Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can U Guess ?

Can you guess? If you guessed apple sauce is next then you were right. I bought a bushel of apples at the orchard. A really good buy they were. I paid $5.00 for them. I was excited. They were seconds. There was nothing wrong with these apples. I still have half a bushel to make more apple butter soon.

Cooking & smelling so warm & yummy.

All ready to be ladeled into the jars then off to the water bath canner.

I ended up with 24 jelly jars & one pint to eat right away. You ask why such little jars. Well I have found that many jars have went to waste sitting in the frig half full. Not everyone wants apple sauce with their meal. Every one will get there own little jar when they want it with a meal this way.

I still had 18 cups of tomatoes left after my salsa adventure so I froze them. I will attempt to make salsa again soon with another recipe this time.. I added a can of mild chili peppers to a jar of the salsa I made over the weekend. It was not bad. I can say that home canning is much work. Much easier to can with another. Gram was such a huge help so many years ago. I have my eyes on some pear trees that are loaded with pears this year. I plan to ask the neighbor if I could pick some to can spice pears.

We have not yet started to build the shelves to hold all the lovely can goods. I have been busy working on creations for the shop when not canning. Lucas has been working after school four nights a week. Not much time for us to get started. I want to make it on wheels so I can easily move it out when I have to. I am wanting to build it to look something like the buttery photos in the APP Magazines but in two stacked pieces. I have sketched some designs in my notebook. Changed them as I think. If you have any photos of something like my ideas on your blog let me know. Inspiration.

We have open house at school coming up this week & Sam has a birthday too. He is more excited about his birthday than open house. Well what kid wouldn't be? So much to look froward to when so young.

Laken did not get the job she applied for a while back but. She had to be able to lift 50 pound boxes & load them on a delivery truck. She is feather light at way under 90pounds herself. She was told she would be considered for an office job in November. She has applied for many jobs since but has had no luck yet.

I will close with good night to all.

Blessings Til Next Time!



  1. YUMMY!! That's about all I have to say about that, haha. I have never had homemade applesauce before but I've been seeing it a lot lately. I'm thinking I might want to try it. It all looks so good!

  2. I say Yummy too! I can almost smell it now!
    I hope you have better luck with the next batch of salsa!
    Wishing Laken luck on finding a job she would enjoy.
    Prim Blessings

  3. oh your apple butter looks yummy...I love applesauce and smart in the small jars..and great gifties too for the holidays..have a wonderful weekend.;)

  4. I love making applesauce. I usually keep mine a bit on the chunky side though. Great idea using the little jars. I may have to see if I can't locate some for myself.

    Have a blessed day Lara.
    Hugs ~AMY~

  5. Your applesauce looks wonderful. That is an amazing price you paid! Love all the little jars. Hope you have a great day!

  6. Your applesauce look and sounds delicious, Lara!! Smart idea with the little jars, but oh, the work. You must have such a feeling of satisfaction having put up so many wonderful canned goods - and the joy of seeing them lined up on shelves will be so fulfilling. I like the idea of having something that is moveable - but, yikes, all I can think about are those jars falling and crashing to the ground!! You'll definitely have to let us know what you come up with! Good luck! Happy Thursday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Oh Yum!!! Those apples look good. Can't wait for mine to sweeten up so we can make applesauce too. -Steph-

  8. oh yum yum, homemade applesauce. It's apple butter season too, outside in the big copper kettle.