Friday, December 2, 2011

Simple Homestead Kitchen Christmas Cheer

Today I decided it was time to add some cheer to the homestead kitchen. This year it will be simple. Small touches of greens added to what is already around the kitchen.

The smell of cloves scent the homestead kitchen tonight.

The sewing machine is in the kitchen so much I decided to keep it there by bringing the sewing machine cabinet to the kitchen to. It fit nicely on the crock shelf.

The turkey was replaced with an angel.

A sweet little tree added.

Another tree & a snowman I made some years back. I think he may just get a new scarf this week.

Black crows pears & Grams clothes pins for the kitchen tree that is up year round.

Greens in the window & sweet little penguins.

A little tweaking done in the cabinet. Grams bread bowl & greens. I wanted to also thank you all for lifting the children & I in prayer. Laken & Lucas are with friends tonight. Sam his little dog & I are warm & cozy enjoying the sparkling white lights. Right before Thanksgiving I was touched by a blog post I was reading. She said Thanksgiving was her fav holiday because there were no gifts to have ready. A time to share with family & be thankful. I believe that will now be my fav holiday to for just that same reason. I took this to heart & decided this Christmas our Christmas will be more on the side of Thanksgiving. Without so much fuss of so many decorations & so much stress of the buying of gifts & giving. Of course there will be a tree in the homestead gathering room. Total count of two trees this year instead of five. The children will have a few gifts to open. The children are ok with this. I believe I will be able to really enjoy Christmas this way. As Sam said it is Jesus Birthday after all. What matters is we have each other & this day is about our Saviors birth & the gift he gave us all. So it will be a most Thankful Merry Christmas.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Everything looks great and I like the idea of less is more!

  2. Lara~ the homestead is simply pretty~
    many thoughts & prayers for you and the children

  3. I love the simplicity of your holiday touch Lara - and the richness of your holiday heart and spirit. A perfect combination. It will be different for us as well this year - not intentionally so though necessarily (once I start opening those boxes, I just can't resist - as all those decorations are like treasured memories stored away and I love bringing them out for the season)....but alas, there's just not the time this year. Hoping next season will be different....Wishing you a blessed weekend....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Well, I always love anything you do to make your house a home, be it big or small. It always looks lovely, cozy, and comfy.

  5. Wonderful idea! And I like what you have done with decorating. I have no been about to do all my normal decorating due to health issues this year and honestly, I think I like simple better! Sounds like you are feeling better today emotionally. My best to you and your children. I think of you often Lara, and hope you will be able to change your situation at some point. Love your children, trust in God and appreciate yourself and who you are. You will find happiness there.
    My best to you, Donnie

  6. HI Lara,

    I like your decorations and I noticed what looks like a giant blue enamelware coffee pot? I love those things :) :) I'll continue to keep you and your family in my prayers :)Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  7. Your homestead is looking very nice and festive, Lara! I often try to do 'less is more' here in my home, but find I have a hard time keeping it that way! I usually end up bringing something more out each day. You have done a great job adding nice touches here and there, and it all looks just lovely.

    I am happy that you seem to be feeling better today. Your last post was very sad -- my heart breaks for you and your children. You are in a difficult situation that I pray gets easier for you all. Remember that you have lots of friends out here in blogland that are pulling for you, and sending prayers your way. God bless you.