Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our First Snow Fall

Warm & cozy inside the homestead looking out the windows our first snow fall October 30th has arrived this winter season quite early. Twenty years ago it snowed the third weekend of October. The earliest I remember.

The fall flag dose not match the winter wonder land of the gardens.

All fish are accounted for. They must be oh so cold. The pumps & fountain were removed just in time. The pumpkins peeking from under the snow.

No swinging for a frozen butt would be gotten.

For sure there will be no picnic anytime soon. To thinks just last Thursday evening Sam trimmed around the rock beds & mowed this lawn. No longer a lush bright green lawn but snow covered powder white.

Oh boy these chickens do not like the snow. Slow to come out & scratch. Grace & Ruth never did come out of the house. They waited for the food tray to be filled & the water to be changed. Festus & all the girls retreated to the house to eat & stay in for the rest of the day.

Old cheerios are the special treat today for the ducks.

Sam's little dog loves the snow. When not on his leash he runs through the snow like a wild dog racing. He is not loose often for he dose not like the neighbor lady so it is best to keep a good eye on him.

A few of the homestead kitties eating some scattered treats before being put in their outside house & being fed until evenings run time about the homestead grounds. If the others come soon they will miss the special treats. There are five total. I lost my special little kitty Timmy a short time back. Timmy Benny's twin brother was involved in a auto accident. Very sad day that was. Benny gets extra attention since he no longer has Timmy to play & frolic his days away with.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Your home is lovely...love that centerpiece on your table.Beautiful pics but I am sure not ready for the snow.So sorry about Timmy!It is always hard to say farewell to a pet.Big hugs,Jen

  2. Goodness that's a lot of snow already! I'm with Grace and Ruth... I wouldn't want to come out either, lol! Your land is so pretty in all the seasons, isn't it? I love it covered in snow, so pretty! Stay warm and dry!!

  3. Truly lovely - especially the view looking out from the cozy and warm inside....You have such a snug looking home....but, it's too, too, early for snow of that depth....I'd be found in the coop with Festus and the girls.....Sorry to hear of Timmy's passing. The very hardest things about our furry friends is saying good-bye too early. Hope all is well....Smiles & November Hugs ~ Robin

  4. What a beautiful display on your table Lara. Is that a crock in the center of the bowl?

    We had snow flakes for Halloween but nothing like you have. You can keep it really. I hate winter and I especially hate snow!

    Have a cozy day!

  5. The snow on your homestead is gorgeous. There isn't even snow up here in the North yet, just a dull grayness, it's that inbetween stages where the fall color is fading and waiting on that first beautiful snowfall!

    take care! (haven't been able to post comments for a while due to account issues but I've still been following :)


  6. Beautiful photos of the first snow~ always so exciting ~ even if early still gives you that peaceful feeling~

  7. Your homestead looks so warm and inviting against the back drop of the snow outside, everything is so wonderful!

    I can't believe how much snow has fallen and we are still in the Autumn season!

    Have a great weekend!