Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Visitor & Homestead Cooking

This huge cat has been visiting often this week. He slowly makes his way into the rock garden & across the homestead yard right to the fish pond. To his surprise the fish pond is still frozen over. The fish are safe from him. He sure is pretty. But he is not at all friendly.

The snow has been falling off & on. The wind is blowing. Every one likes warm food when it is cold. Time for some good old slippery pot pie for all.

Slippery potpie dough rolled & cut. Ready for the boiling beef broth.

Steaming hot slippery pot pie noodles.

Chopped purple cabbage with slaw dressing.

Dinner is served. Mashed potatoes gravy. Purple slaw. Roast beef & slippery pot pie with butter bread.

Apples peeled & cored. Ready to slice & add to the jars.

Apple crisp baked & cooling.

Little jars of apple crisp already to go in the frig. I am sure they will not last long.

Hand cut french fried taters in the old cast iron skillet. Every one like these.

Chicken corn noodle soup. Good even if you don't have a cold. But we have had our share of them here at the homestead already.

So this is just some of the yummy food we have made lately here in the homestead kitchen this week. The kitchen is clean once again & my apron is hung. I am sure it will not be long before I need it again. But for now off to church service we will go. I wish you all a wonderful week as we all start a new one early Monday. Take care.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Oh my goodness...all that food looks yummy!!!! Especially that apple crisp. Did you literally bake it in those jars? How do you do that and keep the glass from b aking? Oh, I should tell you I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen up until a week ago. I'm making lots more meals at home :) :)

    Oh, that cat...hmm...maybe he's unhappy because he's got a lot of hair and get get the fish? Not su re...I've never seen a cat like that...but hopefully he won't eat your fish in the pond!!! Have a great day at church and a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Hi, Lara
    Girl ya can cook & bake, looks so yummy!I really like the idea of little jars of apple crisp, but like ya say won't last long( love apple & peach crisp)!
    The Big Furry Puddy Cat!Oh, he is adorable!
    Definitely looks like a traveler, not friendly just stops by for some grub & maybe a sweetie!
    enjoyed your post!
    keep warm & cozy

  3. Yum, you can cook for me anytime! That dinner looked delicious! You know what they say, "every woman's secret desire is to have a housewife" lol.

  4. I am so hungry right now and all that food looks so your beautiful visitor..I hope he has a safe warm place and good food in his belly tonight..;)

  5. Wow that cat is pretty but sure different looking! And you have made me hungry with all the yummy food!!! That soup looks sooo good!

  6. Yes I baked the apple crisp in the jars. With out lids & rings. I got the idea to bake in the little jars after finding the blog & reading back threw her posts. She had made pecan pies in little jars & they just look so mouth watering. I had to give it a try myself. You should stop by her blog & see what all see has been up to. Beautiful prim cabinets to store her fabric stash in & an oh so prim garbage cabinet.

  7. That is one plush cat! I love the apple crisp in a jar. Thanks for the link to the blog, I will go check it out. :)

  8. Wow, that is a pretty cat... pretty poofed too. He's probably cold and hungry. We've got one that's living under our porch right now we call Ghost 'cause he's white with a tiger patch on his back. He looks like a ghost at night though:)
    Mmmm mmm mmm mmm... man would I have loved to shared that homecooked food with you Lara. It looks delicious. Your like us, when we cook up big like that, it sure doesn't last long. Love the little apple crisp in the lil jars. I fixed alot of that as a newlywed... lol.
    Stay warm and happy cookin'!

  9. It all looks yummy!! What a great idea to put the apple crisp in jars.

  10. My Oh my... you have yourself one big ol unfixed tom cat there. I am always impressed at the size they get to, and the fact that you can see in thier face that they are not fixed. His paws are huge. And he's wearing his winter coat well right now. Looks like Pierre's winter coat. He's is really beautiful.

    You are killing me with all that delish food! Oh how I wish I could eat it all. lol! This "new me" thing is killing me... but I'm down 5 pounds in a week so I'm sticking to it. I'll just have to drool at your pics!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. Yummmm..It's the only thing that comes to mind.LoL..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. Yum. I like simple home cooked food as well. You know what's in it and who cooked it.

  13. Good thing the water is frozen over... that cat looks mean enough to steal your fish!

    Beef and noodles is my very favorite meal of all time, especially when you throw in some mashed potatoes and gravy! That plate looks delicious. It all looks delicious. Love the apple crisp in the jars, what a neat idea.

  14. my, what a fluffy cat that is!!!

    that plate of dinner looks SO good! i wish i could cook like that... i know i like to EAT food like that!

    and the apple crisp! SO cute in those squat little jars!! i want to get some! (wouldn't mind some of that apple crisp either.. hehe.. guess i'll settle for that pie i baked) ;)

  15. quick question--did you can that chicken corn soup?? just wondered how the noodles held up, if you did...?

  16. Now lady, thats what I call some good cookin. The slippery pot pie looks good. I make chicken and dumplins like that and we love them. Never had corn noodle soup before. I love corn so I bet I would like it. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  17. That is THE cutest thing I've ever seen - those little jars of apple crisp! I LOVE that idea!

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