Thursday, January 17, 2013


Sam's great pumpkin made it from fall all the way to the new year. You could say it was a Christmas pumpkin to. I added a greens candle ring to the steam. With out Lucas none of us were up to all the decorating. Lucas has been our official tree go getter straight from the basement right out of the box. The school game room was festive with small trees and greens. It will never be the same. His energy laughter and personality has left us. It is to quiet. He is greatly missed. I just didn't have heart to throw the great pumpkin to the feeding of nature so it was used quiet well with so little waste.
My hands have gotten worse making it much harder using a knife but helping hands were put to work. The homestead chickens were excited to have the pumpkin skin for a tasty treat.
In went the pumpkin chunks for drying.
Out came the shrunk dried pumpkin chunks to be put up in of course as always the good ol mason jars.
Topaz enjoy's homemade cooking just as we all do around the homestead. She has grown so much. She is such a good girl. I hate that Lucas did not get to see her grow as he was wanting. The biggest reason I took on a three week old puppy that needed bottle feeding was that Lucas loved her so and thought he could not have his own puppy. Of course I fell in love with her at first sight to and was excited to bottle feed her. The photo of Lucas in my side bar is my fav and was the last photo taken of him with his Topaz puppy. I remember how happy Lucas was that day and how we talked and laughed together. Lucas could not wait to see her get big. Of course Mom wanted her to stay little for a long time. Lucas had big plans of buying Topaz a black leather collar with spikes. What teen wouldn't. He had big plans of hauling her along in his little green ranger truck he loved so. These days Topaz gets her rides in Lucas's truck to visit the grave of her beloved master. Topaz has become a great companion for Sam and him for her. She has missed him so these past two days of public school. I have missed him greatly myself. I have been writing to Lucas's in a notebook as the words have came to me. A few I have already shared. The words come to my mind from my heart. The pumpkin treats were as close to a creation I could take on at this time. Blessings Til Next Time! Lara


  1. Afternoon Lara.....that is amazing the pumpkin lasted that long.....neat what you did with it.....Topaz is so beautiful, she has grown so much, can remember the picture of her and Lucas you had taken........That is wonderful you keep a note book to write to Lucas, words from the heart......Warm Blessings Francine.

  2. I agree with Francine, amazing the time it has lasted. Topaz is a beauty, I'm glad you find comfort in her companionship. Praying always Lara, for you.

  3. What a great way to use the pumpkin--a true homestead thriftiness. I loved the images you created of your son with his dog, and his little green truck. I bet the two of them had some adventures. I hope sometime you will share stories of his growing up with us, and of the things he did, like this pumpkin and his puppy. We still write notes on my son's Facebook wall; it's become a memory wall that all our family visits from time to time to share joys, memories, triumphs, and also sadness. But it is one place we have to do that, and I hope your book of notes to your son serves you in that same way. One day at a time, one step at a time, one thing at a time. Sending love and light from my hill to yours.

  4. My heart goes out to you, I have been praying for you. Each day we have to move forward but keeping memories alive is necessary to heal. I wish you all the best in the new year my friend. Know that I have been thinking of you often and keeping you in my prayers.


  5. Hi Lara,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I have just read several of your posts and am now in tears. I have a prayer book and you will be added to it. Faith for me carries me through difficult times. It is not always what I want but I am sure it is what I need.
    Much Peace, Love and Blessings, Barb

  6. You remain in my prayers. I am glad you are finding the strength to put one foot in front of the other. Please continue to share your memories with us while you create new ones with your family.

  7. Sending you a giant woolie hug.
    You are continually in my prayers.
    What a great idea with your pumpkin.
    Sweet Topaz Im sure loves.
    Warm Blessings

  8. Hi Lara,

    I have come back to see your blog again. Topaz looks like a sweetie, I am sure she is a great comfort. Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts, you are an encouragement to me as I am sure you are to many others as well.

  9. Hi Lara. What a beautiful pumpkin. Can't beleive it lasted that long. Topaz is beautiful. What a sweetie. -Steph-