Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grands Visit Again / Laken Meets Strangers

It was a busy day today. I got the boys off to school & then picked Laken up & she drove me back to the homestead & left straight for work. Atlee called to see what I was doing. He wanted to bring the girls for another visit. His work was canceled since it was raining. I hurried to bake cupcakes. I had just finished feeding the creatures & gathering the eggs when they arrived. They were excited to see the eggs & wanted to help wash them. They put them in the cartons after being concerned there may be baby chicks in them.

Next they wanted to know if they could play with the lego blocks. I told them I still had the farm they built last week & I wanted to take a picture before they tore it apart.

I gave them the picture books & paint sets I got them for valentines Day. They passed on playing with the lego blocks to paint. I made slippery potpie while they painted & talked about preschool. The boys came home from school & off I ran Lucas to work while Sam visited with his nieces & big brother. When I returned Laken was home from work playing with the girls. Laken hurried off to see her boyfriend. Just could not wait to eat. Finally diner was done & we ate. The girls decorated their own cupcake. They ask if they could eat them. Why of course thats why I left you decorate it them yourselves I told them.

Before they left for home I brought the bunnies in to play again. They fed them cabbage left from the coleslaw & carrots. Atlee took me to get my truck from Laken on there way home. Hugs & kisses were given & good byes were said as we parted. Such a treat to see my Grands & my oldest son twice in the past two weeks. I have to take a break now. Lucas just sent me a text letting me know he will be getting off work early so I must be heading out again. I am back. Lucas did not pass his drivers test last Tuesday. He removed one hand from the wheel & opened his fingers on his other hand as he turned the wheel keeping his palm on the wheel while making a turn. He was failed for what the examiner called palming it. There is no school Friday so he wanted to stop & pick Laken up so she could drive them back to her boyfriends house to hang out with them tonight. Laken was telling me she run into someone before work while getting gas today that she did not want to see or talk to. A woman & man she met at work Last Sunday. After conversation & being gave the phone number again they parted. She told me it was my fault because I told her to put gas in the truck today. Last Sunday while working a man & woman asked her you don't know us do you? She said no & the woman said this is your father. Pretty blunt & to the point. (why would Laken know him or her the last times he visited her for about ten minute she was five when he dropped bike off at her babysitters for her birthday then when she was seven he was in the neighborhood stopped in with a friend the police was looking for both of them drunk & he staggered into our yard talking to her & Lucas. He scared them & they came running into the kitchen crying some stranger was trying to kidnap them in a red truck. The police had to be called to remove him it got so bad. He was still beating on the door when they arrived. They put him in jail for three months and the friend was picked up after a police chase). Before he left Lakens place of employment Sunday he gave her his number & told her if she ever wanted to talk or visit give him a call. While pumping her gas today the girlfriend & he came up to her & said you didn't call me & gave her his number again & told her to call him. She told me she didn't need him telling her what to do since he was never in her life for the past twenty years & she didn't even know who he was & what did he think I was going to do just drop my life & call him? She is not a happy young girl. I am worried he is just going to hurt her. Atlee had motioned to me tonight that his father seen Laken last Sunday. He was not impressed with how his fathers girlfriend bluntly told Laken the man was her father. The woman has been his fathers girlfriend for maybe a year & dose not even know Laken or even me for that matter. Laken is going to be 21 in 4 months & her biological father is going to find out quick he is not going to tell her what to do. Atlee it 30 years old & over just the last five years since he was 14 years old has been the only time he has been around his father & there has been many disappointments & disagreements. At times Atlee has wrote his father off. Laken has always known about her biological father. Sam & Lucas's father raised Laken as his own from 13 months old until 19 years old when he decided she was just his step daughter last year after he got mad at her. I believe a well known saying to be true. To Be In Your Childrens Memories Tomorrow You Have To Be In Their lives Today. Both these fathers are going to find in the end they are going to pay for what they have & have not done. Children are blessings & meant to me loved & taken care of.

Blessings til Next time!

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