Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Come On In

Welcome to the homestead kitchen once again. For so long I had wanted to change the kitchen cabinets. After Lucas was killed I wanted every thing to stay the same as when he was here. Little by little things have gotten moved. It has been impossible to make that happen. The past two weeks I have been visiting your blogs. Yes I have. I may have not always left a comment. Some times in my frame of mind I'm afraid I may not word things properly. I have been noticing kitchens I like. I picked up some paint samples to experiment with and I already had the stain. Thinking back to my old thoughts of refacing the cabinets already here and just repairing here and there. I still want the cabinets without doors where I removed them long ago and a curtain under the sink. While at play Topaz & Chico tore my curtain down & bent the rod beyond use. Add that to the supply list. I have a very very little budget for this. I gave thought to asking Atlee if he could do the work. I guess I'll see. So my idea was to have the doors much like the closet door. It was an experiment long ago. My thought was to have the top cabinets brown to match the bead board and the ones without the doors add bead board to the inside painted the color as the upper part of the kitchen walls. Now here is the shocker. I'm really thinking of going with the bottom cabinets painted a mustard over black with a dark stain after some distressing. So what do you think two toned or all brown? Any other suggestions are welcome.
Thank you all for visiting. If you commented on my last post I replied to all your comments. I am thankful for your concern support & prayers. Blessings Til Next Time! Lara


  1. I was thinking two toned, maybe just because all one color might feel so dreary, but I know whatever you choose, it will look great. you have such a pretty place there. I love seeing your photos.

  2. I am like you I like to change things in my house but am always on a budget. So painting is one thing I can do to spruce up things. I think the mustard over black would be lovely! Can't wait to see the finished results and the curtains for some of the doors would be awesome. hugs, Lecia

  3. Morning Lara, I agree the mustard over black would look great......always nice to paint, so refreshing....Your kitchen is so cozy, love all your prim goodies, Blessings Francine.

  4. I have always liked two tone.
    And of course, mustard yellow.
    I'm sure what ever you decide will look great.
    Can't wait to see the transformation.

  5. Paint can make such a big difference. Thanks for visiting my blog & for your nice comments. Good luck.....change can be so good! Jan

  6. Whatever you do will be beautiful & heartfelt which will make it all the more comforting for you.

  7. I like your kitchen--so many cabinets! I also like the open cabinets with no doors on them, although that does mean keeping things tidy :) I'm anxious to see what you decide to do.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Lara--it's like having a visit with you.

  8. Loving the mustard over black too!!! I am very proud of you for making some small changes here and there. Sometimes the best things can come out of the smallest budgets:) -Steph-

  9. Oh boy. I guess I'm the rebel here. Unless the kitchen is really open and large, I think two many colors catch your eye. Either all brown, or all mustard, will make your decorative items stand out more. I LOVE that door. I think I'd do mustard over the brown base. But that's me, and obviously not the trend!
    My neighbor lost her son in a accident on a sunny warm day for no other reason than speeding and he took another life with him. She vowed to never change a thing in her house. After a while, she realized that the objects of the house weren't honoring him. It was her heart that did along with the memories. I did the same when mom passed and felt guilty changing anything in her rooms. I guess it's part of the grieving process.