Thursday, October 24, 2013

I was gifted with these wonderful  surprise gifts some months ago by Trica from Hillcrest Home Prims. Yummy smelling kitchen apple soap bath & body, candle holder and candle, Cotton candy hand gel bath & body and this thoughtful card. Thanks again Trica.

Sam and I on one of our day outings this past summer.

For months we have been slowly remodeling this room. Bead board put up walls painted and ceiling. The door is waiting it's facelift.
 This wall is done. The shelf to the side standing on the floor will go on another wall soon.
 The shelf has a blanket crane in it and will go above the PC.
Wood trim and shelf will be installed around the windows. I am loving the look of my Heirloom Weavers coverlets. Using them after storing them for I'd guess 2 years.
 I found these comfy ugly orange pillows at a second hand store and have plans to order pillow covers from Heirloom Weavers I hope some time soon. I am searching used furniture ads for a dresser to match the one I already have for the other corner at the end of the bed.
The fan light needs replaced. The shelf used to be my plate and cup holder minus the plate shelves and cup pegs. A work in progress soon to be tv cabinet with doors.
The plate and cup shelf used to be to the left but the dry goods cabinet is now there. I was going to ask you all if the plates looked ok on top of the pegs
 Or better with out but since I decided I did not like them there and now there in the kitchen canned goods cabinet and I really like them there. Ops no pic sorry. So this is what is in progress when there is someone to move or do some other things.
It has been very hard for me since the death of my son. I miss him so much. I am still in disbelief it could have really happened. Every day he dies all over for me. It is an agony and pain that never goes away. One has no idea what it is like to lose a child until you are in that dark painful lonely place. If you find you learn someone you know has lost a child the best thing you can do is just listen as long as they want to talk about their child even if you feel uncomfortable. Trust me it is much more uncomfortable when others avoid conversation of your dead child or remove all their photos from there home or assume you want to be left alone. The biggest lie told is I'm ok. Were not but it makes others feel better and they don't need to make an excuse to be on there way. Just a tip. I will close for now and after more bed rest I hope to return.