Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chickens Out & About / Dog Training / Pond Cleaning

I planned to be out side much of the day & since it was a beautiful day I left the chicken's out to roam about in the little wooded area behind their chicken coop. They enjoyed scratching & cackling. Not sure that is a word. You can see how much they have grown since we got them.

Yesterday I started dog training. My goal was to train the dog not to enter any of entry way's in the rock bed. I sprayed the rock's & the entry ways with vinegar. It did not work. The dog seemed to like the taste of vinegar because he just licked it. Today I put wire across the entry way's. He was out side the rock's.

The wire seemed to be keeping the dog outside the rock's. This made me a happy gardener. All was safe.

I drained the pond today for the spring cleaning. Lot's of muck & leaves were in the bottom. To my surprise an area has bowed in since we filled the pond last fall. The tub from the chicken brooder the boy's & I made worked fine for holding the fish.

Crystal clear water ready for water plants when all danger of frost is past. I am in a hurry. For now those glints of orange surface & dive in the rippling water.

As I looked up from the pond after finishing up what did I see but the four legged monster inside the rock's. So much for the wire he just went under it. Well I lowered the wire another notch in the fence post. Now he will have to practice the limbo to get in. Even if he learn's to stay out after the wire is removed I think he will just roam right through the entry way's while his pet my Hubby is home. I wish the vinegar would have done the trick. Hubby has no sense of smell.

I found another pattern for a doll in one of my pattern book's that I have cut out & started to sew. I am working on it at night between picking up the kid's when they get off work. Gas has went up to $3.99 a gallon this week. Lucas pumped in $26.00 worth & that got us a little less than half a tank. Laken & Lucas are both learning to budget for gas to go to & from work from their pay check's. I am glad they both have job's close home. I must be off to pick Lucas up from work so I will close wishing you all a good night's rest.

Blessing's Til Next Time!


  1. love the pond. We used to have one very similar and I did love the sound of flowing water. We never had a lab though. Don't even know how to train one. One of our doxies accidentally fell in once and believe me, she climbed out of there so fast and never got near it again. She must have told the others cuz none of them even got near it.

  2. Hi Lara,

    I believe there may be some spray on the market that will keep animals from entering flower beds, etc. but with this rain we have been having, it would probably have to be sprayed on daily.

    Love your pond and yard !


  3. Your pond looks great! We are working on ours, but have had a busy week and rain today, so hope to get that and the yard done soon! :-)
    Have a great day!

  4. Lara
    the pond & the chickens look so pretty~ so relaxing & enjoyable!!!(we won't mention the 4-legged monster!)

  5. i just LOVE your pond! i want one... but not sure i'd like the upkeep!

    my dog likes the taste of vinegar too! little stinkers!