Thursday, April 3, 2014

Homestead Happenings 2

Hannah and I were so excited to receive our first donation in the mailbox today and this lovely card with such thoughtful kind word . Thank you Lecia so much. She asked will this be my new address? Well you know we have to wait for the drawing to know your new address. Don't Forget She Could Be Yours. Information is a click away in my right sidebar. 
The weather was nice enough to clean both feathered friends houses today. Can you believe Hannah wanted no parts of this. She stayed inside and took a herself a nap.

I found this is a great way to hide the modern dog kennel and provide shade for the furry friends. So here is my hanging garden on the dog kennel I mentioned to you. With zip ties the shoe organizers are attached to the frame. I am cutting the bottoms out of plastic soda bottles to put in the pockets before putting the soil in. The pockets dry out fast in the sun so I thought by adding the plastic bottoms some water will not escape. The wood platform was a wood skid with a piece of thick wood added to it. It is a recycle item to. This is the start of a second outhouse for garden tools. The one you have seen in past garden posts is not tall enough for tools so it is used for creature food storage.
These wash tubs will serve as my planting station. I am mixing soil and sand to fill the pockets of the hanging garden. The ground will be covered with more rocks. This is our little dog Chicho under foot. 
Topaz had her hoody on waiting for me to hurry up. She was getting tired and wanted to go in and take her afternoon nap. After all celebrated  her second birthday this week and needed her catch up sleep. So off we went to cuddle. Til Next Time Blessings!


  1. Morning Lara, how wonderful to be able to work outdoors again, wish I could. Love the idea on the dog run, will look great, Blessings Francine.

  2. Good morning Lara-I am so anxious to get outside to work, but our days are still fairly chilly. What a creative idea for the dog kennel...can't wait to see everything when it has grown in the shoe organizers.

  3. Good morning and what a great idea on shading the kennel. I can't seem to access your email from here so can you please send me one with your address. I'm and really want to give Hannah a new home. But more importantly I want to help you put in an awesome garden in honor of Lucas.

  4. Hi Lara, so glad you received your donation. I know that Hannah would love to come and stay at my house, but not sure she would have the fun that she does at yours. he he I can't wait to see your garden, I would have to plant some flowers in those awesome washing tubs. Have a beautiful Spring, hugs, Lecia

  5. I think Topaz looks very comfortable ! I am glad Hannah is going to a loving home. Perhaps she will e-mail you !
    The shading that you are using on the kennel for Topaz is what I use for chickens also.
    Yesterday, I took varieties of lettuce, swiss chard and other greens and planted them in my window boxes instead of flowers. They actually looked quite good ! I did the same thing last year and these yielded specialty greens for salads, along with iceberg lettuce all the way through to November. I hope we are as lucky this year.

  6. I've wondered how well the wall garden fared in the heat. I think you're on to something with plantings within another container first...I might try this. I have an old washtub with rusty holes in the bottom so used it last yr. for my lettuce bed close to the deck...girl, did that ever work well. Even the grandloves would snitch pieces for a quick snack...I look forward to seeing your wall garden grow....what are you planting in it.? Wouldn't that make a beautiful flower, herb, lettuce bed!

  7. Hello Lara....

    I love that name....Lara....reminds me of the Lara in Dr. Zhivago.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. Loved your visit. Susan

  8. Thinking about you and praying for you this Easter morning:)