Remove & stir. It should be smooth & all melted. If not reheat in the microwave until melted. Fill each paper candy cup with the melted candy mixture. I used a small measuring cup to fill the paper candy cups but if you have something with a small spout I think it would work better. Let cool & place filled candy cups in a container & place them in the frig.

With Sams help we made pizza for lunch today from a pre made pizza crust & jar of pizza sauce with cheese & some spices. It was fast fun & good.

School was canceled today because of the snow storm. As the snow continues to fall & cover the garden with the pretty soft white powder we are warm inside the homestead watching from the windows. The pine tree branches are pulled down by the weight of the snow. It is a beautiful site to see.

I have been busy reading about keeping a small flock of chickens. I have a chicken house in mind that I saw at the place we visited at the cabin I blogged about. I have taken photos of the outside & inside of one. I am thinking it would not be hard to build one out of scrap lumber we have. I have a breed in mind but they do not lay brown eggs. I wanted brown eggs but the white silkie chickens are the breed I seem to like. So between every day life going on here at the homestead I am still dreaming of a potting shed to start veggie plants & flowers & a chicken house for a small flock of chickens so I can have fresh eggs & meat to eat. There is so much to learn about the keeping of a small flock from what I have already read. I am working on adding some new primitive items to my sidebar. When I have the prices figured they will be ready to sell. Well for now I must be off to do some laundry. Take care!

Blessings Til Next Time!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoo Fly & More

Last Friday the shoo fly I ordered from Primcats House arrived. This gave me an excuse to rearrange the stove board. The snowman is gone & now there is a duck & bunny on each side of the new shoo fly. Thanks Carmen.

The shoo fly gives the stove board a fresh new look.

The old barn sink continues to stay on the table but has some sheep added to the display.

I really liked the black basket but I just thought it was to much black. I painted the basket a cream color to match the crocks on top of the fireplace but I did not like it so on went another coat of paint.

The basket endedup being painted brown.

Ollie has had another suitor come calling. This is the third fellow to pay visits. They all three continue to visit daily. I would have thought by now they would have all given up on her. Ollie is safely tucked away from them all. I am wondering if they will just decide to make the homestead their home.

Sam & I have been enjoying hot cups of mint & chocolate hot cocoa & apple crisp on these cold nights.

As the garden sleeps it was covered in a blanket of soft white powder. All the tulip bulbs wait for spring to arrive so they can burtst thru the soil & open into beautiful red blooms. I am in a hurry to see the wonder of their beauty.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesdays Display Chain "Sewn Or Stitched With Love"

Today is Misi's Tuesday Display Chain. The theme this Tuesday is "Sewn Or Stitched With Love" so I would like to share some of the things I have sewn or stitched. To see more of this chain you can visit Misi's blog at

I sewed some of my dolls on this old singer sewing machine. It belonged to my Gram. Gram used this machine to sew many creations on herself before she passed. I was given the sewing machine by my Pap about a week before he passed. I did get to sew one doll on the machine that week before he passed. I took the doll to show Pap & I put it in the bed with him. He had just come home from the hospital that day. He got a laugh out of the doll & called it a Poly Wog. He said your Gram would be happy you are using the machine. A few days later he passed.

These are two of the dolls I have made. Some I have kept for myself. I made my Granddaughter her own doll for Christmas & clothes so she could dress her doll. Others I have sold. These two are for sale in my sidebar & picture trail along with some other dolls.

This is a quilt top that I have finished. I need to find material for the backing & knot it yet.

I made little mice that ended up on the homestead Christmas tree & now they are on the homestead Valentine tree.

These are just a few of the samplers here at the homestead that I have stitched. I have stitched other samplers that I have given as gifts or sold.

Gifts that are stitched are gifts from the heart made with tender loving care by the giver to the receiver. When life gives you scraps.....make a quilt!

Blessings Til next Time!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cleaning Cast Iron & Ollie Moves

I was asked if I had any tips on cleaning cast iron skillets. I can only tell you how I clean mine. I have read you are not to wash them with soapy water after you cure them. I never understood how they would be clean if you do not wash them in hot soapy water. I watched my Gram cook in these as I grew up. I have cooked in them for 29 years now. I clean mine just the same way Gram did. I do wash them after each use in hot soapy water with a copper scrubbing pad. I dry them inside & out with a paper towel & place them in the oven where I store them. I always heat the oven to 350 until they are warm. At least twice a month I rub the insides of each skillets with a paper towel that has a little vegetable oil on it. Once the skillets is covered with a very light layer they go back into the over. They are then heated to 350 for a short time. They have always been very smooth & we have enjoyed many fine meals cooked in them. I can not say this is a good tip but it works for me.

Left over chili made in a cast iron skillet put in the little jars to be frozen for a warm snack in the cold days to come.

I guess when a suitor comes calling the word gets out & others come calling. With such a fine kitty like Ollie in the garden. He is a pretty fellow to.

This pretty fellow has continued to wonder around the garden making his way to the fish pond. He started coming around days ago. I believe he continues to come calling on Ollie who he can not find. After his first visit Ollie was moved indoors.

Ollie has moved from her little cedar house to the comforts of the basement due to all her new suitors who have been calling on her.

This beautiful red cardinal came for lunch the other day. The first I have seen this winter. I sure guess that could that be because of Ollie & her suitors?

I am on my way to having my dream potting shed. Maybe not from the floor up but from windows all around. For now these seven windows I got for free over the weekend are being stored in the outhouse garden tool shed. Remember I missed out on the railroad ties months ago for the garden boxes. Oh I did not miss out on the windows thankfully. Little by little I hope to gather all I need to make my dream garden & potting shed. Spring is coming soon so I really need to acquire the material I need fast. I decided I will pray that more comes my way fast. I have received a few seed & plant catalogs that I have been browsing through. Sam & I would like to add some raspberrie vines on the outside edge of the new veggie garden. So many wonderful raspberrie vines to pick from. A rainbow of colors. A few of these & a few of those is what we would like to plant.

I decided I want to paint the basket on the fireplace. I have two colors in mind. A putty color or brown. I felt it was just to much black. It has been nice to share some time with you all. I wish you all a good - nite.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fireplace Update & Just Another Day

The mantel piece was finished & I thought I would try stain thinking I could always paint it sooner or later. Oh so much stress. To think I want the kitchen cabinets painted. That will wait for awhile. To many colors to pick from.

Today my daughter had an early appointment I took her to. I stained the fireplace mantel. The stain is not the same shade as the fireplace. The corbels are not the same shade as the shelf either. So three shades. I am waiting for it to dry. Could it all dry one shade? oh there are still miracles. I guess it will just mean paint if not. I will see. I wish I could say the day got better.

You would think it would be easy to get a package delivered by FedEx in the twentieth century. Not here. I tracked this package on Monday only to find it left the FedEx terminal about 50 miles from here last Friday. The last three days I have been on the phone with FedEx trying to get it delivered. I was told they could not find our home. They have been here many times before. I even have a photo on my blog of them delivering our Christmas tree back in December. No delivery Monday even after I put huge signs at the end of the two roads to turn on to & one at the end of the driveway. Tuesday we received a card they could not get up our hill. Funny we do not have a hill. Not to mention I was told I was to wait by the phone & wait for the driver to call me & then go to meet him. No package again. The driver never put the package on the truck or took the phone number with him I was told. I sat here all day waiting. Wednesday we were promised the delivery before Hubby left for work. A hour & ten minutes later the phone rang. Driver says I am at the end of your road. Hubby already left for work so that meant I had to walk while that driver sat in a delivery truck. I said fine you will have to wait for me. All bundled & wearing snow boots I walked to the end of our road to get the package that he would have had no problem driving back except for his fear of damaging his truck from pot holes. In the end I was told by the terminal they would not deliver for fear of damaging the truck while driving on a road with pot holes. As I walked I noticed the pot holes were full of solid ice. I asked the terminal why lie? Just tell the truth in the beginning. The drivers explanation when he handed me the box was his back tires spin when it snows & rains. I asked what was wrong the last two days? No rain or snow. I was told he was not given the package or my number even after he asked. No answer for all the lies. He said he knows where I lived & has delivered to us just weeks ago more than once. I said yes & I have a photo of you delivering us a package in our driveway. Enough said & he walked off as I thanked him. Only because I feel you should treat others as you would want them to treat you. My mean side would have liked to have told him he should have parked the truck & walked the package to my door. Life goes on & it is best to hold the wild tongue. I grabbed my huge sign & carried both the package & sign back the road. Not having fun in the cold & blowing wind. The package was longer than I am tall. Cold & disgusted I returned to the warm homestead. My day was shot & my dinner would be late tonight.

The boys arrived home from school & were hungry. I had to grab an apron & get busy.

Off I went to the Cinderella stove & removed the stove board to prepare another meal for my family.

Finally all our yummys were ready & our blessing was said. Oh what a meal to be thankful for.

The boys & I enjoyed beef steak, mashed taters with gravy, corn & stuffing tonight.

The cast iron skillets have been cleaned & put in the heated oven to dry. Oh how I like these old pans. For me cooking is better when food is cooked in cast iron. Some are 29 years or older. My Gram gave me three after my first child was born & Pap gave me two more just before he passed. I would never trade them for anything new. The stove top was cleaned & my apron hung. Oh my I missed another ball. LOL!

ThoughtS to ponder: If life hands you lemons, make lemon aide. Good thing I like lemon aid. There is always something to be thankful for too. Words LEFT UNSAID never come back to grieve us.

Blessing Til next Time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain "Valentines"

The homestead Valentine tree is lit with flickering candles. Sweet little creatures hanging from the branches. Here a sheep, here a crow, here a mouse & hearts all around. All pinned together by Grams clothes pins reminding me of her love & kindness.

It would not be Valentine with out a faithful old rag doll & a bowl full of good ole heart ornies waiting to cuddle up with us in a comfy rocker.

LOVE is not something to be locked up but set free & shared. If your heart is locked. Take the leap & turn the key. Set your LOVE free & see what comes back.

Remember the ones you hold dear to your heart & spread your love over them like peanut butter & jelly this Valentines Day. Your sure to be smoothered in S'omres love yourself. No better treat than to be loved by another.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Visitor & Homestead Cooking

This huge cat has been visiting often this week. He slowly makes his way into the rock garden & across the homestead yard right to the fish pond. To his surprise the fish pond is still frozen over. The fish are safe from him. He sure is pretty. But he is not at all friendly.

The snow has been falling off & on. The wind is blowing. Every one likes warm food when it is cold. Time for some good old slippery pot pie for all.

Slippery potpie dough rolled & cut. Ready for the boiling beef broth.

Steaming hot slippery pot pie noodles.

Chopped purple cabbage with slaw dressing.

Dinner is served. Mashed potatoes gravy. Purple slaw. Roast beef & slippery pot pie with butter bread.

Apples peeled & cored. Ready to slice & add to the jars.

Apple crisp baked & cooling.

Little jars of apple crisp already to go in the frig. I am sure they will not last long.

Hand cut french fried taters in the old cast iron skillet. Every one like these.

Chicken corn noodle soup. Good even if you don't have a cold. But we have had our share of them here at the homestead already.

So this is just some of the yummy food we have made lately here in the homestead kitchen this week. The kitchen is clean once again & my apron is hung. I am sure it will not be long before I need it again. But for now off to church service we will go. I wish you all a wonderful week as we all start a new one early Monday. Take care.

Blessings Til Next Time!