Monday, June 21, 2010

Peas In A Pod

Our pea vines grew very tall this year but we have a wondering ducks who seems to escape the pin every day. While loose she has trampled a
lot of the vines. Last week we had a storm and it bend the vines over to. So I did not believe there would be many peas to harvest from my vines. We ordered a bushel of peas from an Amish family. They have a large garden with lots of pea vines. The day we picked the peas up was a wash day and they had their clothes on the line. The boys and I sipped ice tea while shelling the peas in the gazebo. After all the peas were shelled they were washed & bagged to put in the freezer for later. There was 8 1/2 quart bags to freeze. The empty pods were put to good use to. They became mulch around some of the flowers in the new flower bed. Nothing was wasted and the flowers have some extra fertilizer to. I still hope to get a few peas from my own vines. I would rather pick from my own vines as they are ready than shell a bushel at once. The tomatoe plants are just now in blossom and the pepper plants seem to be the same as when I planted them. The basil and mint are growng so full and tall but we forgot to pick some fresh mint leaves to add in our iced tea. Next time. The boys want to watch a movie today so that is what we will be doing.
Blessings til next time.


  1. I love the peas and the vibrant color and love the idea of putting the shells around the plants..we have a composter barrel we put ours in and then every year put it all in the garden and till it the clothes hanging on the line..;)

  2. Sounds like summer is in full swing in your garden. Lots of good eating later.


  3. Fresh peas creamed with new potatoes------yummy stuff!
    You are lucky to have such great neighbors. We don't grow peas but love them. Right now, it is time for canning green beans.
    Congratulations on winning Angie's giveaway. It is an awesome package!

  4. oh wow, what a lot of peas! i get excited when i see one or two pods dangling off the one pea plant we have.