Monday, February 7, 2011

Chicken Coop & Every Day Life

Our four ducks are enjoying a walk in the snow. They are left out of the duck house to roam the homestead each day. Later in the day they are put back in the duck house for the night. They are pretty well trained to go back into the duck house. When they hear their cracked corn being shaken in the feed bucket they come waddling as fast as they can to eat cracked corn & drink their warm water before being bedded down for the night. As you know I have been reading all I can about raising a small flock of chickens. I checked out some chicken coops that are built & delivered around here. I was shocked at the prices. I tryed to add a photo of one like I was considering from a web site. Of course it would not load. The chicken coops were even higher priced there. Well the price has stopped that idea. But I found plans for a nice chicken coop in the Backyard Poultry Magazine. Dec.2010/Jan.2011 Volume 5. If I am going to have chickens they will have to have a homemade chicken coop. I checked at the nearest Tractor Supply store this past weekend to see when they would be getting the baby chicks. That will be the first week in March. For now I found plans to make a small cage called a table top brooder. This will house the baby chicks for 6 to 8 weeks in the barn. By then I hope to have a fine little chicken coop for them to live in. Oh they were not to become pets. They were to be for eggs & meat. But Sam was so excited about the news of chicks arriving in March he already has decided he must pick a few for his very own pets & give them names. Hubby informed me I should just go be Amish & told me I would end up naming them all & not have the heart to use them for meat as he laughed & started naming off the names he believed I would name the flock. Oh what can I say. Maybe the neighbors would like to buy fresh eggs each week.

I bought this green icing in a can because it is Sams favorite color & I thought he would have fun with it. He sure did. Right before the super bowl game was about to air he wanted a treat to eat during the game. So I suggested mini cupcakes & he could put the icing on. It turned out perfect for him to have green icing. He said they could be Green Bay Packer cupcakes.

Sams finished Green Bay Packer cupcakes! I am not into football so I watched a movie while Sam & his Dad watched the game. Sam was happy his team won.

I found these sugar cookies on a stick decorated like puppies at the butcher shop. I thought it would be fun to take them home for Sam. Yes he was excited. Sam & I each had fun eating our cookie. I might just have to try baking some myself. We have Popsicle sticks I have saved. I have been keeping busy making soups. All the extra has been put in to the little jars for later.

Beef barley soup!

Chicken noodle soup!

And Beef Noodle Soup!

I put the doll dress a side for now. Getting on my nerves. I started a new doll & I am trying to dry a pineapple. Lucas is doing a wood project. I will share them soon.
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Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Lara,

    You duckies look so cute. How old are they? And you will love farm fresh eggs. My sons girlfriend raises chickens and we get eggs alot from her...they are definitely better than store bought.


  2. Hi, Lara
    Check out the ducks! Adorable! Don't ya just love hearing them talk!
    Of course thank you I am now hungry at 6:30 in the morn!
    Cupcakes & cookies look so yummy!
    And the Soup, oh, so good!

  3. Oh that soup looks sooo good! I havent had beef barley soup in ages so I think it might be time. Good luck with your baby chicks.

  4. The ducks are sooo cute! That soup looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Laura... Love your Ducks...We have chicken here at my brothers and I just love them...Ours room free since we are on a mini farm. They follow me everywhere and in the warmer months when I can have my shop door open they will woddle in and beg for me to throw them some food... It's hystarical.. of course they have me trained & I quickly toss a handful out the door. Yes I have a can of food beside my work station...In the winter I always toss them some when I go to the shop.
    We will be getting new chicks in the spring. We hatched 30 eggs last year for the kids and it was so much fun.
    Have fun building your coupe and getting your new chicks.

    Yummy..please send me over some of taht Beef & noodles for dinner... thanks in advance.


  6. aww... i want ducks! so sweet!

    we got chickens in the summer of '09. my father in law built us a coop. a suggestion from someone who doesn't know much about chickens... don't get the black australorpe chickens! they are not very friendly and they don't lay well either!! i hear they are mostly for meat anyways. but we just have not been impressed by them. comets are really nice though!

    your soups look yummy! i sure could use some!

  7. Mmmm... the pics of food are delectible:) Your duckies are cute and you take good care of them, and enjoy it. You're a sweety and Sam will be a real catch for some lucky gal!

  8. I live on a farm with chickens and a muscovy duck that flew to our pond from the neighbors.
    We had tried to keep ducks to roam free, but there are too many coyotes and dogs around. Since then i put our duck in the enclosed shed at night.
    I enjoyed them while i had them though. we raised them from chicks and since i feed all the farm animals before and after i go to work they become attached to me and follow me around. We have laying hens and a rooster in a coop with enclosed pen. I have named all of them.I enjoy getting outside and getting back to nature. Whether its taking care of the animals or gardening. I like the primitive decorating themes and as i get older i have simplified my life alot. Life is too short not to enjoy the things and people you love.