Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Piggy Cutting Board & Candy

I saw this piggy cutting board two weeks ago at a shop I visited for the first time. I wanted to take it home with me that day. For me I thought it was way over priced. I left the shop & continued to think about this simple cutting board. It reminded me so much of Wilbur the pig in the story book Charlottes Web. Well I went back to that shop with hopes the cutting board would still be there & that the owner would be willing to lower the price. The owner was willing to lower the price but it was not the price I had in mind but I really wanted the simple piggy cutting board. Asking again if he could lower he accepted the the amount offered. Yah! I saw another piece & he said he could go lower on it to. Well I will have to wait until I sell a few more of my prim crafts. The owner even told me if I come back & would like the other piece or any other pieces I could put a small amount down & he would hold it as I pay for it. How nice. Yes I want to go back again.
I made these little melt-a-way candy cups. I included the simple steps to make them in case you would like to try them for your self.

The candy is really simple to make. You will need one pound each of candy melting wafers. One pound of chocolate & one pound of white chocolate. A 18 oz. jar of peanut butter. A bag of mini paper cup holders. A large glass bowl & spatula. Small measuring cup. Mini muffin pans. Enough for 4 dozen candy paper cups.

Add half of the white wafers & half of the chocolate wafers to the glass bowl. Add half the jar of peanut butter to the glass bowl. Heat it on high in the microwave oven for 1 minute. Remove & stir. Add the rest of both kinds of candy wafers & the rest of the jar of the peanut butter. Heat on high in the microwave oven for 1 minute. Remove & stir. It should be smooth & all melted. If not reheat in the microwave until melted. Fill each paper candy cup with the melted candy mixture. I used a small measuring cup to fill the paper candy cups but if you have something with a small spout I think it would work better. Let cool & place filled candy cups in a container & place them in the frig.

With Sams help we made pizza for lunch today from a pre made pizza crust & jar of pizza sauce with cheese & some spices. It was fast fun & good.

School was canceled today because of the snow storm. As the snow continues to fall & cover the garden with the pretty soft white powder we are warm inside the homestead watching from the windows. The pine tree branches are pulled down by the weight of the snow. It is a beautiful site to see.

I have been busy reading about keeping a small flock of chickens. I have a chicken house in mind that I saw at the place we visited at the cabin I blogged about. I have taken photos of the outside & inside of one. I am thinking it would not be hard to build one out of scrap lumber we have. I have a breed in mind but they do not lay brown eggs. I wanted brown eggs but the white silkie chickens are the breed I seem to like. So between every day life going on here at the homestead I am still dreaming of a potting shed to start veggie plants & flowers & a chicken house for a small flock of chickens so I can have fresh eggs & meat to eat. There is so much to learn about the keeping of a small flock from what I have already read. I am working on adding some new primitive items to my sidebar. When I have the prices figured they will be ready to sell. Well for now I must be off to do some laundry. Take care!

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Oh, that piggy cutting board is really cute...and it's got style. So I think you did well with this piece. That's awesome that you were able to tock the shopkeeper down on the price of the board!!! You should definitely blog about the chickens if you decide to get them. Lots of my blogger/Facebook friends raise chickens. When I move to my own home, I might try that too. I like the idea of having fresh eggs everyday :) :) Have a great rest of the week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. The piggy board does look like Wilbur(so did ya name it?)it is so cute, mine is plan black with white spots! your's is adorable all the character!
    Chickens & a potting shed, girl you are thinking like me! I just need more time for chickens,I miss them! Fresh eggs don't ya just love them!
    Beautiful pic of the snow & that pizza yummy!
    enjoy the evening keep dreaming of chickens & potting shed & you will get them!

  3. That cutting board is so adorable!! Treats and pizza look yummy too. Hope you are keeping warm. :-)

  4. I love silkie chickens....but then I love every kind of chicken!! You will be happy to have fresh eggs I assure you!

  5. That is such a cutie cutting board! We just watched Charlotte's web the other night, love that movie.
    You will love having chickens, I like having plenty of fresh eggs from mine. They give me enough that a neighbor buys some and then I give some away! We get brown and white eggs, as we have quite a few different breeds. (Thanks to hubby going into Tractor Supply when they have baby chicks!)

  6. We have a flock of Silkie chickens in all colors and they are truly wonderful and fun chickens to have. They are calm and docile-wonderful with small children. They are also outstanding parents and it is fascinating to watch the hen and rooster lovingly care for their chicks. This is the only breed of chicken that the rooster will care for the chicks. In fact, most roos will kill them. Backyard Poultry Magazine did a lovely article on them this month. If you are new to chickens I recommend this magazine. Tractor Supply sells it and they have a website as well. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have concerning them. My daughters are in the 4h poultry club and we were able to fit our Silkies with small dog harnesses and walk them on a leash when we do petting zoos to raise money for the club! Chicken on a leash! People sure get a chuckle seeing that!
    BTW-they lay creme to light brown colored eggs.
    What a lovely home you have. I quite enjoy primitives myself.
    Heather in PA

  7. Sometimes we just have to indulge ourselves ~ even if it's a piggy board. I LOVE IT! It really does have character and it looks like something that will fit right in with the rest of your prim decor. Can't wait to see the updates when you become the chicken farmer! I want to do that too; but Dear Hubby is really against it. I used to raise bobwhite quail which was fun; but their eggs were SO small. I made pickled eggs one time and discovered that you could put 45 of them in a quart jar!

  8. O yeh, that does look like Wilbur! Way to wheel and deal Lisa! Good for you:) That's nice of the fella to let you put things on layaway too.
    Mmmm, you make me hungry with them food
    Ya know my hubby wants to get more chickens too and was looking at coops and how they're built. I love chickens! Don't know why, but I just think they are so pretty and love to watch them peck around the yard.
    Happy sales!