Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day Of September

After making sweet tea doing a load of laundry & having a light lunch it was time to do some major cleaning. The first day of the month is always busy for me unless it is a weekend day because I clean out the animal houses. This month the first fell on Thursday which is my day to clean out the frig each week. Lots to do today.

Off to clean the bunny hutch. Everything needed is in the outhouse waiting.

Velveteen just has to see what is going on outside the hutch.

Chestnut seems to approve of fresh pine shavings. All but that black ball. Could Velveteen have left that behind?

Off to clean the chicken house next.

Fresh pine shavings waiting for the chickens to enjoy tonight.

All the chickens sure have grown over the summer. I thought Lucy Ethel Grace Ruth & Jenny would be laying eggs by now. I look each day but none as yet. What are you girls waiting on?

This guy has not crowed yet. Thought he was a rooster. Could I be wrong?

I called the owners of the log house but there has been no answer as yet. Try & try again. I have talked to my husband & explained I do not think he will ever have the loans paid off before he dies. He now plans to sometime sell the homestead to get out from the debt. To me there is no hope other than just making sure my things on the property are protected for now. Of all things he suggested that if I put his name on the deed to the property Pap & Gram gave me he would put my name on the homestead property. I guess he thinks I am stupid. If he dies I would still loose the homestead due to signing the banks paper & if he defaults I would have to pay his loan & take a chance of losing my property. His suggestion was to amend the pre nump by having it changed to if we divorce then we each go back to owning our original property. IF. How many times has he said he is divorcing me. Well my head is spinning with all these mind games & he can forget it. My best bet is to presue the log house & property even if it is not for sale yet but could be in the future. Who knows they may want to sell. Please know I do not wish for my husband to die. I am not heartless. The comment left that he could have a brain tumor hits home because I made the comment to my mother that I could understand his actions if he had a brain tumor. Fortunately for him he dose not have one. For now I continue to pray about all this & continue to go to the new church. I am happy there & the people are very nice. I have shared none of my problems there. I hate the questions from one. What is your last name who are you married to. Who said I was married? Well I could not lie but I hurried the conversation along & left. I guess this is only normal but at this time I just want to be me. Like I can here on the blog. Thanks for all the prayers & support.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Gosh that's a lot of cleaning! I don't even like cleaning my own house, let along lots of little houses, hehe.

    Hang in there girl and don't give up. Stand your ground and protect yourself and your kids above all. Still praying for you!

  2. Go for your dreams!
    Hang in there girl friend.
    Keep us posted.
    Prim Blessings

  3. Your bunnies and chicks are some lucky critters - what lovely homes they have!! And it's awesome that you schedule their cleaning....Gee - perhaps I should do that for our house??/ ;o)

    I can tell you have common sense...remember that about yourself....You know what you need to do and why....Take good care....You are continued to be lifted up in my prayers....Hugs ~ Robin

  4. the babies will appreciate all your cleaning as they snuggle into their beds..Take care of you and your kids and stand your ground..I wish the best for you.:)

  5. I think that if I had a day of the week set for certain chores I would actually do them. I love your animal houses they are cute. Keep plugging along in life and you will eventually end up where you want. I am glad you can be yourself with your blog. What a great way to escape and be normal. -Steph-

  6. Hi, Lara
    Look how big the chickens are & the bunnies so cute!!! Okay~ you clean the frig every Thursday~ come on over PLEASE & clean mine!!!I'll clean the bunnies & the chicks while you clean my frig~ deal?

  7. Having been divorced twice---I have a idea of what you are going through. It sounds as though you have a firm grip on reality. Stick to your guns. You know exactly what you are doing.
    Your kids come first.
    It is good to hear you are pursuing your dream home. Your animals have nicer digs than most people!
    I'm with you. I want to be known for myself first and foremost. Just tell them that you are coming to Church alone for a reason and it's too personal to discuss. They should be offering hope, not judgement.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, as always.

  8. Don't let him bamboozle you into anything, if he was so concerned about his property that he made you sign a per-nuptual agreement, then let him sink or tread water on his own. you have property and you keep that for you and your babies.
    BTW, I DO have a brain tumor and I would not treat someone like that. Actually, this is my 2nd one (had one removed 10 years ago, and I didn't act like a createn then either!) He as no excuse other than being a self-serving, self-centered person. You follow your dreams girl and let him sink in his own pit.
    My thoughts are often with you.

  9. Don't ever re-finance or arrange financing of the property that is in your name or it will become partly his (if you are in a community property state). I was a real estate broker for years...women must protect themselves. If someone is half can't do anything but meet them half-way as well.

    Anyway, love the photos. I'm a new reader...found you thru a mutual blog friend. Glad you write with such raw honesty, that is therapy within itself!


  10. Re: Freebies.
    Your welcome!!! I don't have much time for crafting but I do like to do a little dreaming. Thanks for visiting. -Steph-