Monday, November 14, 2011

Finally The First Eggs

Finally I am getting eggs. I have no idea which hen or hens are laying. On Friday I found the first egg. Saturday I found one more. Today I found two. I washed each egg & dated it before placing it in an egg carton. Tucked away safe in the frig waiting to be used soon. I felt like a kid searching for eggs at an Easter egg hunt.

I finished stitching this snowman & coffee stained it last night. I am going to paint a frame & put it in soon.

Have you gotten your latest A Primitive Place & Country Journal Magazine? The kitchen of my dreams is on page 12. The cabinets are just what I would want. There is a beautiful floor cloth on page 17 that I think would go great with the kitchen. This magazine is always full of beautiful homes. I guess I better not mention to many things just in case you have not gotten your issue yet. I would not want to spoil your oh my moment when looking at your issue for the first time.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Alright Lara.. your first eggs.. I knew it wouldn't be much longer since ours had started laying a couple weeks ago and out hens are close to the same age..

    Wait till you serve up those first eggs..oh so yummy...Peg made homemade noodles last night with the small hens eggs which are such a rich yellow she was worried her noodles wouldn't taste right they were so yellow..but they were rich and oh so yummy!!

    Cute Snowman stitchery!!


  2. How nice that your hens are finally laying! Love your snowman stitchery.Have a great week.Hugs,Jen

  3. Oh Lara - congrats! Nothing like fresh eggs...when can I come for breakfast?? ;o) Love your little snowman stitchery....great piece. Please show us him all framed up....I received my APP&CJ a few days ago...haven't opened it yet - life's been crazy....Figured it would make good waiting room reading when my son has surgery....but maybe I won't be able to wait that long! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Congratulations on your first eggs! Really like your snowman. :)

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  6. How fun to get eggs. We love to gather eggs when we visit our Aunt. Such fun. What a beautiful color. I love your stitchery. Good job. I need your e-mail if you don't mind. It's easier to reply to comments made on my blog that way. Thanks for entering my giveaway. -Steph-

  7. Oh goody, your first egg! It's a nice looking one too :-) So isn't your stitched snowman. I don't subscribe to that magazine, but I'd sure like to see that kitchen though.