Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Dozen Ducklings & Antique Show

Over the weekend the ducklings hatched. There were 15 eggs and 12 hatched. The are so tiny and fuzzy. Mama duck has been at the Homestead for seven years now. She is very protective of her flock too. I was placing them in some water for there first swim and she grabbed hold of my arm and pinched the skin twice. I now have two pinch marks. She is getting better now when the chick food is given to her little flock. I went to a church yard sale. I found the doll rocker & wood recipe box. It was near the end of the yard sale so everthing was half off. Some times it pays to go late. Went for a drive and came across some streets blocked off for an antiques at the square in a small town. I wish I would have had my camara with me but it was at the Homestead. There were so many great primitive antiques there. This antique show was a true antique show too. There were no vendors with pencils socks and such like I have been to lately. I will be looking for it next year. I got this little old childs chalk board that has a section that rolls. There is alot of learning information on the roll from multiplecation to wild animals. I put it in the dinning room. The rose bush my grandaughter & her father my son gave me last year for my birthday bloomed. As of now there are four blooms. I got my peach seeds planted. If they grow I will be looking for a spot for that small orchard every country girl should have. Now I need to get busy and catch up on all of you so blessings til next time.


  1. Aww, the ducklings are so adorable. I'd have a hard time keeping my hands off of them so I'd have a lot of pinch marks. LOL.
    Wow, the chalkboard is awesome. I've never seen one like that. Looks great just as is.
    Your flowers are beautiful:)

  2. So we're not the only one that thinks it's a great idea to tent out in the backyard! I love that chalkboard you found at the antique sale. We have an antique sale in our local waterfront park annually. I've never been to it though, 'cause it always seems as though I'm saving money for something when it rolls around. Maybe some year! :) Thanks for your prayers for our adoption! You don't even know how thankful I am that our family is "in" your little red prayer box!

  3. Love those little baby ducklings...they are so the treasures you found too..;) best of luck in your garden..peaches are so good.:)

  4. The baby ducks are adorable. Love everything you found! Love looking at all the pictures on your blog. Your home seems very nice!!

    Just wanted you to know that the post I had on my blog today was from last year. My hubby is currently in Afghanistan until next January.

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. What lovely ducklings! New life is always a wonder!
    My didn't you grab some fantastic items! I adore the little rocking chair!
    Many thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures-the ducklings are adorable. Love the recipe box-what a great find and at the end of the sale half off...Wow!!! That antique show sounded very nice and the chalkboard you found there is very unique-love it!!!


  7. Love the ducklings, we have so many hatching around our neighbourhood. Sadly a lot don't make adulthood due to the cars and predators. The swans are also now proudly showing off their babies.
    Love all your antique finds, markets are such fun.