Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Homestead Happenings 4

I have enjoyed having Hannah to help share my posts with you. But she will be going to her new home this June when the qualified entry will be drew. So I have decided I will need a doll for future posts. Emma has been in my sewing basket a very long time. So she has come out of the sewing basket and will be getting prim dresses to show off in those future posts. There is still time for you to have a chance to be the one to give Hannah her new home. Just click on her in my right side bar picture of Hannah to find out the details.
Hannah and I got our things together for sowing our seeds for the hanging garden since we last blogged.
Some are growing at a much more speed than others.
Scrap boards from the window framing were used to build this shelf to fit my sewing baskets. 
We visited a tractor show and flea market this past weekend. I found an amber bowl to match the one I broke. Now I have a complete set once again.  I had to take a picture of this  fine creature  in the barn yard before we left. 
It has been raining and a bit cold so there is not much to do in the garden's. The ducks enjoy the rain and puddles. However the chickens like their nice dry house these rainy days. For Topaz and I we like curling up under a warm coverlet watching  movies and napping while Sam is at school.


  1. I love the shelf for your baskets great job.

  2. That is a fine creature !
    Nice to see your seeds a sowing .

  3. I can't wait to see your hanging garden in it's full glory. What kind of plants are you going to be putting in? I see spinach, basil and peppers in your picture. Any flowers? I really think that's a pretty cool idea. Best of luck with it ~ I hope it produces as planned.

  4. I love the ticking on Emma's legs and hat! Anxious to see what you dress her in. She's gonna be a real looker :) That's a nice floor cabinet you made. I need to get me a basket or something to keep my rug hooking stuff in.
    Now that creature sure has some pointed horns! I believe I'd keep my distance from them, LOL.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, commenting and checking out my eBay! Have a wonderful Saturday! Susan

  6. Lara, It's been so long since I was here. I love the pictures of your family! So precious. Your doll is beautiful. :) Blessings! Donna

  7. WOOHOO, Hannah is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I would love to be in your giveaway!!
    Your homestead is so warm and cozy. I love to see it!