Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jaylins Surprise Birthday Party

I baked a bear cake & cupcakes for Jaylins birthday yesterday. This turned out to be the black bear in the sunflower field. Atlee & his girlfriend Samantha were bringing the girls to visit. We ate diner & I surprised Jaylin with a birthday party. Both my grand babies were surprised & tickled. We enjoyed the cake & cupcakes then opened gifts. Both girls got a gift to open & I gave Samantha a gift card to get Jaylin something she needs. After playing in the yard & visiting all the creatures Atlee & his little family headed home. Lucas & a friend came right after. The boys moved the outhouse tool shed to the new area for me with plans to move the bunny hutch Friday night. Things are coming together for the creatures to be moved to the new location that will allow space for an enclosure for the chickens & more rock beds to plant Veggies & herbs in.

Jaylin the birthday girl making a wish & blowing out the candle.

I could not let Madison out. As you can see she was feeling left out & sad. She got her turn to blow out the candle to. That just made all well & happy. Just small simple acts can make a child happy as pie.
Today I opened the scented wax that was included in the package of hearts from White Sheep Farm. They smell so good. Thanks Janice.

I just could not put the hearts away that I won from White Sheep Farm. I have not had them very long. They are now pinned to a piece of burlap hanging on the Jelly cupboard. These photos were taken in the game room. Laken has been gone for eight months. She takes more of her things with her each time she comes home. Sams things have been moved into her room little by little. I have been doing some work in the game room making it more prim & making a space for my sewing machine. A place to set up & work without having to keep moving it around. This was just a peek at what is to come. I got an order from the shop for more bonnets so I will be getting back to working on them.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Such a cute bear cake and cupcakes!!!
    Looks like the girls are having fun!!!
    Happy Birthday Jaylin!!!
    Prim Blessings

  2. I have that same little bear pan! Yours look so sweet, the girls are just precious. Hope things continue to go well, I'm thankful you got an order. Hope the chickens will like the new area when it's completed.

  3. Happy Birthday Jaylin.
    Wonderful bear cake. Such love put into it.
    Lovely new memories.
    Blessings Trace

  4. I love birthday posts!
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful Jaylin.
    And that cake looks great too!

  5. Hi Lara,

    The cake set is darling ! What a neat idea !

    Thanks for stopping by .. Belleville is a sweet little town. I love that one quilt shop that is there. I love all the old homesteads around that area..stone, brick and even some old log homes.

    Warm spring blessings !


  6. Cute girls~ Love the photos~ sure looks like they had fun~ outstanding work on the cake & cupcakes so cute~
    Have a wonderful spring day

  7. Lara,

    Cute birthday cake. Love the wreath. Have a great day.


  8. Such a cute cake and cupcakes for Jaylin!! I'm sure she had a great birthday, and that she will always remember how special it was spent with her grandma.... Both girls are just adorable...
    Great idea putting the hearts on a burlap strip.... it looks very cute the way you have it displayed.
    Good luck with moving things around outside... I'm sure the chickens will be happy in their new enclosure!

  9. Looks like the Birthday party was a success. Great pictures!

    Hope you are totally enjoying the wonderful weather..have fun working outside.


  10. What a great cake Lara!! Yikes - that's what I missed yesterday, birthday cake! ;o) Glad you made both girls feel that age, their little feelings are so fragile. Sounds like things are coming together both indoors and outdoors there - I have to get going on some major cleaning and organization here.....but first, I best be doing some paperwork! Wishing you a blessing-filled day....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. I just stopped by to read a while. Your blog is charming. I have so enjoyed the visit.