Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scenery On My Walk / Leaf & Grass Clippings Cage

I see this amazing creature on my walk every day & always wish I and brought my camera with me. Today I remembered it. I talk to it & it sometimes moo's at me.

A little ways down the road I walk by these creatures. If you have read my blog for any length of time or I may have commented on yours. You will remember that since I was a child I have always loved watching these creatures. There was a cow pasture across the road at Pap & Prams. Somewhere there is a black & white photo of Gram & I standing in the pasture with the cows. I find them to be so peaceful. So much nicer than the young copperhead snake on the road I came across today. It was about 15" long & as round as my thumb.

Other scenery I pass by on my walks. The beauty off green. The sound of running water. Nature in its glory.

To the left of our firewood I added a cage to put the leaves I am racking & the grass clippings Sam empties from the grass bagger after mowing inside the rock beds. I will be using it to amend soil for the veggie garden. I think I have had a change in plans for the dream garden. I looked into building wooden garden boxes & the more I looked at the cleared area in the woods & envisioned my dream layout I thought I would like rocks to build the beds out of. It would just look more natural & blend so much better with the flower garden I have already built. I am hoping my Aunt will allow me to gather & remove rocks at Pap & Grams homestead. She now owns the property where I grew up.

The gazebo is always a welcome site to see when walking into the homestead yard at the end of my walk. A nice place to sit & rest as I watch the birds fly about & sing their songs. There is a little humming bird visiting the rhododendron bush behind the gazebo this week. I think it knows I mean no harm to it for it has gotten to the point it sits on a branch after feeding & listens to me talk to it a bit before flying away. Then off I go to make breakfast.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Hi Lara... Oh, my, I'll take a cow or bull anyday over a copperhead! I don't know what I would do if I ever ran into one..

    Love your shots of nature..yes, green is a welcomed sight after such a white winter in my parts...

    Look forward to seeing your vegetable planting bed..


  2. I love the cows too. They do have such a calming effect on a person as they merrily chew their cuds and tend their calves. On your walk, I loved seeing the Maidenhair Fern dancing in the breeze. They are my favorite of the fern family. We have at least a dozen varieties in our woods. Someday soon, I will have to post about them.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  3. Hi Lara,
    Cows are lovely creatures :) :) I'm wondering if that one cow enjoys seeing you walk, too ? :) :) :) That gazebo is just lovely. I've always thought gazebos were really romantic. You can have a nice social out there, like a tea party of some other gathering ;) :) Beautiful. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. I love cows too. Always have. Our neighbor next to us has about a dozen Holsteins, & other neighbors & residents of the area have various types of cows as well. I love watching the calves & the way the mothers take care of them. Blessings,

  5. They are pretty animals! I would have screamed had I seen a Copperhead! Your yard is serene and very beautiful. I think if you use the rocks that may work out quite nice. You will get arm strength! LOL!
    I enjoy your posts always,

  6. How peaceful! Thanks for taking me along!
    I love the way everything is so green in the spring.
    Prim Blessings

  7. thanks for taking us on your walk..I love to moo at the cows..I used to make hubby stop the car so I could moo at them...:)

  8. Hi Lara,

    On my walks, I have dairy cows to look at and talk to ! I am surrounded by them, actually where I live.

    Love your gazebo !

    Thanks for sharing your photos !


  9. Hi Lara, if I had scenery like that I might take walks.8-) It is very lovely, I can see why you enjoy it so much. I came across about a five foot rattlesnake one day while walking. He just slithered off into the brush.
    Your gazebo looks so inviting!!

  10. Enjoyed your beautiful pictures very much. Always loved looking at the cows myself. When I was little we had cows and close to a corner of their pasture where it joined our yard there was a stump on our side next to the fence. When I would come home from church on Sunday I would go out and stand on the stump and preach the sermon I had just heard to them... they would gather around and chew whilst I preached. I rather think they enjoyed it, I know I did! lol

  11. Beautiful pitures!

    *Christi jo*

  12. Loved joining you today on your walk. Great pictures! I love your gazebo too. My husband built me one when we lived in NC. He promised he'd build me another, but we've moved a lot so I'm still It was so nice to sit in and we had a table in ours with candles. Use to have our meals out there. Of course all before our children were born :-) Have a great day Lara!


  13. I love your post about the cows. I think they are so comical to watch. Just doing their own thing. Not a care in the world. I have a gazebo on my property too but, we never use it. Kind of a shame. There was once a huge black snake outside my studio. I know thy are harmless but, they are very creepy to me.
    Thanks for sharing,

  14. oh my! a copperhead!? yikes!

  15. Of course you can talk to the cows and bulls. When I used to bike, a couple of huge Clydesdale horses were on my route and I'd always stop and they'd trot over and we'd chat for a couple of minutes before I rode on. I'm glad to hear you are getting out and walking. Keep an eye out for those darn snakes now! I hate snakes!

  16. Lara~ thanks for taking us on the walk~ I would go on a walk anyday with you~ pretty countryside~ ( leave the snake out~ yuk~ fear them~ good thing I live on high ground!)
    Your Gazebo is so pretty~ Look forward to more walks~