Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesdays Display Chain ~Displayed Sentiments~

Misi's Tuesday Display Chain if such fun. If you would like to join in & see other posts others have posted you can find them a http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com

Todays display chain Displayed Sentiments. I have so many things I could share. Years ago I started to fill my home with things that were from family members. Most every thing here at the homestead has a story behind it. As family members passed on I tryed to buy an item at there public sales. Many are from the old home I grew up in. They hold memories of warmth love & safety. They really hold no meaning to any one but me. How sad I may just be the last generation to hold on to these many treasures & stories. Unless my kids find a love for them before I someday pass.

Great grams butter churn & butter press. Bought by pap at the sale. Later given to me by Pap just a few days before he passed. Oh to only have the old butter bowl. It was sold at Paps brothers sale. Little did I know. Maybe some day it will find its way to me. I have the butter paddle too. To wish upon a star.

The old highchair from Gram & Paps house. Used by my Mom & Aunt. Later by all the many Grands & later used by all but three Great Grands & one Great Great Grand.

Pap & Grams old radio they went to house keeping with. Still waiting for me to to refinish it. An old jar with a dozen dried red roses. The only ones ever sent to my Gram. By me on her last Birthday. She saved them. A note I added to the jar after she passed. Keep & give to Lara. After Pap passed they came to me. An old sewing box my FIL picked up at a yard sale that was given to me by my MIL after he passed.

Old stacked bowls. Chipped or cracked no matter. Most from family members. The Taylor Smith Taylor oven ware dish on the scales was from my oldest Son. Found at a yard sale & bought for Mom. A call to check if I was home & a visit to give it to me. I played with these scales as a child for years. One birthday Gram left a box for me in my car at work. Another Birthday gift. Inside was the scales.

An old creamer can bought from a friend at her yard sale. She made sure I knew there was a hole in the bottom. Not wanting me to think I was ripped off. I chuckle As I type. I loved the can hole & all. The roaster Gram bought at an auction I commented on liking it. Later it became my birthday gift.

Grams french fry cutter. So many good old fries cut & cooked in her kitchen for us to enjoy. It no longer cuts fries. I have no idea how to sharpen it so it hangs with honor in my kitchen. Before Hubby was my Hubby he came home once after he attended an auction with boxes full. How I love to dig in those boxes. To find a treasure like this the oil can. My first to collect

A simple little lantern sitting on the kitchen counter when I went to visit Pap one night. With the question asked "is that what you wanted"? My answer Yes. Pap found it on one of his many adventures of visiting yard sales. He remembered I wanted one. The joy it has given me.

My first piece of gray granite ware that started my collection. What a coffee pot. Found at a yard sale along the road the day Hubby & I were on our way to the JP to marry.

A simple little penny that my Hubby put into a machine to press & put the Lords Prayer on it. I carry it in my pocket always. So many years ago he gave this to me. Not any expensive gift but one I treasure.

My childhood dolly. She has no beauty to her. But she holds so many memories of cuddling her & loving her. Her hair is long gone & her eyes have no sparkle to them. Her simple dress was sewn by my Gram. She & the red tricycle in my garden are the only toys I have from long ago.

I recently got this piggy cutting board. I had to have it. It remined me of a childhood book I loved. Yes Charlottes Web. The little pig Wilbur. Who could not love any runt in a litter. Who would not want to save a runt.

Things we hold dear to our heart hold the best memories. Why not decorate our homesteads with them.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. i love all of your cherished family heirlooms! that doll is so wonderful! :)

  2. Such wonderful items you have shared -- with great family history to go along with them! You are lucky to have so many items passed down from relatives. I'm sure they will be special to your children, too, as they have grown up having those lovely keepsakes around them. Stay safe and warm.....

  3. Oh how you have some beautiful mementos! Your home looks so warm and welcoming with all your cherished memories! TFS!

  4. These are all fine family heirlooms with wonderment and great sentiment. You're lucky to have them:)

  5. Oh, I think you and I both have an appreciation for stuff like this. This is great..and as I was looking at your photos, I'm thinking of all the things I have in my home that I've inherited from fam ily members, mostly my grandmother. Some things I purchased at yard sales..and I still think about this one lady who was selling me this quilt. She was sad to part with it, but glad that I was buying it, because she knew that I would love it..and I do :) :) That radio is the coolest ;) :) I love vi ntage stuff like that. H opefully you can find a butter bowl to go with your butter churn/press. Have you tried looking in eBay or Craigslist to see if you could find one that fits in your budget? Well, thanks for sharing these photos ;) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Thanks for sharing all of your family treasures and special memories.

    I just became a follower and invite you to visit my blog: http://primsue.blogspot.com/


  7. Hello Lara,
    How touching to read of the memories your treasures hold for you. My mom (& gram)is always gifting me with funny little things that most people think of as junk. Those things become so special as time passes. You understand.
    I love that you have become the keeper of so many family things. Thank you for sharing your stories and pictures with us.

  8. What an amazing tour through your life and home. Sweet memories....
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. You are doing your lineage proud! Such beautiful displays make for a warm & sentimental home. I love your style!!!
    Thank you for sharing along

  10. Lara, I loved your post, it really touched me, all the warm memories of your family.
    Tnwoman, Pam

  11. hi,
    Checked out your post last night, but my computer would not allow me to comment!
    So I made it back!
    Love your post!
    Girl, we love the old family items, don't we!
    I am sure your children will hold all these beautiful heirlooms for your generations to come, Your Great Great Grandchildren will be looking at these>>saying thanks Grandma Lara!

    keep safe & warm with this Winter Storm!

  12. oh my gosh! love that cutting board!!! :)

  13. Such wonderful memories. I really enjoyed it Laura.

  14. You have some awesome goodies tucked away in your home! I LOVE those bowls all stacked up together. I have a weakness for bowls!

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