Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back To Creating

After drawing & cutting out paper to use as a pattern for a long bonnet this is what I came up with. Since then I have made some changes here & there. I think I am now happy with the finished product of my very primitive pattern. This bonnet is in the first shop that took in my creations to sell. The shop owner was happy with it & wants more. My adventure that led me to making bonnets follows in the story to come.

I have been back to creating when not running to & fro with the kids school & work schedules. The swelling in my hand is gone. I can get my ring on my thumb again. My knuckle seems bigger. Had to give a push & wiggle to get my ring over it. It is stiff & still sore but with the prospect of creations the shops have requested I am getting along with it. You can see the nail growing has not gone well. I am wondering if I might loose my thumb nail. It has gotten blacker over time since the day the wind blew the truck door shut on my hand.

This is the first shop that took in my creations to sell. The shop owner mentioned he had requests for bonnets. I had told him that was something I had not mastered yet. I had purchased a pattern but was not happy with the finished bonnet but was waiting for a new pattern & I was working on designing my own pattern. As I was leaving the shop owner told me to master the bonnets & bring some in soon. Store link in my side bar. Birds Nest

This is the newest place my creations have been accepted. The shop owner had bonnets but was looking for some long bonnets in printed fabric. Store link in my sidebar. Countryside Primitives

This is the shop I visit that has all the stenciled floors where I got the goose. The shop owner was out the last time I was in. Time before she & I spoke of my creations & selling some in her shop. The gal working that day took a look see at a long bonnet I made. I will be stopping in soon to show her some creations. I would be honored to sell in her shop to. I received another bonnet pattern along with an apron pattern this week. I can't wait to get some of these to the shops. When I get some done I will give you all a look see & give credit to the pattern designer. I am sure many of you know her in blog land. She is a very talented hard working gal with a big heart of kindness. Thanks Mary! I would like to also thank you all for lifting my prayer request up to our Master.

A thought to ponder:
God is always with us; why should we not always be with god?

Prayer request:
Our little town has been shocked at the loss of a senior in our school. She was in a tragic car accident Wednesday night after she left work. Many gather tonight for visitation while saying good bye & comforting one another. Prayer lifted for her parents & siblings along with other family members & school mates. This young girl touched the lives of many & will be greatly missed. Only God knows why her life was so short. We never know when we last see or talk to someone if it will be the last time. Before Laken went to work Wednesday she bought gas at the store this young girl worked at & seen & spoke to her. Just a few short hours later Laken received the shocking sad news.

Wishing you all my best as I close tonight & get back to my newest creations.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. sending my prayers too Lara.

  2. Good luck with your bonnets and aprons! Love the look of your newest creation....
    Lifting prayers for the family of that young lady who was taken so soon.... my heart breaks for them.....

  3. Your bonnets are beautiful. I am happy you have found places that will sell them. Glad your hand is getting better. That was a nasty smash.

  4. Sounds like you have been a busy lady.. The Bonnet turned out great! Good luck with the sales at the shops you're in..

    I know how the thumb feels years ago mine was smashed in the car door & I didn't realize it till I tried to pull what I thought was my mitten out. My thumb was crushed and is now all deformed with arther. Ohuch...glad yours is getting better.

    Have a nice Sunday evening


  5. Woot Woot!!! You go girl!!!! Keep up the marketing and sales :-)

    Prayers being said.

  6. Oh boy Lara, you've got some sewing to do. I'm confident you'll do a splendid job on your bonnets as you do with all your prim pretties. I always just ask God for a little help and he usually sprinkles a little energy and inspiration down on me and I just do it.
    So sorry for your community's loss of this special young lady.

  7. Great job getting your creations out there! You are very talented! So sad to hear about the girl in your community, definitely praying for all.