Monday, May 9, 2011

To Stencil Or Not / Mothers Day Gifts

I love to see painted colonial stencil designs on a wall. To stencil or not I am wondering? I was thinking a narrow stenciled design above the wide painted board in the middle of the wall & a wider stenciled design above the painted window trim. using flat black paint. What do you think? Would it add to the wall or be to cluttered looking?

I received my summer issue of A Primitive Place magazine. Loads of prim perfect beauty inside the cover again. Well the story Farr from Ordinary gave me the wonderful idea to paint the bead board with chalkboard paint after I get it all cut & installed in the back of the cupboard.

My oldest son Atlee & his girlfriend are repairing a chicken coop on her parents farm to make it into a play house for my grand baby girls. They found this chicken feeder still in good shape. They came to visit one night last week & gave it to me for Mothers Day. It was better than anything he could have bought I told him. Well Altee sure knows his moms prim likes. Hubby took Sam & I to pick out some flowers for Mothers day. I got a tray of Violas & two water plants for the pond. I added some of the Violas to the chicken feeder. I will plant them soon with the rest of them that I have already planted around the pond.

I added these two Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees to this rock bed over the weekend. I still have one more spot in another rock bed that I can put another tree. I would like it to be much larger. The larger the more they cost. I am waiting for that Lowes coupon I get every summer. Hurry Lowes & send it. The peas & onions are growing. The chickens & ducks are quacking & clucking about the homestead grounds along side the kitties. My Ollie has been missing for the second week. I sure hope she returns. She has been with us for eight years. I miss seeing her curled up under the trees in the rock beds. Sams little dog is enjoying the outdoors & the monster dog is not entering the yard while hubby is at work. If only I could keep him out when Hubby is home. To bad Hubby thinks he has to be where he is when he is home. The dog acts like he owns the yard when Hubby is home. I don't enjoy the dog smirk he has when following behind Hubby right through the entry ways into the gazebo. I am not giving up. Where there is a will there must be a way.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. I am going to have to open my magazine and see what you are talking about..stenciil..I say go for it... and if you don't like it you can always change it...

  2. Oh yes, you should stencil. AWw, what a prim perfect gift from son. It looks wonderful up there with your flowers in it. You really make a house a home Lisa.

  3. Lara
    I think the APP is the best to date~ this issue the issue is so inspiring!!!I know I love the black chalkboard paint also~ not so shiny!!I keep looking at the issue & dreaming!!!
    Stencil~ go ahead!!!
    The pond & flower beds look so pretty!Enjoy the weather!!!

  4. hope you show pictures of your stenciling...i still love mine in the keeping room and kitchen and never tire of it...but i think you have to be careful with what you have around it...becaure it can look like to much if you have a lot of stuff....linda

  5. I'm not sure what area you are talking about but if you mean above the painted houses, etc., I think it would be too busy there. I love stenciling but it has to BE the decoration, not an addition to the decoration. That's just my opinion, for what it's worth.

  6. I would stencil, matter of fact I just did stencil my dining room (you can see it at my blogspot) I copied some stencils from a book that had pictures of them from old revolutionary war period homes. Then the hubbs got a stencil cutter and cut them out. I really love them, gives a real Colonial look. Whatever you do I am sure it will be great from the looks of your home!