Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Arbor & Swing Are In The Garden

We waited and waited for the arbor and swing. Still no delivery. We were getting worried it would not be delivered due to the off and on showers. We heard something and it was the delivery truck. The whole family came along to deliver our arbor and swing. It was unloaded and the swing was put up. The boys and I all spent some time swinging tonight. It is calling for rain here tomorrow so we are waiting to stain it on a warm sunny day.

Our trumpet vine behind the gazebo has bloomed this week. The blooms are nice beautiful full clusters. We can sit in the gazebo now and watch the humming birds come and feed. First we can hear the humming sound of their wings and as they feed they begin to chirp away. They make there rounds in the garden from one plant to the next. Having the flowers is so much nicer than mixing feed and filling feeders. So glad I planted the garden with humming birds & butterflies in mind.

I finished the blanket I was working on for my youngest son. He loves his John Deere things. I purchased the kit on clearance after Christmas. We decided it was about time to get moving.

Blessings til next time!


  1. Have a wonderful time whiling away in your swing..love where it is and love your garden too:>)

  2. Your garden is beautiful-enjoy the swing and pretty surroundings!!!

  3. Beautiful Gardens!!!! Your swing and arbor look so welcoming!


  4. Oh how beautiful ...the arbor & swing...the gardens..An amazing haven to relax~ Enjoy It Lara! Beautiful Beautiful!

  5. Totally love the arbor and swing! This reminds me of our vacation house. My dad built a swing for me there when I was a kid. Until now, it is still there. Whenever I go there, I never miss a day to swing. How is your arbor and swing now, btw? ->Shona Martinez

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