Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There Hung

It took some time but there hung. The shelf & blanket crane was not really working in bedroom so it is here with the new pictures. I need to do something about the electric smoke detector. It sure has yellowed over the years. It was not easy getting a picture of this wall. The room is not very wide. This is the room off of the kitchen that I am working on. It was never finished after the remodel started. Sam uses this room the most. His game system is on the desk & his talking deer head is on the wall. This & more will be moved into his bedroom later. Laken is still staying with friends & got the job today she interviewed for. I asked her today when she was going to come back home. I was hoping she would come back to the homestead soon but she wants to be on her own. I guess at twenty most do. She has plans of getting her own apartment with one of her friends soon. Sam wants to move into her room but I have been holding off on this. When that time comes if it dose Sam will be able to have his bedroom & game room all in one room. Then Mom can move the sewing machine & cabinet where Sam has his game system. No hurry. Lucas is still working. Not as many hours as before but enough. Lucas bought a truck a few days before Christmas. He has busy installing speakers & lighting inside the truck.

My dry sink is along the other wall. There will will be no major fixing up this room since things are not really settled as to our time period of living here at the homestead. I have not been served with divorce papers yet but all joint accounts have been dissolved. I have rented the kids & I our own post office box & started the process of changing our address. I checked into help for housing & was told there are 75 others ahead of me. I checked into child support & help with food but as long as I am in his house I will not get it. So far he has been paying the house payment & electric. For now we are warm & have well stocked cabinets. The Thursday before Christmas he left the homestead.

I read a post today that wrote a bit about nails. Well I have been trying to end the habit of biting & picking my nails. Once upon a time I had really pretty long nails. But as the ups & downs of life came & went so did my nails. So I was thinking if I shared the ugliness maybe I would stop so I could share the progress in growing nails once again. So here goes. Mary thanks & wish me luck. Off I must be going to pick Lucas up from work. Off I will be going in his truck. I am sure everyone can hear us coming home with his new speakers. I my need a hearing aide in the near future.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. That's funny about your son's speakers. I'd get some earplugs...so you don't damage your hearing!!!

    I'm keeping the other stuff in my prayers...always!!!! I'm glad Laken got the job. That is so cool :) :) Yes, when I was 20 I wanted to be on my own, too :) :) It's totally normal :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  2. Lara, lifting you up, still. One thing he can't take from you is pretty nails! If it makes your heart sing, then take care of them, help them to grow strong, and beautiful.
    Everyone, including and esp. you, should have something personal and private that is a joy to them. Something that might not be of value to anyone else in the world, but is to you. I hope to see a picture when they are beautiful to you, and you have a lovely color polish that you adore!

  3. You are finding your inner strength through this ordeal and you will be so happy to live in peace and to savor each moment, even if "alone." My grandmother told me that you can be alone, yet not lonely and I learned this first-hand, as a military wife and after having long, back-to-back stays in hospitals from cardio-thoracic issues, etc., You can find your strength and peace in your darkest moments. Keep up the good work in trying to find assistance to help you be independent from him. One good attorney told my family years ago that women should always be working to accumulate their emergency stash...even if it is a month's worth of groceries put back for a rainy day along with a tampon box full of cash. I hope each and every change in life will bring you closer to peace and away from people who would treat you dysfunctionally wrong.

    Keep your head up, your hands are beautiful so you're off to a great start with your nails already!!!


  4. Hey, you have my hands. I just visited with another blogger about this. I have bitten my nails since I was a child. Maybe I will try and stop AGAIN. -Steph-

  5. Lara, it is so good to see you decorating again. I also like to see that you are looking ahead and making plans. I was unable to for a very long time. Hang in there. When I was going through my ordeal God kept showing me that he was there with me. Don't worry whenever he closes a door somewhere he opens a window. Things WILL work out.

    I absolutely LOVE the coverlet you have hanging in the middle of the shelf! Great choice to hang the pictures unevenly.

    It sounds as if your kid's are moving forward and past everything. Good luck to you and them. Just think a new year with wonderful changes in store :)

    ha my nails and hands are worse than yours! lol

  6. Lara continuing to pray for you and the kids!Hugs,Jen

  7. Lara~ the wall display looks so pretty~ love how you got creative & made your own pictures~ the way you arranged it all looks wonderful~
    hang in there my friend you will see a light at the end of the tunnel~
    prayers & warm thoughts~

  8. ooooohh.. love the dry sink!!!

  9. Hi Lara, Oooh, I'm lovin' your wall display. That wall is perfect. I have to say I'm so glad to read that you're taking steps to move forward in your life. Keep it up sweetie :-)
    I'm trying to grow my own nails back too. Got hooked on acrylic nails when I was working. That'll be one less monthly expense we'll have with me growing out my own :o)

  10. Lara,
    I really like your wall with the pictures and blanket crane. I love old photos. I also bite my nails, without even thinking about it! Guess there are alot of us out there, huh? Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments about my bed and bedside tables. Wishing you an awesome New Year that will find you settled and happy with the new path you are taking. God Bless!

  11. Lara,

    Love the colonial photos and coverlet !

    Prayers for your homelife !


  12. Love how you displayed your pictures.
    I have the same problem with my nails.
    It is such a hard habit to break.
    I've been trying lately to quit also.
    When I worked at the bank I did quite.
    I guess my fear of all the germs on the money were enough to stop.
    But after I quit the bank, back came the habit.