Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eggs * Heart Giveaway * Seedlings

I ventured into the duck house to see how many eggs were in the nest momma duck had made. I counted eleven pretty blue eggs neatly arranged & snug against each other with a soft layer or feathers under them. I can not wait to see the ducklings hatch. My brooder is ready for some little ones.

Momma duck is now setting on her nest keeping those pretty blue eggs warm. Momma duck is nine years old & still laying eggs.

I won the heart giveaway from Prims By The Water. I have them in the gathering room in a wood bowl where I can see them all day. Thank you for the sweet hearts Janice. You can use my link in my side bar to visit Janice at Prims By The Water.

I sat on the porch sipping Arizona tea while playing in the dirt. I have started planting my seeds this week. So far red & green peppers. Tomatoes & sunflowers. I was wondering if it might be a bit early to start the basil & oregano. What do you think? I was surprised there were only 14 pepper seeds in one packet & 22pepper seeds in the other. I will need to pick some more of those seeds up.

I moved the greenhouse from Lakens room to Sams game room today then started adding trays of seedlings. Laken has been gone for seven months now & says she is not moving back home. Her work is picking up & she really wants to move from her friends into her own apartment. I kept all her furniture in place but added Sams dresser & turtle tank. I washed & made the bed up with Sams John Deer bedding. Laken had already taken all her bedding with her. If she changes her mind & wants to move back home Sam will just move back into the game room. Or I guess she will take her dressers & desk to her own apartment & Sam will have more room.

The bunnies were happy to have their hutch cleaned today. When I got the bunnies I was told I had two females. You can see the black bunnies is getting a large mass of fur under her chin. I thought they only got that for pulling out to make a nest when expecting a litter. Is that so? I have seen so many cute bunnies here & there on your blogs that you have all made. I had started one before the doctor changed my medication but I have not finished it as yet. I would have thought by now all of the side effects would have went away but the sores in my mouth turned into blisters & continued down my throat. I seen a commercial for Cymbalta warning mouth blisters can accrue while taking it this week. I know I will never take it again. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Love the color of those pretty duck eggs, momma duck looks proud sitting on her clutch! Always exciting to see new little critters arrive, I have one hen that hatches surprise eggs out every August, lol. Cute heart bowl fillers, bet they make you smile :) and your bunnies are too cute! i cannot wait to be able to plant seeds, I need one of those greenhouses like you have!
    Have a wonderful night,
    hugs, Trish

  2. Sounds like you have been busy enjoying the touches of spring...Cool that you have gotten your seedlings started..You can grow your Herbs year wound in your Kitchen window so I am sure that you can start the seedlings now..they will be ready to plant just when it is getting nice permnantly...without chance of frost.
    Some herbs you can leave in the garden year round..I am still getting Sage, thyme, Lavender and Rosemary from the Herb garden outside.. My dill is sprouting too...Not good but none the less it is coming up.

    Your Bunny's are so cute...and Moma Duck look pretty darned content sitting there..I bet you can't wait for them to hatch...what fun!

    Have a Great week!


  3. Congrats on winning Janice's hearts! Your mamma duck is precious-such pretty blue eggs. Good luck with your seeds-can't wait to do the same! ~*~Lisa

  4. Such cute little critters you got!
    I gave up on growing seedlings ~ don't have much luck. Now I just purchase starter plants.
    Hope your Dr. appt. goes well.
    Prim Blessings

  5. Hello dear Lara - so sorry it's been so few and far between my visits. Still haven't mastered that "balance" thing yet. Spent a little time here tonight catching up - so sorry to hear about the reaction to the new medication. Hope you're on the mend soon. Looks like you're welcoming in spring on the homestead in a fine way....I love your mamma duck and her eggs. And nothing beats cute like little ducklings....Can't wait till you post photos of them (at least I'm hoping you will!) And your bunnies are precious....I have such a soft spot for bunnies (until they chew up my flowers....) You all are way ahead of us on spring. We've had a week of incredibly above-normal temps - but there's still snow and frost in the ground....Our growing season is so very short here, some days it makes me wonder why I bother. Thanks for you kind visits and sweet comments - and for not giving up on me. It truly means a lot.....I hope the day is good to you....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Wow....how strange is that? I just posted my comment above and checked my email to found you had been visiting me while I was visiting you!....Sweet! ;o) Robin

  7. I am laughing cause I thought the picture of the cookie tray with seeds were cookies or cinnamon rolls and they looked so good!

  8. Your critters are just so darn cute! I LOVE the color of your rabbits:) I know that rabbits do pull hair for nesting; but a word of advice... if you have a pregnant female you better separate her before the little ones are born or the male will kill the little ones.

  9. You make me want to start planting:) Maybe I will get some seeds started inside this weekend. I love the blue eggs and how fun to have baby ducks. Exciting!!! Congrats on winning the bowl fillers. I love looking around my house and seeing the fun things that remind me of the friendships I have and the great talent others hold. Have a great day. -Steph- p.s. I really hope you start feeling even better.

  10. What beautiful Blue eggs! Your animals are adorable. Those are some big bunnies! Congratulations on your win! Love the hearts!!
    Hope you feel better.


  11. hi,Lara~ Beautiful weather isn't it~ loving it!!
    Way to go Momma duck~ pretty blue~ the bunnies are precious~
    thinking planting also~ Been looking at magazines trying to get ideas for the flower beds~ dug into them last night, cleaning them up a bit~ felt so good~makes me feel like I am alive~ love spring time~

  12. Hi Lara,
    Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a kind comment about my new outdoor leaving area. I found the picture of your gazebo in your previous post and it is lovely but I do especially like your swing. I can imagine a swing like that painted in white to match my house. We are also thinking of having a gazebo on top of our concrete water tank. I've planted a jasmine there to grow up the sides so it would be a lovely scented place to sit and relax. I have just started planting my autumn seedlings - many crops do better at this time of year in our climate as they do not go to seed as quickly. Enjoy those spring days! Blessings, Ann.

  13. What beautiful colored eggs!!!! I can't wait to see pics when they hatch.

    Those hearts are perfect!!! I also like the table cloth underneath with the pennies ;-)

    Hope your sores get better.

  14. Hope your mouth gets better Lara..not fun to have blisters. I use to have a brown bunny and yours are so sweet! Also hope you post pics of the baby ducklings. Thanks for the mention of my blog and glad you like the hearts. I too like the penny rug underneath. I will be posting an Eater giveaway soon, Take care, Janice

  15. So sorry to hear about your blisters Lara. That is one horrible side effect. I pray that the doctor gives you good news. :)

    Those duck eggs are so neat and beautiful. You are blessed to have such wonderful little ones on the way. They will be a joy to have.

    I don't know much about rabbits... I hear they are hard to judge the sex of. Maybe you will get a bunch of little Bunnies for Easter! ;)

  16. Sweet Hearts, a pleasure to see each day, I'm sure. Your duck eggs are beautiful, lucky duck!
    I am so sorry to hear about the blisters, do feel better soon. Maybe warm salt water will soothe them. I'd ask the doc first. It works for mouth sores from dentures, my hubby knows. And, as for those bunnies...they look like Velveteen Rabbits..so sweet.

  17. Hello,really enjoy your blog.Love your home and the critters you have,great fun.Blessings,Francine.

  18. Hello New Friend
    I am a new follower and I look forward to getting to know you.
    Blessings Trace


  19. Great blog. I love the photos.

  20. cute bunnies:) I have one that lives in the house, did have 2 but we lost one a few months ago, very sad! That "double chin" is called a dewlap and only females have them, I think they help keep the babies warm when newborn, before birth the mama will pull fur from her belly area to line the nest:)