Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something Old & Something New In The Garden

This little Old tricycle is setting in a part of the garden that will need some rocks and lots more flowers to fill it in. I love the little rusty tricycle. It was mine when I was little. I had lots of fun riding on my Pap & Grams sidewalk to the kitchen door. I hit the screen door many times. There were dents in the bottom panel to show for it. Years ago Gram told me to take it home with me. That is how it come to be in the garden here at the homestead.

I have been dreaming of an arbor for the garden forever & a porch swing. There is no roof on the old porch so when I seen an arbor with a swing in it I thought this would be perfect. I visited a family who builds them. I showed them a photo of the gazebo and they built it to match. I got to see the finished arbor & swing yesterday. I took a little swing and looked it over. I love it. They will be delivering it this week.

The little doll is now dressed in her red dress. My sons are working on some steps up to the gazebo. We need some more large rocks to finish. I would like to have a rock floor under the arbor to. Who knows maybe a rock run is in the near future. I sure hope so.

Blessings til next time!

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  1. Oh boy Lara, that's gonna be a beauty. I'm happy for ya gal. Your dreams are coming true:)