Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fireplace Update & Just Another Day

The mantel piece was finished & I thought I would try stain thinking I could always paint it sooner or later. Oh so much stress. To think I want the kitchen cabinets painted. That will wait for awhile. To many colors to pick from.

Today my daughter had an early appointment I took her to. I stained the fireplace mantel. The stain is not the same shade as the fireplace. The corbels are not the same shade as the shelf either. So three shades. I am waiting for it to dry. Could it all dry one shade? oh there are still miracles. I guess it will just mean paint if not. I will see. I wish I could say the day got better.

You would think it would be easy to get a package delivered by FedEx in the twentieth century. Not here. I tracked this package on Monday only to find it left the FedEx terminal about 50 miles from here last Friday. The last three days I have been on the phone with FedEx trying to get it delivered. I was told they could not find our home. They have been here many times before. I even have a photo on my blog of them delivering our Christmas tree back in December. No delivery Monday even after I put huge signs at the end of the two roads to turn on to & one at the end of the driveway. Tuesday we received a card they could not get up our hill. Funny we do not have a hill. Not to mention I was told I was to wait by the phone & wait for the driver to call me & then go to meet him. No package again. The driver never put the package on the truck or took the phone number with him I was told. I sat here all day waiting. Wednesday we were promised the delivery before Hubby left for work. A hour & ten minutes later the phone rang. Driver says I am at the end of your road. Hubby already left for work so that meant I had to walk while that driver sat in a delivery truck. I said fine you will have to wait for me. All bundled & wearing snow boots I walked to the end of our road to get the package that he would have had no problem driving back except for his fear of damaging his truck from pot holes. In the end I was told by the terminal they would not deliver for fear of damaging the truck while driving on a road with pot holes. As I walked I noticed the pot holes were full of solid ice. I asked the terminal why lie? Just tell the truth in the beginning. The drivers explanation when he handed me the box was his back tires spin when it snows & rains. I asked what was wrong the last two days? No rain or snow. I was told he was not given the package or my number even after he asked. No answer for all the lies. He said he knows where I lived & has delivered to us just weeks ago more than once. I said yes & I have a photo of you delivering us a package in our driveway. Enough said & he walked off as I thanked him. Only because I feel you should treat others as you would want them to treat you. My mean side would have liked to have told him he should have parked the truck & walked the package to my door. Life goes on & it is best to hold the wild tongue. I grabbed my huge sign & carried both the package & sign back the road. Not having fun in the cold & blowing wind. The package was longer than I am tall. Cold & disgusted I returned to the warm homestead. My day was shot & my dinner would be late tonight.

The boys arrived home from school & were hungry. I had to grab an apron & get busy.

Off I went to the Cinderella stove & removed the stove board to prepare another meal for my family.

Finally all our yummys were ready & our blessing was said. Oh what a meal to be thankful for.

The boys & I enjoyed beef steak, mashed taters with gravy, corn & stuffing tonight.

The cast iron skillets have been cleaned & put in the heated oven to dry. Oh how I like these old pans. For me cooking is better when food is cooked in cast iron. Some are 29 years or older. My Gram gave me three after my first child was born & Pap gave me two more just before he passed. I would never trade them for anything new. The stove top was cleaned & my apron hung. Oh my I missed another ball. LOL!

ThoughtS to ponder: If life hands you lemons, make lemon aide. Good thing I like lemon aid. There is always something to be thankful for too. Words LEFT UNSAID never come back to grieve us.

Blessing Til next Time!


  1. Your dinner looked delicious! I think the mantle looks great. I'm wondering... if you move that chest away from the fireplace you could see it better. You have a goof ball for a delivery driver, that's for sure!

  2. Smiling over here...that sounded like one of my days!! I don't have to many kind thoughts for FEd-X or UPS..they charge an arm and leg, there service is less then fair, and I have yet to ever speak to a kind person on the phone with either of those two companies...
    By the way I sure wish I would have been sitting at your table tonight ...made me hungry just looking at that yummy meal..
    The mantel.. you should have used good old Old English Dark scratch cover to stain it ..It doesn't look that bad and is certianly an improvment over the white..Don't give up your decor is prim so it doesn't have to be perfect it can look time worn and off a little...


  3. well what a pain with fed ex..I am having an issue with them right now..I mailed a package that was guaranteed a certain date..never got there till 3 days I am disputing the charges and it has been well over 4 weeks now and have heard nothing...need to call our local post office where I mailed it to see what the hold up is..and I am told that fed ex will drag their feet in paying for their own mistake..but I will keep calling and bugging them till I do get paid..and they need to stop dragging their feet in hopes I just plain forget about it..sorry not happening..your dinner looks so yummy..sorry you missed the ball again.;) I like the way the mantel looks by the way.;)

  4. I would not be happy either with Fed Ex. Holy cow!!! Dinner looked yummy though.

    Yes I did make a slip cover for my rocking chair.


  5. Well your dinner looks yummy! I am sorry you had trouble with the delivery service. I think the fireplace looks great so far!
    Your home is lovely!
    Have a great day!

  6. Guess whose coming to dinner...tonight!! Looks yummy!!
    We have had lots of trouble with FedEx, we live 7 miles off the highway. We have a new driver and he explained that the routes are contracted out, so it all depends on who buys that contract. The guy we have now always delivers, and calls if it is raining to see if he can get in, instead of just not coming because it is raining. Call the main FedEx number and go up the chain and tell them what happened. I did and things did get better.

    I love the mantle. And I was one that thought you should paint it. I think the varied stain might give it an even more prim look. Decorate the shelf and then see what you think, I think it is going to look awesome!!

    Did ya'll build all of that cabinetry or purchase it somewhere? I love the prim look.

  7. So glad you finally got your package. Your supper was so welcoming. I too have some old iron skillets handed down from my grandmother. Cornbread baked in them is out of this world huh? Hope you have a wonderful day.

  8. Oh my! What a mess!! It's so hard to be nice when they put you through all that. I'm proud of you for doing such a great job.

    That plate of food looks delicious! We only used cast iron when I was growing up. I love my ceramic cook top, but you have to be careful what you use on it... only certain pans, can't use cast iron on it. =[

    I hope the rest of your week gets better after that big mess.

  9. OH, wow, I could really identify with this...mainly from my former job (I was layed off 2 weeks ago)...It was really frustrating for me talking with customers on the phone....heartbreaking sometimes...They're waiting for packages they'd ordered from us and the carrier wouldn't delivery them for whatever reason..and sometimes it was just a no good reason ;( :( :( I'm so sorry that happened to you. I suppose if you wanted to you co uld log on to their website and submit something that way. I'm so proud of how you handled yourself!!! I would have been in tears!!!

    The food looks awesome!!! Cast iron is beautiful, too!!! Have a great day tomorrow!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  10. Geesh... what a run around they gave you. Well, you got your workout for the day for sure! Bless your heart:) I think your mantle looks good, but if you give it another coat of stain, won't it go darker? I dunno. Hey, I like where you hang your aprons:)

  11. Hey the Mantel looks beautiful>>and dinner oh, my girl you make the home cooked meals!
    Full course meals to die for!

    I have to say I picture you has a perfect house wife and them boys, shoot they are so lucky! Yep, big hug for mom,she has patience, class, cooks, cleans, decorates,creates, and loves!

    Because me I would of been screaming at over fed-ex & running to get a pizza( so I would have time to cool off)LOL!
    Big Hug to you Sweetie!

  12. Oh my thanks Teresa! Oh believe me I am not perfect. I think I am pretty lucky to have my boys too. Tell the Beefeys hi. Blessings!

  13. That was quite the hassle getting your package ~ and a huge sigh of relief I'm sure on your end once it was done and over with. I hope today is calm and relaxing ... You earned it!

  14. oh my! i would definitely be frustrated with FedEx!!!

    i have a few cast-iron skillets.... but i never use them because i'm not quite sure how to clean them! i heard that you shouldn't wash them... at least, i think that's what i heard. you're supposed to use the oils from your cooking to keep them seasoned (?). so i just never venture to use them (even though i want to!!!) because i'm afraid i'll do the wrong thing!! any tips!?

  15. First off the mantle looks great. Second--I would have let my tongue fly I am afraid. I get the same thing from them. When it’s warm they’ve put my packages out by the garage where my dog can promptly chew it to pieces despite the fact it was suppose to be delivered 20 steps further to the porch where the dog can’t go. UPS calls me and says to meet them at the driveway and they truly can’t get up our hill in the ice and they’ve been so nice but Fed Ex is on my bad boy list.
    I love cast iron too--isn’t it funny how all “old” ideas just seem to be great ones :) I guess that is except for washing machines and dishwashers :) LOL
    Happy Saturday, Amy at Verde Farm

  16. Hi Lara,
    I can't believe they made you carry that large package all the way home. What is wrong with people today? And what kind of gentleman would let a lady haul that in bad weather herself? Sorry that happened to you. :-( Your mantel looks lovely, and your home is so warm and cozy. I've finally finished my Math course last night so i'm trying to catch up with my visits to everyone. Hope you have a lovely weekend.