Wednesday, May 9, 2012

She Captured My Heart

This little one was born into a litter of seven on April 2, 2012. Laken sent me a text message telling me Lady was having her pups. A few days later I visited the litter after taking Laken home after she got off work. This little one stood out from all the rest. The other six were all black & white. I visited the litter a few more times when taking laken home after work & each time I loved this little one. I even named her thow she was not mine. At less that four weeks old mother dog Lady would no longer care for her litter. Laken brought this little one to the homestead so I could visit her on May 2,2012. Oh how this little one captured my heart. I never took her back. She is now the newest creature to live at the homestead. Welcome my little Topaz.
Thow Topaz is very little she can roam the homestead quite well with me close by her side. I am amazed how well she is doing with house training. Never thought it could be done this young. Yes she still has her accidents in her little cage some nights.
Never thought I would be making bottles & getting up for late night feedings at this point in my life. I always wanted to bottle feed a lamb. Oh I am very happy to bottle feed little Topaz. She is doing well.
Not long after feedings & going outside for tinkle tinker time Topaz is napping.
All tucked snug & warm in a basket Topaz sleeps. I wait to hear her wimper & see her beautiful topaz eyes open & we start all over. She makes me so happy & I love her. Oh I am so thankful for her. Blessings Til Next Time! Lara


  1. Oh Lara.. doesn't the good lord work in mysterious ways...You have had an empty spot in your heart just waiting to be filled up with Love... Ahhhh I see the most precious little darling fur baby I've seen in a long time has come along to fill up that empty spot in your heart...How good that feels to know that Topaz will be there to brighten your life and make you smile..Yes the good Lord does wotk his miricles..Topaz is beautiful!!
    The baby ducks are so cute..too!

    Have fun being mommy to your newest addition!!


  2. Lara she is so cute, beautiful eyes

  3. Lara, she is just beautiful ! Such stunning eyes ...but how precious curled up in the basket thanks for sharing and Congrats on your new baby ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  4. Oh, she is melting my heart as well! So adorable.... and how wonderful that you have each other!!

  5. Aww, she is a beautiful Brindle with those beautiful eyes. Just what you needed Lara, some tender loving puppy care. Enjoy :)

  6. She is so precious! What a blessing! Congratulations.


  7. oh she is just adorable..I love the brindle coloring..we bottle fed a kitten we was fun..but her little claws were something else especially when she was hungry..enjoy that new will be fun to see her grow.;)

  8. Hi Lara, oh my, Topaz is soooo sweet, I even love her!!!! She sure has a beautiful place to grow and be cherished, Blessings Francine.

  9. Oh my Sweet Heavens to Betsy!
    No wonder she stole your heart.
    I am in love too :)

  10. Awww ~ such a cutie Topaz is!!!
    She would of stolen my heart too!!!
    Looks and sounds like she found a wonderful home!!! Enjoy!
    Prim Blessings

  11. Sounds like you're in love. And with such a beautiful puppy, who could resist?! :-)

  12. So cute! I can see why, she has beautiful eyes too! Glad that you are doing alright. My son asked if you have kittens? LOL! We looked at the ducklings as well, so sweet!
    Have a nice week.

  13. Topaz is absolutely precious! Look at those eyes!!