Thursday, June 24, 2010

Turtle In A Tank & Sipping Ice Tea

One of my boys has a pet turtle in a tank. His turtle tank is in his bedroom where he can watch his turtle while falling asleep. We cleaned the tank the other day and put the turtle into the fresh water. Boy was the turtle happy to get back into the tank. Some time ago we got up on a Sunday and the turtle was missing. We searched and searched the house for the turtle but could not find it. Hours later our little dog was barking at one of the cupboards in the living room. Here the turtle was behind the cupboard in a jumble of extension cords for the lamps. We had looked there but did not see the turtle earlier. Thankfully the turtle was found by our little dog and returned to the tank. My son was very happy to have his turtle back. This will be the third summer since we got the turtle. Our turtle was a home school project.

It has been so hot lately and we have been making lots of ice tea. It may seem old fashioned but we like to drink ice tea from mason jars. Making it in mason jars makes it so easy to take out to the gazebo.

The boys have been so busy staining the arbor and moving some of the garden. There has been lots of mowing and trimming inside the garden.It is getting late and the sunsets lately have been so beautiful. The boys and I will soon be going to our bed rooms to get our nights rest to be ready for the next day. We wish you all a nice weekend.

Blessings til next time.


  1. Lara, you are the winner of my Mustard and Black giveaway! Get on over there and send me your address! Congratulations!! I hope you like it!

    Poor turtle! So glad your dog found him. That could have been quite the disaster!

    We go through the sweet tea like crazy around here year round, but especially in the summer! I like your way of thinking!

    That is a beautiful sunset picture. I hope to see pictures of your arbor and garden area when you are done.

    Looking forward to following your blog! =]

  2. LOL about the lost turtle. My son won a goldfish from a school carnival and most of them die within a week. Not ours though he is still alive after a year. My son even forgets to feed him and doesn't like to clean the tank either.

    Yum fresh peas!!!


  3. Hi Lara That is a cute story and so glad the turtle was found and got to get back to his home!!!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend

  4. Good morning Lara!
    I'd like to say thank you for visiting my blog - you are always so faithful....thanks so much.

    Oh how I looooove Iced Tea! But I like mine plain/unsweetened with a huge piece of Lemon....Oh so good! Love the Mason jar idea.

    I saw your Arbor in a previous post and it's really a nice size! Going to look just wonderful....get those boys going!

    Now I have to comment on those PEAS....if only my husband could have seen what you had there!
    He buys them in the pod as often as he can during the growing season and eats them like a snack - he'd be in heaven with the crop you have there.

    Hugs, Karen

  5. The turtle incident sounds a lot like things that have happened in our house! I love the fresh made tea, my Mom and i always made sun tea and picked fresh mint from our yard. The fresh peas took me back to gardening memories as a child too, it was my job to do the peas and string beans LOL What a job, but so worth it for the yummy taste! I came across your blog through your comment on Katie's blog. I hope you have a great afternoon! What a lovely blog you have. :-)