Saturday, March 23, 2013

I showed you this bead board wall paper hubby & I picked up at Lowes a few weeks back. We gave it a try & we are happy with the out come. This is the before with our way outdated mauve wallpaper that clashed with our dishes. Hung and waiting for the wall paper glue to completely dry before painting the ever so white paper to my drab prim taste. Painted & our dishes all put back in. I only had one thought that may change. The ceiling was left white inside the cabinet but I am wondering weather it should be painted brown to. So what do you think? Something I wrote from my heart of my son in my journal I'll share with you. He loved the outdoors and the woods. I miss seeing him watching from the tree. Mirrored you and I, Not so much the image, But the understanding, Unconditional love not questioned, Standing ground, Never to turn face, Times recalled, Challenges but overcome, Never judged or grudged, Always a new day dawned, Demise fell, Unfair and cruel, Your day never dawned again, Fallen house of cards, Gone the rays of hope, Only to be left with rage and anguish, Let it sink in and think , One of four blessed treasures be ye stolen. Blessings Til Next Time! Lara


  1. I like the new look! (we have some of that mauve wallpaper too, and it has to go!) Just my opinion...but I think I'd paint the ceiling inside the cabinets to match the back wall, like you suggested.

  2. Your new wallpaper looks great! Wonderful tribute to your son. I am sure your journal is helping with your grief. You remain in our prayers.

  3. Morning Lara, I love the look of the new wallpaper, great choice.....

  4. Sorry, having computer problems, didn't let me finish......I hope writing a journal about your Son comforts you in some way.....Still keep you in my prayers, Hugs Francine.

  5. Many years ago my first fiance was killed in a car accident where he attended college. I saved every letter he wrote me...and stll have them. I have now been married twice, have 4 kids and 2 grands, but I still have a place in my heart for my first fiance, and there are days I still wonder why God took him from me. The pain got better, but never actually went away. Keep the faith Lara and keep writing in your journal if it helps you. Will still keep you and your family in my prayers. Love your new wallpaper! Janice

  6. Lara,
    I love the new look in your kitchen. You could paint the ceiling above brown or leave it, I love the way it looks now. It came out awesome and really shows off your plates, they really pop now!
    I have always wrote in a journal and still do from time to time. Many great times and some rough times. I found it very helpful.
    What you wrote about Lucas was beautiful. It really came from your heart.
    You know I am praying for you dear friend and the whole family!!!!
    Lara I went to email you and I can't find the email so could you email me so I can reply!!
    Thanks a bunch.
    Big Hugs,
    Tricia XO