Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do It Yourself & A Little Help

The kitchen sink faucet & drains have leaked for a long time. It just got way to bad. Buckets under the sink. Dish towels behind the faucet. Water running across the counter & down the dishwasher on to the floor. Well you get the gist of it. The homestead owner (my husband agreed to repairs). Off to Lowes for a faucet. After many years of just a plain dull faucet I wanted a pretty new faucet. After all I spend so much time in the kitchen. Thinking I may need a very small T.V. in the kitchen too. Seems I hardly leave the kitchen. LOL! I decided to be a do it yourself plumber & start tearing it apart. I cleaned & cleaned too. After five hours I then checked the fittings on the new faucet water lines. Oh no not the same size as the water line connectors under the sink. Well I knew I would need help. From a past bathroom toilet water line cutting to install a shut off valve that would not seal the water had to be shut off til a plumber could get to the homestead. That took days. That was not a happy time. So I saved the homestead owner alot of labor billing since I already tackled some of the job.

I could not wait any longer. I took the faucet out of the box & held it in place to take a photo so I could see just what it would look like. A plumber must be called for a little help. New drain kits & shut off valves to be installed. Some new pipe & the water lines cut. No loss of water for days to come. Now I will have to cook since there is water in the kitchen.

I am so excited about the new faucet. My only corn flower of the season bloomed the day of the snowstorm I cut it while frozen. When thawed out it is still going strong. Makes me smile.

The sinks look sparkling new.

After my two day do it yourself plumber adventure I was ready to turn out the lights & head off to dream land. As I pass through the kitchen to the bedroom I will take one more look at my pretty faucet & I go to bed happy. But I still have some thoughts to improve the ugliness under the sink. Those flowers must go & the cabinet floor needs spruced up. My ideas never end. I hope the homestead owner will agree to this little extra expence. My fingers are crossed.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. The wallpaper under your sink is exactly what I had in my kitchen MANY, MANY years ago, It was so pretty at the time! ....your new faucet is nice, and I am glad you have no more leaks

  2. Love that faucet. Great job. Enjoy!

  3. Very nice faucet! I too have a leaky faucet but not sure I'm brave enough to DIY it.:)

  4. Way to go Lara~ looks great & I bet you are so happy with no leaks!!!

  5. You are so much braver than I!! Our faucet and sink needs replacing badly....it's to the point of gross. But as long as I'm doing that, I want to put in new countertops....And, well, let's just say the DH isn't thrilled with this prospect so I'm getting zilch cooperation.... But no way, Jose, am I tackling it by myself!! Looks great though Lara - and what a good feeling to have a new, non-leaking faucet!! Smiles & Wednesday Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Never would dream of tackling a faucet... Thank the heavens that I married a Plumber! :) You did a wonderful job Lara. Love the high arched faucet. I just got one last year and now dream of having one of those deep farm sinks that are the rage around here... *sigh* Haven't talked hubby into that one... yet! ;)