Monday, June 4, 2012

Puppy Love

Topaz is one very loved puppy. She is growing & doing well. Topaz was playing with the cats mouse toy. The toy mouse makes noise. Topaz all but ate the toy mouse. I had a time removing it from her jaws. She no longer gets to play with the mouse toy. When Lucas comes home she runs to the door to meet him. Cuddle time with Sam. Sam & his dog Chicho have cuddle time to & watch T.V. together. The Grands visited & played with her. She liked being rocked in the cradle. Laken got her own puppy & comes to visit every day before & after work. Welcome Athena! So you see there is plenty of puppy love here at the homestead these days. More ducks have hatched & kittens were born. For the love of creatures. The gardens are growing. Never enough blooms for me. I am still adding to the plantings. Atlee gave me a butterfly bush gazinas & bee balm for Mothers day. Blessings Til next Time! Lara


  1. Love your cute puppies!
    Be blessed!

  2. Hi Lara, oh I want to hug those sweet puppies, so darling all of them. Great photos of all your loved ones,ahhh family. Happy planting, Francine.

  3. The puppies are adorable and your boys are super cute :o) It's wonderful that y'all take in the pets and give them lots of love. They deserve it.

  4. Hi, Lara ~ Topaz is growing fast~oh, but that Athena~ I could bring her home~gorgeous~

  5. Beautiful dogs that are loved. I especially like the photo of Sam and Chico. And what great Mother's Day gifts: plants! I always forget to plant a butterfly bush. I really love that plant.

  6. Athena looks like a Husky. We used to have many but no more. Now I live too close to the highway to chance loosing another dog. Your pups are fabulous. Also, I'm enjoying the gardens in their late start. Everything is starting to burst at the same time.
    BlessYourHeart and ThanksForStoppingBy