Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Homestead Happenings 1

Hannah has been keeping a watch over our new ducklings since we added them to our homestead.
Hannah thought we might do some baking using our fresh eggs gathered from the chicken coop.
Out side the grown ducks have found the garden pond once again this spring. No fear of them eating the fish this year. This has been the coldest winter we have had since Lucas put our pond in and when it thawed out our fish and frogs were dead.
Bagging up all the cans for recycling. This will provide the funds to buy new feeder fish and  some plants.
Sidewalks are still in progress as weather permits. However this is the last of the tin roofing we have for mow. We are searching our local area for used tin. It is the time of year some are replacing their roofs. Wish me luck finding some fast. Also looking for grandchildren to take a bucket each and gather more rocks to lay on the tin and my grown kidos to find the large rocks to outline and hold the little rocks in. The sidewalks will surround the out side of the garden beds and hopeful in the future a wood rail fence will be put up. This will allow the dogs a nice size area to roam about and be in the gardens with me.
Last year I scarfed these scalloped bricks. We had enough to do half the length of this garden bed and we are scouring locally for more to finish. Between the rock boarder and the scalloped bricks we will be planting tatters if weather allows for Sam to dig the dirt up soon.

As you may have guessed by now we try and find things for free that are used that others gladly give away for clean up. So between give away material, material from mother nature, recycling and the donations from Hannah this is the plans for adding to my dream garden. Thankfully Sam and the grandkids work for very very cheap wages. So don't forget Hannah Could Be Yours. Click on her in my right sidebar to read all about how. All this is helping me to continue on with the garden as Lucas and I did. I do miss him working along side me and all the fun we had together. My therapist suggested that I find something I enjoyed once and that Lucas and I did together to give me the comfort of him. I hope to soon show you all the hanging garden and dog kennel area with seed planting area. Til next time blessings to you all.


  1. That's so cute, Hannah cookin' in the kitchen. An awesome prim vignette. Your duckling is darling. It's always fun finding free stuff and good recycling as well. You'll be a busy fixer upper :) We've got lots to do to our yard too.

  2. I am glad to hear you are gardening . I hope you find comfort and peace there as things grow and are tended to with love.
    Your new ducklings are adorable.

  3. Ducklings are so much fun and it looks like Hannah is a busy doll. Your yard ideas are so creative and I like using what I can get for free or little cost too when arranging my gardens. it is fun to see what one can create from what others consider junk !

  4. Morning Lara, how adorable the ducklings are, sweet. That Hannah is very helpful, she is so prim perfect sitting there......You are lucky to be out and about outside gardening, here is still cold and tons of snow, Blessings Francine.

  5. Good morning, Lara. Such a cute duckling! Your ideas for the garden sound great....happy to hear that you are able to get outside a bit... I'm doing some "planning" too, but haven't been able to get outside yet......maybe this weekend. It will be wonderful to have this project where you will feel so close to Lucas. Many blessings, Penny

  6. What a wonderful plan! You are in my thoughts.

  7. Good luck with your garden. I use to love my gardens at my old house..but living by the river had to trade my gardens for the water. Love the ducks! Janice

  8. Lara,
    I think the deliberate plan of using what is already here and repurposing something when possible is an excellent plan. I try to do the same whenever I can. Great job.