Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She Has Been Named Maggie

She has been named Maggie. The name fits I think. Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. Maggie did not make it to the shop this month. I decided to offer her first on my blog. Maggie is rag stuffed for that heavy old time fill. Maggie is 10 inches tall. Maggie is my first stump doll. She is numbered signed & dated. If you would like to purchase her just leave a comment & email requesting to purchase Maggie along with your zip code. I bill by pay Pal. $25.oo plus SH & Insurance to your zip code. -------- SOLD --------

This week I cleaned out the outhouse tool shed & it was relocated. It it now located beside of the bunny hutch across from the chicken coop. This makes it so much easier when feeding the chickens & bunnies. All of their food & pine shavings for bedding are stored inside. I have started to add stones in front of it for a small walkway. Some flowers planted around it are in my future plans.

The latest new bloom at the homestead is the hibiscus. I placed it inside the gazebo. The humming birds are flying inside the gazebo to visit. I have yet to capture a photo of them. They are fast little creatures.

I would like to thank all of you for the kind comments & prayers for Laken & our family. They mean so much to me. May you all be blessed & your prayer needs be answered.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photos Are A Testament - Miracle

This beautiful moth in the garden makes me think of just how fragile & delicate my beautiful daughter is. I thank God over & over I still have her & I can hug her & tell her I love her. Thank God I am not at her funeral today. I find myself going from room to room checking each of my children. I really do not want them out of my sight. I question myself to why I did not just take the keys. The horrible feeling thinking I left her drive my jeep & I gave her the keys. The tears fill my eyes while knowing she could have died & it would be my fault. As I imagine her fear while the accident took place & after I wish I could take those images from her mind & the pain. Or if I could have took her place to spare her this trauma. I am her mother & I want to make things all better for her. I love her.

I started this post yesterday after we returned from the trip to the garage that has the jeep. I wanted to settle up with the company who removed the jeep from the accident scene. He was not in. Now I have to go back again on Friday. We took Lucas with us to see the jeep. I wanted him to see it so that he would be more cautious while driving. Lucas has his drivers permit now & wants his drivers licenses. Mom is not ready for this either. So many of his friends have their licenses or they are getting their permits. I do not think they truly understand the reality of having an accident. They are all young & just want some freedom. Driving is freedom & they do not seem to take Lakens accident so serious. I guess when young you have no fear until you live it. I made the comment to my husband that maybe I should just have the jeep put in the field here at the homestead as a reminder in hopes that they would all take driving seriously. My husband said he did not think it would work & sometimes one has to learn the hard way. I took some photos of the jeep before leaving. To me these photos are a testament as to what God has spared us & the continued blessing of having Laken with us. As I said I believe God put his angles around Laken & pulled her from the front passenger window area.

Last night I read a poem in a post of a blog I read. Country Blossom. So wonderful she left God use her to provide these words of wisdom & comfort. Thank you!

At times like these man is helpless... it is only God who can speak the words that calm the sea, still the wind and ease the pain... so lean on Him and you will never walk alone.....
Helen Steiner Rice

These words were meant for me at this time. I can question myself but will never know the anwswers. What dose it really matter? What matters is my daughter is alive & safe. I thank God for this amazing blessing. I thank all of you for your warm & caring comments. Most of all I thank you all for lifting prayers to our God for Laken & our family. Her cuts are healing. She is very stiff & sore. She continues to have some pain in her head, legs & tail bone. At times she is kind of lost in herself. This was first noticed the day after her accident while back at the hospital for her ultrasound. I am praying for this also to reside.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Call A Parent Fears

Fathers day started out with my walk. I walked a new route this day & noticed how growen up the area was along the road & just how far down the drop was from the edge of the road. No guardrails. I kept thinking of Laken driving by her self. This has been such a worry for me. She just got her drivers licenses June 2nd. My mind kept going to the what if she would run off the road & over the bank. No one would know where she was. I had a sick feeling. For weeks I have had such a feeling of dread & biding time before something would happen to one of my kids. After taking Lucas to work & back home to prepare our meal. Laken had been upset for a few days due to her relationship with her boyfriend. A mother can only give advise on these matters but it is their childs decision in the end. Before lunch was completely prepared she told me she was leaving. I asked her to take my cell phone. I walked around the jeep just to give the tires a check. I had a bad feeling as she drove off. I prayed she come home safely. I went inside & finished preparing our meal. Right after we sat & started to eat the phone rang. The caller id was from a cell phone I did not know. I answered & received the call a parent fears. A voice I did not know said my name asking if I was she. I was then told there had been an accident. I just knew it was one of my kids. I knew it was Laken. As I was told the news I could no longer stand. He was telling me the accident location. I had to hand the phone to my husband who got the accident location. I started to pray. A place many call eagles erie on the mountain. A location known for accidents. Placards placed their with the names of two I know of that have went over the guardrails & not survived. I did not know if she was alive or what shape she was in. Grabbing shoes & keys & having Sam get ready I heard my husband asked if she was thrown from the vehicle & what where her injuries. He repeated abrasions & we are to meet the ambulance at the hospital. He handed the phone to me & the man on the phone said he was going to give the phone to Laken now. All I could hear was loud screaming. I told her it was me & please talk to me let me know how you are. Nothing but screaming. I knew she was alive thank God. I was then told she was being treated but was hysterical. We left for the hospital stopping for gas. I could only wonder what shape she was in while remembering those screams & praying. I needed to get there. On the way I told my husband they wont really tell you how bad it is knowing you will be driving. There was no ambulance at the emergency room entrance when we arrived. I saw the man that called & then remembered I did ask who he was when he called. He asked if I was
Lakens mother as I approached him & his wife. I said yes & is the ambulance not here. His wife & him had come on to the hospital to wait & meet us there. They explained they were giving her medical treatment & stabilizing her before the transport but would be there soon. He explained this was procedure. I asked them if she was thrown from the jeep. No she was not & she was wearing her seat belt but was cut up from glass. I asked if they found her & they had seen the jeep starting to slide & his wife said she also started to slide. It had rained & the oil was coming out of the road from the heat. They stayed with her & called for help. It took awhile due to no physical address. This was the same case a few weeks ago when I called 911 when the truck rolled behind Lucas & I. The ambulance arrived & asked if I was Lakens mom. A medic handed me my cell phone. I was told I could get in the ambulance. No one can prepare for the initial shock when you see your child strapped to a board & a neck brace on their neck. Her leg twisted the sight of areas covered with blood & gravel from her toes to her forehead. I felt like I could not go on but knew I had to let her know I was there & loved her. I assured her they would get her inside & fix her up. Tears were streaming down her checks & she was in pain. As the gurney was stopped in the treatment room the same feeling of I cant go on & the wave of all drain from me with fear for my child. Something kicks in & you know you have to hold together for your child as you pray & assure them it will be ok. Laken told me she was sorry about the jeep. I explained I was not worried about the jeep & all I cared about was her. She said She thought I would be mad at her. My oldest son Atlee called my cell phone to let me know there was an accident & asked me where I was. I was at the hospital & Laken had an accident. He knew. He had been stopped in traffic coming down the mountain & knew my jeep. He got out & told the police officer it was his mothers jeep. The police officer told him it was his sister. Atlee his little girls & his girlfriend were almost to the hospital by then. When he got inside he asked me to step out of the room. He asked who was killed. We were told it was just Laken involved in the accident. That was correct. Someone had called him & said the monitor reported a death. He said they knew it was my jeep when they were left through. I was told it was on its roof. I did not want to hear any more. It had not been removed & my husband had to leave & go to the accident location. When he returned it was being taken care of & told me it was a really bad wreck & the jeep went up over the guardrails & something must have caught under the jeep because it flipped over landing on the roof & spun around stopping facing down the mountain she was going up. Laken was returned from xray. Thank God the board could be removed. There was alot of broken glass under her. Her leg was in pain & she was having chest pains. Later the neck brace could be removed. Again thank God. Hanging skin was cut from her leg. The glass was being removed & the cuts were being cleaned. Your heart sinks & you become sickened as you pick broken slivers of glass from your childs skin. When we knew Laken was stable my Husband went to pick Lucas up at work. I feared he would leave once he heard his sister was in an accident. I was afraid he would get a ride from one of his friends. I did not want him in a vehicle with another young driver. I had text him but at the time I did not know the text had failed. It came through later that night at 11:57. Way to late. Laken was released but would have to come back Monday for an ultrasound. They thought she had embedded glass or metal & may need surgery. I was so thankful we were taking her home. We had to make a stop for meds & neosporan. Laken wanted her things from the jeep. Not a trip I really wanted to make. I had heard more about the accident & really did not want to see the jeep. We took her. When I seen the jeep I knew why the medics said they did not know how she ever got out or survived. The roof was smashed down where the drivers & passenger seats are. The windshield was gashed back into the jeep cab. All the glass was shattered or completely gone from all but one door window & the back hatch windows. None of the doors nor the hatch could be closed. A tire was completely off the rim hanging. The hood was smashed & paint scraped. Doors dented in. She remembers being upside down spinning & glass shattering & seeing guardrails. She was hanging upside down smelling gas & had trouble getting the seat belt to release. When it did she hit the smashed in roof. She crawled through the broken glass & out a very small opening in what was the passenger window. This is haunting her thoughts & sleep. She woke last night screaming. I know in my heart God put his angels around her & pulled her out & spared her life & spared us the loss of a child. I can not give God enough thanks. It is never ending. Laken is upset her boyfriend did not come. She text him letting him know we were trying to reach him & she had been released. He never came called or text ed her. I really did not want to contact him & I do believe my husband was right that we should not. Her boyfriend has not been treating her right. But when you see your child laying there & begging you to please get him. I did what I could to easy things for her. The doctor said she needed to calm down & bring her blood pressure down. I prayed that she would not need surgery. The ultrasound today showed nothing. Thank God again. I dont believe she would have been going to the park to walk & clear her head that day if he had not upset her. To top it off he text her & broke up with he today. He has no compassion. Between the stress from the boyfriend lately & the trauma of the accident she is emotionally in need of help. I am taking her to our family doctor tomorrow for a referral for counselling. If you will remember her in your prayers I thank you. I am grateful the man & his wife were the ones to be there for her. The man is with the fire company less than a mile from the homestead ( but not in the company that responded but both companies do work together in some emergencies ). He knew what to do & how to get help. The mans wife comforted Laken as she prayed for her. They went to the hospital to meet us. I thanked them both as we all hugged. There are still good people in this world who care enough to help & even pray for you. I continue to warn my kids they need to be saved & ready for eternity. I continue to pray also. I jump with each ring of the phone & each sounding of the fire whisle. It went off while typing this post. I text Lucas to check on him as I prayed for all my kids. Thank God he is ok. I did not want Laken to leave the homestead tonight but she wanted to be with some friends. Girls she had went to school with. They were going to the movies. I stopped the car & checked to see if they all had seat belts on. I thought it was way to soon for her to go out even if she is 20 years old. I just want them all home safe. I will not sleep until they are all home. Maybe not even then.

Blessings Til next Time!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prim Stump Doll Lets Name Her

This is my newest creation. The first prim stump doll I ever made. I will be taking her to the shop next week & checking to see what other creations have sold. I have two more waiting in my sewing basket waiting to be stitched up. Her bonnet was my big hold up. It took me some time to make a pattern. I was really happy with how she turned out. Always tempting to keep a new doll. But I do have many around the homestead & can make more. I have not given her a name as yet. I want to use an old-fashioned name. What would you suggest?

Blessings Til Next Time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Typical Day At The Homestead

My day stars with an early walk that I enjoy so much. Next it is on to tending to the creatures. Hubby doses the dogs & cats. I help with the ducks. I let the chickens out of the coop to roam about with the ducks while I make ready the run cage with fresh water & a little feed. On to the bunnies. When all the creatures are taken care of I clean up & head off to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Today I felt like I was working at a restaurant again. No one wanted breakfast but then everyone wanted breakfast. I think they thought they were at a Dennys. Hubby even mentioned a grand slam.

Granola pancakes for Hubby & I. His with blueberry syrup (no photo because he ate them faster than I made them.) & mine with strawberry syrup, sliced fresh cherries, cherry yogurt & whip cream & bacon. Fresh fruit smoothies made with a mixture of what ever fresh fruit I have in the frig.

Buttermilk pancakes & bacon for Lucas.

Chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips & whip cream for Sam.
Hubbys supper cooked & packed for tonight. I tell him no one else gets packed meals like this. Meatballs, browned potato wedges & sliced tomatoes. I prepare him a meal four days a week to eat at work.

After Hubby & Lucas are at work I tend to the gardens. Watering & weeding keeps a healthy beautiful garden. I am waiting for a sign from God that I should do some cleaning inside the homestead. See I figure if it rains I should clean a little. LOL! Oh but I love being in the gardens & enjoy all the creatures we have. These are the newest blooms in the gardens this week.

Feeding the bunnies through out the day. Chestnut & Velveteen are eating good for us. They get a small dish of bunny pellets & fresh water. Their treats are a baby carrot, large green leaf from the yard & a leaf each from the mint & basil plants in the garden.

Steaks cooked on the grill with baked potatoes, mac & cheese,salad & bread. A cool mason jar of sweet tea to wash it all down. Later off to pick Lucas up from work. Then he has his midnight meal. A few hours later Hubby will return from work & want a bed time snack. My kitchen is never closed & the dishwasher is always full it seems. It will all start over in just a few short hours. Life may not always be perfect but I love my family & the homestead creatures. I enjoy taking care of the homestead & grounds & my family too! I am thankful for all of it. Thanks be to our amazing God!

Just A Thought To Ponder:
Always be thankful for what you have today because it could be gone tomorrow. Life is unsure & things can change in a blink of the eye.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Newest Creatures - Bunnies

Last week we added two new creatures to the homestead. Sweet little bunnies. They are quite playful & so soft. Not to mention so cute. Sam & I have been having much fun playing with the bunnies. Sam suffered one bunny bite to a finger & lost a good bit of blood. We think the bunny thought his finger was a carrot. At first Sam wanted to put it in the crock pot & serve it with gravy. He has since changed his mind & still loves both bunnies. These are their first photos. Taken the day we got them.

Meet Chestnut!

Meet Velveteen!

Sam watching our bunnies at play.

Munching fresh tender green grass.

Our chickens in the run enjoying the fresh air & sunshine while munching tender green grass. Oh how they have grown.

Each evening the neighbors cat comes to get a drink from the fish pond. I chat a bit to it. Soon it leaves & returns to the neighbors yard. No fish are missing. I continue to count them each day.

A wonderful gift that has kept giving me pleasure. Two years ago my son Atlee & my grand daughter Madison gave me a rose bush for my birthday. It is now full of beautiful fragrant roses.

I have been busy in the gardens & taking care of all the homestead creatures. I will have peas ready to pick in a few days. The green beans, pepper plants, tomatoes & onions are growing. I started cucumbers & sunflowers from seeds. The cucumbers are up. Hopes of pickles in little canning jars fill my thoughts. Sunflowers to bring smiles to us all. Come on & sprout! Considering moving the outhouse tool shed & trying to figure out where to place the bunny hutch. No real hurry. It wont be ready until next week. We are having one built very much like the chicken coop & outhouse tool shed.

Lucas has been working more hours since school is out. Sam had his sixth grade graduation. Laken got her drivers license. Moms a nerves are shot. One with a drivers licenses & the other with a drives permit. On Memorial Day Lucas was driving to a friends. I was right there with him. While stopped & waiting for on coming traffic to pass so we could cross the intersection we were almost rear ended by a truck behind us. I could only put hands on my head and look down as I said we are going to get hit. Thank God no hit. But a loud noise. A truck behind the truck that almost rear ended us went up on the bank & flipped over on its side. Lucas was really shaken up. I called 911. The driver suffered minor cuts. We waited until help came & a police officer spoke with us. The driver of the flipped truck could not get stopped. There was a long area of black marks. He had gotten new brakes two months ago but his truck just would not stop he said. The police officer said he had to be going to fast. Later I spoke to Lucas & there was an accident in front of his friends house. A car hit a tree & then left. A few night later Laken went to pick Lucas up from work. They should have been home but were not. It was almost midnight. I called them. They were almost home. There had been a motorcycle accident near the end of our lane. The driver hit a deer. He was flew by helicopter for treatment. The kids had to wait until the fire company left traffic thru. I would like to put them both in bumper cars instead of real vehicles. Thank God we are all safe & ok. We have heard the driver of the motorcycle is getting better. God be with all.

Blessings Til Next Time!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wooly Sheep

There are many of these bushes on the banks along the wooded area where I take my walks. They bloomed this week. I smelled their sweet scent before I seen them. I had to stop & take in the scent by smelling them. As the saying goes "Take time to smell the roses" My Grandparents always called them multiple roses. They were not fans of these bushes because they would multiply & take over the pasture. Before I rounded one of the turns in the road I heard the wonderful sound of little ba-ba- bas

I have been taking my camera on my walks just hoping to get some photos of the woolly sheep & their babes. I was excited to see the sheep were close enough to get a photo. This mama & her sweet little babe.

I was really surprised to see this mama had three babes. I assumed they were all three her babes but never heard of a sheep having triplets. I stayed a bit to watch them as they munched on the tender green leaves of the trees. I went on but passed by them again on my way back. They were laying under the shade of the trees resting. They are all so cute & amazing to me. My thoughts turned to our Lord who called us His sheep. How he must think we are cute & amazing. If even one of us are lost to Him he knows & cares. He continues to knock at the door of the heart of His lost sheep waiting to be invited in.

Blessings Til Next Time!