Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoo Fly & More

Last Friday the shoo fly I ordered from Primcats House arrived. This gave me an excuse to rearrange the stove board. The snowman is gone & now there is a duck & bunny on each side of the new shoo fly. Thanks Carmen.

The shoo fly gives the stove board a fresh new look.

The old barn sink continues to stay on the table but has some sheep added to the display.

I really liked the black basket but I just thought it was to much black. I painted the basket a cream color to match the crocks on top of the fireplace but I did not like it so on went another coat of paint.

The basket endedup being painted brown.

Ollie has had another suitor come calling. This is the third fellow to pay visits. They all three continue to visit daily. I would have thought by now they would have all given up on her. Ollie is safely tucked away from them all. I am wondering if they will just decide to make the homestead their home.

Sam & I have been enjoying hot cups of mint & chocolate hot cocoa & apple crisp on these cold nights.

As the garden sleeps it was covered in a blanket of soft white powder. All the tulip bulbs wait for spring to arrive so they can burtst thru the soil & open into beautiful red blooms. I am in a hurry to see the wonder of their beauty.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. I love your dough board. Very beautiful display.

  2. I love your shoefly on your how you have it the brown basket and the firkin..looks awesome..that is a sweet kitty..can you pet any of them? our garden is starting to come up..the crocuses are showing their leaves..the hydranga, and roses have buds..and it is green and soggy here.;) that hot cocoa looks so good..I made peach cobbler and homemade whip cream..boy was it yummy..hit the spot.:)

  3. Love the shoe fly. Love the arrangements makes me want Spring even more!


  4. Your Stove Board looks awesome... amazing how changing on thing changes the whole Look!!
    Carmen did an awesome job on the ShooFlys..
    You've just had a time with your Fireplace area.. I do like the Brown basket but I also liked the Black one...

    Have a Mint Coco for me and an apple crisp...two of my fav's


  5. Oh my goodness Lisa, I need you to come decorate my house! It's all so pretty. The basket looks awesome and I love the firkin setting there. Of course you need a shoo fly on your stove top:) C'mon over to my blog, I've posted with you and Beulah in it:)

  6. The shoe fly looks great and I like how you added sheep to the arrangement on the table. So cute. I love sheep in anything. Your cocoa and apple crisp looks so tasty and cozy :)

  7. Everything looks so lovely! :-)


  8. Love the stove board and shoo-fly cover. Best of luck with Ollie and her suitors. The hot chocolate and apple crisp sounds and looks delicious these cold winter days. I know I am so ready for Spring and seeing my garden come back to life!!!

    Have a nice week!

  9. Love the new look on the stove board. The fireplace is lookin good!! The blanket of snow is beautiful, we actually had a chance for snow last night but didn't get it. It would have melted as soon as the sun came up though.
    Have a great day!!

  10. Oh Lara!!!! It looks awesome!!! I'm so glad it got there so fast! And thanks for posting it in your side bar! I hope to sell the rest soon so I can do some shoppin! ;)

    Love that firkin! And the sheepies too. Lov eme some sheep!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. So very pretty! Everything looks amazing! Ollie is a wanted kitty!
    so enjoyed thanks for sharing

  12. MMMM mint hot chocolate and apple crisp. Everything looks so nice. I love the look.

  13. Love that shoo fly! It looks great on your stove board. Wonderfully prim displays!

    What I love about winter... hot cocoa, warm apple crisp, and beautiful snow scenes! Your gazebo is so pretty.