Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Festus Crows

Finally our rooster Festus crows. At around 6:15 A.M. Monday I heard a sound from the animal area. I wondered what sick sound that could be. Again the sound rang out & I realized it was a crow. I waited & heard it once more. Finally Festus is crowing. I assume his crow will get better with practice. Will I regret this later in the days to come I thought. After 28 weeks I really gave up & decided he would just be a beautiful quiet rooster. That would not really be bad. I check the nesting boxes each day & as yet the hens have not layed an egg. Still waiting. Today there were no crows from Festus. Has he already forgotten how to crow?

Grace is our most friendliest chicken in the flock & she is Sam's fav. Ruth & Festus there behind her as Grace keeps her head buried in the feeder.

The chicken flock waits as I make their day run ready with fresh water & food.

The ducks ready to start their day roaming the homestead grounds.

The ducks take a swim in the large mud puddle as the chicken flock looks on.

Chestnut enjoys her carrot as Velveteen eats her cracked corn & rabbit pellets. They have both enjoyed chewing their bunny hutch. Can you see the damage they have done to the door? I provided them blocks of wood to chew on but they like the doors better. The hutch will have to get some repairs soon. Not something I had planned when having this wonderful bunny hutch built for them.

Benny the kitten visits the chicken house & some days curls up & takes a nap.

Grace always looks on as the bunnies get fed just waiting for a pellet to fall her way & when none dose she climbs into the bunny hutch toward the feeding dishes only to be shooed out. As you can see Benny is looking for food to.

Sam's little dog enjoying a walk in the fallen crisp leaves. He joins me each day to feed all the creatures. With excitement each day he greets all his furry & feathered friends.
This what feeding time is like each day at the homestead along with holding & strocking their soft feathers or fur to let them know they are special. Off I go to making a room into my bedroom. Lots of work sorting many boxes that have been stored in that room for so long & I am making a pumpkin to hang on the outhouse door. The three piece cabinet I have decided for sure to restore it for the kitchen food storage. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Lara ~your animals look so Happy!! Pretty critters they are!!
    Benny is too cute in with them~ giggles~
    Feeding time is my favorite time of day, by the looks of your place it is for you also~so clean, so well taken care of!!( hoping for more cock~ a~doodle~do's~ in the wee hours, beautiful sound to wake up to)
    hugs to you~

  2. Your chickens are lovely! Visiting the coop is my favorite time of the day too... I use to go over to do chores and would sneak a handful of fresh greenbeans from my son's garden that he put behind their coop. I would eat and talk to the hens. I am sure going to miss the fresh veggies... *sigh*

    I cannot wait until you make the first egg discovery. Sometimes cooler weather can throw them off. I have only one hen laying right now. My son has another coop at the farm that he works for, and they just got done molting and are starting to lay again. So, mine taking a break isn't completely a bad thing, but I miss finding them in the nesting boxes. Nice to see you enjoying your animals. Love to read your posts and see that you are still here. Take care ~


  3. I've never seen a cat around chickens like that, very interesting!!


  4. Hi lara... Patience that Rooster will learn to crow soon enough..Great sound to wake up to once you get used to it..Ours really just learned to crow properly...We had our first egg a week ago..from the young hens. so your should be starting to lay soon too..

    Have a great week!!


  5. What a glorious start to your day!! Your chickens are lovely - and that sweet little Benny - how cute!! I looked twice at that first picture and thought "hmmmm...sure looks like a kitty to me...." Sure enough....too, too, funny. So glad to hear from you my friend....Wishing you a wonderful evening and blessed tomorrow....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. OH I just love all of your critters! Nice blog....

  7. Loved seeing all of your beautiful critters!Had to chuckle over Festus and his crowing habits.Have a wonderful evening!Hugs,Jen

  8. Hi Lara, Your feathered and furry family looks so happy and healthy. I'll bet they give you much comfort. I hope you're getting settled in and are taking care of yourself. Hugs~Carol

  9. Ha Ha, when I read the name of your post I had to read it twice. I thought it read fetus crows!!!! What fun to have roosters and hens. -Steph-