Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Found On My Walk

On one of my walks this week I saw this mushroom growing along the road. The sun was shining down on it just waiting for me to pluck it up. I put in in the flowers just to take the photo. It reminded me of the days Pap & I would go mushroom hunting. When Sam got home from school I told him to look in the frig to see what I found. He thought it was part of a deer antler. Oh I have failed to carry on the tradition of mushroom hunting to this generation. I will have to take Sam hunting next mushroom season.

Sam went on a field trip this week. While trying to pass the time & not worry I cleaned his turtle tank. Toby the turtle seems happy with his fresh water.

I thought about changing the spring display on the stove board but I like the little rabbits so much. I added the bee hive jar candle to the granite ware bowl. The apple scent smells so good.

One night Sam & I took supper to the gazebo.

Sam enjoying his supper.

I decided if I was going to get any closer to having my dream of having a potting shed & a box garden come to life I would have to start by cleaning the area.

These three trees made the perfect place to stack the tree branches I picked up after breaking them into shorter pieces. This will be for burning in the fire chimney while enjoying the gazebo at night.

After picking up the tree branches I racked back the leaves just to expose the soil. Ii was such a rick black color & soft. I believe this will be great soil to build garden boxes on and fill them with.

This is where I still need a tree . I had a tree on each side of this entry way but the one died. It looks unbalanced for now.

I think that I have come up with an idea to close this bare area in behind the gazebo. I saw a grill shack in a magazine. It was really neat. It has a roof, floor & three walls with wide shelves that drop down to hold food. The front is open. Inside you put the gas grill. This would create the privacy I am looking for on this side of the property. I am adding this dream to my garden journal for future plans. The garden journal is expanding with all my day dreaming.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. That's a neat lookin' mushroom. Did you eat it?
    I'll bet it's nice eating out on the gazebo. Like a picnic for you and Sam:)

  2. I think you have a beautiful yard! I saw on your other post about using chalkboard paint on your beadboard. That would be interesting, I have to look at mine again. I have to confess, I haven't sat down and really read it yet! Too busy lately. I hope you find a tree that you like! Today, I just got 43 flowers for only 18.00~ I was doing a jig in the store! LOL!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Lara
    Beautiful picture of the mushroom(yum) and the violas!!!
    You make meals look so pretty, yummy, and special~ I am so ashamed~ I cook it and throw it on the plate, then inhale(LOL)I really need to take a little time to enjoy my meals~
    I always enjoy hearing about your daydreaming~ guess it's because I too love daydreaming( it never stops!)
    enjoy the weekend