Monday, May 21, 2012

"How Dose Your Garden Grow "Giveaway Thanks!

Tuesday 4/24 I joined in with many of you to share how our gardens grow. I was honored to be the winner of that Tuesdays display chain. I received the wonderful gifts & love them all. My stoveboard got a fresh new look for spring when I added the sweet strawberries & the canned goods have a sweet crow to watch over them. I have joined in the fun of some other Tuesday display chains from time to time & also enjoyed all the posts many bloggers have created with the themes of all the Tuesday display chains. I would like to thank Misi of & Traci of A great big THANKS to you both! These two bloggers are very talented so be sure & visit them both & you will find you will just have to become a follower of both.
Topaz at five weeks old. She is a happy healthy pup & growing as she keeps me very busy. I am enjoying every minute of caring for her. She is by my side as I work in the gardens these days. I do the weeding while she sleeps on her blanket in the grass beside me. She is learning fast to not climb over the rocks into the gardens. She is amazed with the fish pond & follows the sound of water splasing from the fountain. Another spot she is learning is a no no for her. Never to early I figure to teach her where she is not allowed.
Laken has brought Bella to visit her sister Topaz some evenings after work. They play happily with each other in the front field of the homestead.
So glad you stopped in for our chat tonight. Wishing you all much happiness. Blessings Til Next Time! Lara

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

She Captured My Heart

This little one was born into a litter of seven on April 2, 2012. Laken sent me a text message telling me Lady was having her pups. A few days later I visited the litter after taking Laken home after she got off work. This little one stood out from all the rest. The other six were all black & white. I visited the litter a few more times when taking laken home after work & each time I loved this little one. I even named her thow she was not mine. At less that four weeks old mother dog Lady would no longer care for her litter. Laken brought this little one to the homestead so I could visit her on May 2,2012. Oh how this little one captured my heart. I never took her back. She is now the newest creature to live at the homestead. Welcome my little Topaz.
Thow Topaz is very little she can roam the homestead quite well with me close by her side. I am amazed how well she is doing with house training. Never thought it could be done this young. Yes she still has her accidents in her little cage some nights.
Never thought I would be making bottles & getting up for late night feedings at this point in my life. I always wanted to bottle feed a lamb. Oh I am very happy to bottle feed little Topaz. She is doing well.
Not long after feedings & going outside for tinkle tinker time Topaz is napping.
All tucked snug & warm in a basket Topaz sleeps. I wait to hear her wimper & see her beautiful topaz eyes open & we start all over. She makes me so happy & I love her. Oh I am so thankful for her. Blessings Til Next Time! Lara

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hatching & Garden Progress

The hatching has began here at the homestead this week. To date five ducklings have hatched. Watching these small creatures hatch is amazing.
These are the first four ducklings huddling together in the corner keeping warm. I got to be there to see the fifth duckling hatch.
The peach trees have been planted in the garden expansion. They are dwarf patio peach trees. Half grown & loaded with peaches. The layout for the rockbeds have been started. We are still getting frost in our area. The last frost for our area is May 15 so I am in a race against time to get all the beds ready for planting.
I am using tin roofing as a bottom for my rockbeds that I have put holes in for drainage on top of the forest floor to keep any tree roots from growing in the rockbeds. After surrounding the tin with rocks I am adding shavings with poo from the chicken coop & bunny hutch with a layer of lawn clippings then a thick layer of top soil on top.
I think I am satisfied with the design thus far. There is still a large area that I want to put four rockbeds in when I can find more tin roofing. I am now at a stand still until I get the rocks. Looking at the garden expansion from the lower garden beds inside the yard I look & put the details in my garden journal with what I plan to plant in each rockbed. At the end of the day I see my dream of a veggie garden coming true. Feeling tired but thankful & happy.
I have decided to not move the chicken coop. It will be left where it is & the enclosure will be smaller than I planned. The chicken run to the right will be getting some wheels to move the chickens around the fields to munch grass & scratch in the sun.
Thanks for stopping in at the homestead. It has been nice chatting with you. Blessings Til Next Time! Lara