Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Fast Question About My Roosters Comb & Wattle

The comb & wattle of my rooster Festus has turned black in a large area? They were bright red. I fear he has frost bite? So I ask if this is so? I am new to raising chickens. Festus & the hens were added to the many creatures living here at the homestead last spring. Dear fellow chicken keepers can you help?
Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Without a picture,if the ends of his comb are dark, it could be frostbite....if it's spots all over, it could be fowl pox or a fungus or he could be getting pecked by another chicken or two. My rooster had it last Spring, went away in a few days...hope this helps some

  2. Lara, my roosters had the same thing last year and I think it was frostbite. Just remember to keep plenty of warm bedding in the coop. If it is frostbite, it will get better.
    Hope this helps.
    Country at heart