Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sharing The Bunnies

Blessing Til Next Time!


  1. Hi, Lara
    thank you very much~Now you made me want a bunny~ giggles~ they are adorable!!! What's their names? I had one when I was very young, early gradeschool~ he was black & white I called him Harry~giggles~
    I received the pumpkins today~ I thought I better just let you know on the blog since your e-mails messed up~
    I must say girl~ LOVE The PUMPKINS~ yep,prim, made with tender loving care, and they are not air lite they have some weight to them~ Starting to decorate for fall~ hmm where will I display these prim cuties?(THANK YOU!!)
    your my thoughts a lot~ hope your doing well~

  2. They are as cute as can be!!!
    Hope things are going well with you... and that you have a good weekend.....

  3. There's just something about bunnies that are so dang cute!! (But don't like them eating my flowers!!) Yours are adorable!! Even their feeding bowls are all kinds of sweet!! Furry bliss! Hope things are well....Smiles & Hugs ~

  4. My kids love rabbits. They will just watch them forever. They are so quiet and peaceful. -Steph-